Thursday, December 3, 2009

Granny Chic

I've become a devotee of cashmere in the last year - I'm boggled by how much cheaper it is to buy second-hand than new. I got this little pink scoop-necked sweater with rhinestone buttons for $12.99 in a thrift shop last week.
I love pink and green together - tossed on my granny cardi and a nude shoe, piled on the sparklies and I'm good to go.

I find this cardi a bit boxy, so I like to pin the back to give it more shape:
The stuff:
My awesome shoes, my vintage lace skirt, and a bunch of vintage jewelry. From the top: brooch from Grandma J, crystal necklace from my mother-in-law, bracelet from Mom.

Cardigan (Wendy B., consignment), sweater (Esprit, thrifted), skirt (Alfred Sung 80s vintage, consignment), shoes (Seychelles, consignment), brooch (Pastelli, 50s vintage, Grandma J), crystal necklace (50s vintage, Mother-in-law), bracelet (Coro, 70s vintage, Mom).


  1. I'd probably kill for those shoes. No, seriously. I love Seychelles. they were once my secret weapon before Urban Outfitters started carrying them, but I still love them. Oft, I eyed those little darlings you have, but I never actually got them. Envy!

  2. I got a new Cashmere cardigan in Tesco for £12.50 last week. In the sale.
    I think you look very elegant - not Grannysih at all.

  3. Such wellbehaved top part and a fantastic skirt! I love it. You look great, Nanna!

  4. How clever is THAT? Since dress clips haven't come back into style (yet), I'm totally stealing this idea!

  5. Due to severe pear-shapedness, I am always suffering from tops being too boxy on me....what a brilliant solution. Now I just need to find some big brooches!

    I swore off shopping for one year, in order to pay the tax man....but brooches clearly don't count.

    Cashmere for 12.99? Insane!

  6. I like the way the neutral shades of everything else really let the green lace dress shine. So pretty!

  7. Julia, I love that brand - it's not one I see around in store much, though. They are super comfy!

    Wow, that's amazing, Jane! Thank you so much. :)

    Ha, Tanya, funny girl. Thank you!

    Sal, I can't take credit, I've seen Kasmira do that with a pin.

    FA, thanks!

    Sheryln, please steal the idea! You can find lots of big brooches in thrift shops, but mine are all my grandmothers'. Good for you! that's a tough challenge.

    Thanks, Kristen - that's a skirt, though, not a dress. :)

  8. Dress, skirt, it still shows off your fabulous gams! :P


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