Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Black and Blue, Silly Boo, and Back in a Few

Welcome back, my friends! I'm taking some well-deserved vacation time and will be absent for a few days - don't worry, I'll be back! And I'm in black!
And blue! And white too. Oh, and a bit of grey. Well, there you go.

  • Cardigan - Kenzo, consignment; last seen here in August 2023 with the same sweater!
  • Sleeveless sweater - Theory, thrifted; last worn here in January with the same skirt
  • Skirt - Sportmax, consignment; first seen here in January for a half-day at work
  • Boots - Coach, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in January with blue velvet
  • Coat (below) - Tadmor, Israeli, vintage 60s, vintage mall; last seen here in January

Someone was full of beans this morning and dashed out into the hall as I went out onto the landing for my stair picture. 
"The hallway is mine again at last!"

When I came back in, he was Getting Up To No Good. 
"Rubbish, Woman. Just making sure this carpet is up to my standards."

I shooed him back inside, but he was very full of himself for escaping.  

I knew today would be busy, as I basically squished three days of work into it. 
Comfort and armour. And big pockets.

I wore a vintage slip under this (a recently thrifted one), as well as tights.
I adore this skirt, but I'm mostly limited to black and white with it - that blue is a tricky shade to match. 

My colleague Nour admired my ensemble. 
Especially the open detail on the upper shoulders of this cardigan, which is a vintage Kenzo (his name is emblazoned on the cuffs). She also liked that the front is longer than the back. 

Without the cardi - I stripped it off when I got to the office in the morning 
I like stripes.

Blue outerwear, and a needy kitty. 
"I'm not needy - you're probably going to grab me anyway."

Such a silly boo!

This coat is the perfect match to the skirt. 
I love this vintage suede coat - it's in such pristine condition too. 

My blues didn't match, but whatever. Ticket me, Fashion Police! 

  • Beret - consignment
  • Scarf - Vera, vintage, Mom's
  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff: 
Nour and I both gushed over these boots. "They're cowboy, but not quite cowboy? And the studs!" I love chatting clothes with my coworkers. 

Black and blue bling: 
Colleague Stuart admired "that glittery necklace." 

  • Silver stud cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Vancouver
  • Fang bangle - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Silver/obsidian ring - consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocara, vintage mall
  • Silver/kyanite ring - consignment
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Necklace - Heidi Daus, thrifted

I confess, I did grab Vizzini and give him a cuddle. Head bonks and kisses, and happy paws ensued. 
"Okay, now put me on the bed."

Which I did! And now...I'll be back in a few.

Wishing you all a fabulous rest of your week, and please do drop by on the weekend, and I will regale you with tales of adventure! Thank you so much for reading - I truly do appreciate it. 


  1. Lots of things to love here Sheila! The skirt, the boots, the necklace. Well I could gush on and on :) Have fun. Lise

  2. I’m with Nour and Lise on admiring your ensemble! I especially like the pattern combo of the top and skirt. Am also a fan of your rings. Please, which ring is the one with two stones and a space between them?

    Ah, vacation days sandwiched into (and maybe around) a weekend, those are the best! Enjoy!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! That ring is the one on the far left - I always try to list my jewelry top-to-bottom, left to right. I like that one - it fits my middle finger, and not many do as it has a big knuckle but is skinny at the base.

  3. Oh naughty boy Vizzini! Are you going away, perhaps? If so, then perhaps he knows and wants to punish you in advance :-)
    So much to love here: the skirt, the necklace, the boots and all the shades of blue, including that fabulous coat!
    Enjoy your vacation, Sheila, can't wait to hear what you've been up to! xxx

  4. That skirt worn with the fabularse suede coat & Western boots is pure magic.
    Naughty Vizzini, doing a runner. Does this mean you're going away and he's spotted a travel bag?
    Have a brilliant weekend, Sheila & L! xxx

  5. Gorgeous blues-that coat is a beautyđź’™

  6. I hope you have a fabulous vacation! I am swooning over the beautiful ensemble.
    Every aspect is gorgeous (including Vizzini!). I love the blankety skirt, the almost Cowboy boots, the beautifully positioned beret, the swoonworthy suede coat, the soft cardigan! I would be discussing it with you and Nour if I were there!x

  7. Another cool outfit - love the coat and Western boots!
    Naughty Vizzini! Still adorable though. :-)

  8. Vizzini is such a dear cat. My cat usually claws at me. She loves me and want to be with me, but at a distance. And you need a cat for cuddles!
    Anyway, this is not my favourite outfit, but I do like the boots a lot.

  9. My goodness, those boots are amazing. What's it with studs right! I love studs since I discovered Metal, as in music, since I was 14! Have a good few days off!


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