Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Two-Fer: Vintage Mermaid and Red at the Belfry; Sneaky Adidas and Blue

Hello, my friends! My apologies for the unexpected absence yesterday - I'd forgotten that we had dinner and a Belfry Theatre showing on Tuesday night. get a "two-fer" (2 for 1, get it? it's a very Canadian phrase) with both my Tuesday and Wednesday work outfits. 
I wore this all day at work, then walked to the Fernwood Inn for dinner with my lovely theatre pals, then sat through a very emotional play ("As Above," link here 'cause I love), then walked home in it.

  • Blouse - L'Wren Scott, "A Tropical Conversation" FW 2011, thrifted; last worn here in March 2023 with a triple pinstripe combo
  • Mermaid skirt - vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here in February 2023 for a Betty brunch
  • Shoes - Mini QTee, Fluevog, consignment; last worn here in January 2023 with a familiar blouse and leopard
  • Trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here in December 2023

I am still a fan of all these pieces, worn together and separately many times. 
The blouse is by the late designer L'Wren Scott, from an actual runway collection many years ago. 

The skirt has seen better days - it has been ravaged by moths a few times in its life, some before we met. 
But it's stretchy wool knit, and I love the chevrons of tan, red and brown. 

And I can never resist a mermaid cut. 
Such a beauty. 

I was cat-bombed multiple times. Hello, Vizzini. 
"What's inside your coat, Woman?"

And then he just plonked himself down for a sit. 
"You're posing wrong - put your feet together like this."

You know I had to pick him up for a cuddle. 
"I knew it too!"

It makes my day start well. 

Some more reds and browns. 

  • Beret - Parkhurst, consignment
  • Silk scarf - fake Louis (Lewis!) Vuitton, thrifted
  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff: 
I quickly threw my wallet and phone into a purse for the evening. 

  • Purse - Ted Lapidus, vintage 90s, vintage fair

The shoes were fine for the short walk to and from the pub/theatre/home. 

Red and tan bling: 
My ginormous Fendi belt astonished my colleague Viz. 

  • Sandalwood choker - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Earrings - LA Express, 1994
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpaneva, vintage 70s, vintage expo
  • Brass ring - vintage mall
  • Klimt ring - consignment
  • Belt - Fendi, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit)

I walked past this apartment building on the way home - I've always been enchanted by the half-globe window. 
I remember it from when I was a child, so it's been there at least since the 1970s. I bet that would make a good cat-bed. 

It felt way too soon to go back to work again - shouldn't there be another weekend or something? 
I had this skirt and new-to-me jacket paired up to wear together, so mucked around in my closet to find shoes and a top to wear with them.

  • Jacket - George Georgiou, vintage 80s, consignment; purchased here for $17.00
  • Tee - Adidas Farm Rio, thrifted; last worn here in June 2023 with chevrons
  • Skirt - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; first seen here in January with Star Wars shoes
  • Shoes - Groovy Aubrey, Fluevog; last worn here with a load of sunshine in January
  • Coat - Danier Leather; last seen here in January

I'll be popping this jacket into my spring/summer collection, although it was warm enough to wear in the office. 
I very much enjoyed the blue skirt again. 

Can't go wrong with a nice stretchy tube skirt. 
I liked the pops of orange too. 

Oops, a bit blurry. It was that kind of day. 
I'm so glad this is a short week. 

I really wanted the orange in this patterned Adidas top - it goes with the shoes so well. 
I never took the jacket off, but I could have! Instead, I chuckled to myself that I had snuck Adidas into the office on a non-casual day (no one noticed!). 

Outerwear - and surprise, another cat-bomb! 
"I thought your pictures needed something interesting in them."

Colour, colour and more colour. It's been a very grey week, with more to come. 
"I feel like we're losing sight of the big picture...which is ME."

I love this colour mix. 

  • Beret - consignment
  • Scarf - Metropolitan Museum of Art "Eagle Wing" scarf, King Tut exhibit, 1970s, thrifted, Seattle
  • Gloves - consignment

The stuff: 
Super comfy shoes! I spent most of my day at my desk, but I could have walked miles (or kilometers!) in them. 

Bold bling: 
That big green cuff annoyed the heck out of me - it doesn't fit under my gloves, and got in the way of the jacket cuff. Into the giveaway it goes! 

  • Cuff - Rimanchik
  • Green cuff - consignment
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocara, vintage fair
  • Silver/concrete ring - Raul Caballero, Oui Jewelry
  • Silver/malachite ring - consignment
  • Silver/aventurine ring - consignment
  • Earrings - Bermuda, vintage 90s, Mom's

 Of course, another cuddle ensued - action shot! 
"You give the best cuddles, Woman."

So do you, buddy. 


  1. I *love* the mermaid skirt! So cute. Worth wearing until it falls apart. In all my shopping days I've never seen a casual skirt with this attractive style, only wedding gowns. I need to look harder to find one -- or pay a thief to steal yours. Crypto and the Dark Web can make that happen so lock your closet. :)

  2. My favorite is the blue skirt, it looks immensely cozy and comfortable, paired with the adidas top. You have truly converted me Sheila! Oops, mustn’t forget your fabulous red shoes! Multiple times I’ve been lured into thinking “wouldn’t it be nice to have a pair like those” but I never wind up heading to any shoe store. Have decided I’m content to appreciate your many and varied shoes.
    The weekend is almost here, hang on!
    Cheers, Laurie

  3. I'm in complete admiration of the fact that you've still got the energy to go for dinner and to the theatre after work! No wonder you need another weekend after that!
    As for your outfits, although I love them both, the first one is my favourite by far! That mermaid skirt is fabulous, moth holes and all. The L'Wren Scott blouse contrasts wonderfully with your hair, too. xxx

  4. Could you please feature the pink mohair skirt?

  5. L'Wren? Wasn't she Mick Jagger's ex? No longer with us? Shame. She was clearly very talented. It's a beautiful blouse.
    I too am enchanted by that half moon window. x

  6. You know how to mix and match Sheila. You get a lot of wear out of your treasures that way. I wish I was better at that. But this year I will really, really try harder.

  7. That red blouse is stunning...and the mermaid skirt is so gorgeous.
    You look fantastic in this styling!!!!


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