Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekend Special, and Something About Me

Still feeling a bit under the weather, but better. I felt too tired to do the 8K walk to Weight Watchers this morning, so I took the bus. This meant that my regular group got to see me in my normal clothes instead of my workout clothes. It's always a shocker for them.
Yes, I wear makeup and real clothes!

I picked this outfit for its weight: the skirt is silk and the sweater is the lightest cashmere, and of course, I take my boots off to get weighed. I was down 0.4 - yay! It's incredibly hard not to eat everything in sight at this time of the year - I get so stressed and exhausted. I just have to remind myself to make smarter choices, plan, prepare and take it a day at a time. I've been maintaining my weight for going on 3 is still a challenge, but I know I can do it.

My outerwear:
It's been a lot warmer this week, so I can wear just my jean jacket and my long leather gloves. We went out for lunch today and I saw my cousin Heidi! Hi, honey!

Anyway, here's something about me that you probably don't know: I like to build things. Nearly all the furniture in my house was built by me from one of those complicated flat-pack kits. A lot of our bedroom and library pieces are from the Bombay Company, and everything needs assembling. I am the architect of that assembly. I have built: a U-shaped computer desk with hutch, a canopy four-poster bed, two nightstands, two large dressers, a baker's rack, 3 CD shelves, a coffee table and end table, and a wine rack.

Today, I built another CD shelf (we have over 900 CDs...L is a CD junkie, ha!).
It came in a long skinny box:
Kitties love boxes!

I always sort out all the stuff and count it off against the instructions. Yeah, I'm a little anal like that, ha ha.
I lay out all the pieces and check those as well.
Inigo helped. You can see a couple of his mousies in the box.

Ta-dah! This took about 30 minutes to build.
L is loading it up with CDs right now.

Jean jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), gloves (Club Monaco, consignment), sweater (Expression, consignment), skirt (Nine West), boots (Rinaldi), pin (Keyes, gift from Ev), purse (Tignanello, gift from Caro).


  1. I am really impressed, i do not have the patience, and if I did have to put something together I would still have most of the screws and bits leftover when I was done.

    BTW love your pretty skirt.

  2. What a pretty skirt! I love circle skirts, they're so liberating. How interesting that you enjoy building things; I actually shut off, I think, when I see directions. My man builds them and asks me to hold this or that, but I get absent minded and usually end up dropping or losing some important piece. So...I'm trying to say, you rock!


  3. That is really impressive that you've maintained your weight for so long. It's so hard to do. The maintenance phase is where most people slide and slip up, but you seem to be very disciplined and consistent regardless of what time of year it is.

    I just love that skirt every time you wear it. Looks great with denim!

  4. You look great even on the weekend, I'm impressed.

    I didn't know Bombay Company did flat pack furniture. Have to check them out.

  5. Wow! Congratulations! I can't do those type projects at all! I'd be there with Inigo, playing with the box!

    I love your outfit! It looks so fresh and sweet.

  6. I love that outfit on you. The way the skirt flares, the slimtop and the denim jacket.

  7. Hope you recover completely and can enjoy holidays in full health.
    Yeah, it is hard not to eat too much! All the cookies and chocolates and pies, yum yum!
    Love the skirt by the way!

  8. You look so pretty!

    Kitties DO love boxes don't they. I keep them around whenever I get new stuff, just so Cupcake can sit in them...she especially loves shoe boxes. Buying new shoes is really just a favour to her.

    Nice shelf! My sister builds stuff too. I do not.

    I admire your dedication and the hard work I know it takes to get to your goal weight and keep it off. I will get there too someday!

  9. Thanks, Lesa! It's just one of those things I enjoy.

    Julia, I know, I love them - and I adore this skirt. Yeah, I'm very organized and methodical. You're so sweet - thanks!

    Thanks, Wendy! It's been hard going at times.

    Kari, thank you so much. Yes, it's really tough sometimes (like now!). I know, it's the best skirt. :)

    Thank you, Northmoon - it was nice to dress up a bit for lunch. Yeah, not all of Bombay's stuff is flat, but a lot of it is.

    Emma, thank you! Ha, there is great value in playing in boxes too!

    Thanks, Jane! That's so sweet.

    Aradia, thanks so much - and welcome! Thank you for commenting! I try to limit what sweets come into the house, which helps a lot.

    Sherylyn, thank you, honey. Yes, our cats just love the boxes - we can't resist leaving them out for weeks for them. You will get there in your health journey! We'll go out walking!


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