Monday, February 26, 2024

Goodbye, Urban Camo - Flashback!

Monday! I defaulted to an as-yet-unworn seasonal item, my Urban Camo dress. As you may have surmised from the post title, this is its last outfit. 
I layered my new-to-me black suede and leather blazer with it, and picked out the red in the pattern with my bright red booties. 

  • Blazer - Marquis, vintage 90s, thrifted; purchased here for $15.00
  • Dress - Dept, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in March 2023 with a blue cardi
  • Booties - Powerhouse Jyoti, Fluevog; last worn here in January on a snow day
  • Eclipse coat (below) - Welsh, consignment; last seen here in February

My view of the Castle this morning - it was clear and cold for most of the day. 
The branches are starting to fuzz out - teeny-weeny buds are appearing. 

I liked everything about this outfit...except the tights - I should have worn black tights. Just pretend I did.
I loved this gorgeous, soft suede blazer - I flipped the cuffs back to let the dress sleeves show. 

I remember structured boxy blazers like this back in the day, the early 90s. I am guilty of cutting out shoulder pads, like the previous owner of this blazer did, when the trend had peaked.
And I realized today, that the dress was my least favourite part of this outfit. It's not a piece I grab for anymore. 

I've pulled it out of the giveaway pile a few times over the years. 
But it's been an awesome dress for a very long time, so we are going to have a Flashback on it at the end. 

Without the blazer.
But I didn't take it off. 

Oops, I left my closet light on! 

Love that bright blue. 

  • Scarf - Vera, vintage, Mom's
  • Gloves - consignment

The stuff: 
Funky boots! I love the colour and shape. 

Black and gold bling: 
Featuring my new-to-me black eelskin cuff. 

  • Belt - consignment
  • Earrings - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Gold/eelskin cuff - thrifted; purchased here for $7.95
  • Brass/glass ring - Rafael, vintage 70s, consignment
  • Brass ring - vintage mall
  • Leather/chain wrap - local

Flashback: Urban Camo Dress by Dept

I bought this dress on impulse, without trying it on, back here in October 2024, nearly 10 years ago! L dashed into a store to buy a guitar stand, and I did a five-minute shop in the WIN (Women In Need) Boutique next door. 

I was smitten with the colours and the abstract pattern. I've called it my Urban Camo Dress for years. 
It came with a tie belt in the same polyester fabric, but I have seldom worn it. 

The dress is by Dept (a brand I've seen at Dots for years). 
And yes, it was $8.00. 

I first wore it in October 2014. Enjoy my changeable hair, my rotating glasses, and watch me get older! I am 47 here, wearing purple frames and my hair is orange with a blonde streak in front. 
The hem is on that border of being too short, so I frequently layer vintage slips underneath - you can see a bit of one peeking out here. Those were orange waxed Fluevogs - they ended up getting badly stained. 

December 2014 - remember what I said about the hair! This is my stand-up coif that I rocked for a year or so. 
My hair is a more burgundy purple here. I still have the vintage orange leather belt. 

October 2015 - this is my travel outfit to Nashville, Tennessee. My hair is a vivid bright purple, really short, and the blonde streak remains. 
My beloved cowboy boots. 

I wore the dress each way while traveling, and once more for a day spent with blogger Megan Mae.
A classy hotel room pose. 

This was my travel home outfit - that's L's hat, which I wore as he bought himself a cowboy hat. 
Note the blue slip hanging out - we'll be seeing that again really soon. 

July 2016  - I'm growing my hair out. This was the first time I put the dress in the giveaway pile - I was tired of it.
I must have thrifted my Fendi belt around this time - I wear it a lot with this dress too! 

In August 2018, just returned from a trip to Powell River, no make-up. 
A Vizzini sighting - he's only 7 there.

Late December 2016. Hair's getting longer. 
Fendi belt - check! Blue slip - check! 

October 2017 - my 50th birthday had just passed. New aqua glasses and my hair's all grown out. 
I just wore those shoes last week! 

January 2018 - playing with my hair colour, moving away from the very bright purple (which was hard to apply on longer hair, and a pain in the arse to maintain the colour). 
My blue velvet boots! We know those! 

10 months later, November 2018. I dyed my current pastel over the darker colour until it faded, then switched to a purple non-permanent colour and grew out my natural hair. 
Hated those shoes. This might have been the only wearing of them. 

March 2018 - you can see my natural grey here in my bangs. 
This is the one and only time I wore the matching tie belt! 

November 2019 - hug time for Vizzini! 
It took over a year to get my hair almost fully grown out to my natural state - a boring grey with brassy overtones. I went back to dyeing it purple shortly after this.'s January 2021! I think the dress might have been in the giveaway pile again. 
Yay, it's a pandemic! I have new glasses.

November 2021 - one of my mullet cuts. 
Love that orange blazer.

And here's the last time I wore the dress, in March 2023. 
Looks cozy. 

Mathy stuff: Including today's outfit, I've worn this dress 17 times in almost 10 years, which works out to 47 cents per wear. 

Thanks for all the easy outfits, Urban Camo Dress! 


  1. 47 cents per wear is astonishing and definitely a great deal! I like the dress but totally get if it’s no longer bringing you joy, out it goes for someone else to enjoy. Entertaining to walk down the memory lane of hair and glasses with you!
    Cheers, Laurie

  2. It's a fab dress, but I'm hearing you. I've got quite a few dresses which I used to love and suddenly fell out of love with. Still, as you'll have gathered by now, I'm having problems letting things go, so they'll languish in my flea market pile for a while to make sure there are no regrets.
    I loved seeing the dress's flashback, and surely it's had good innings in the 10 years it spent with you! xxx

  3. Your blogs/photos must be so organised to create that trip through time. How fantastic!
    I totally support the idea of moving things on once you have fallen out of love with them. Someone else will be very appreciative I'm sure. x

  4. You are reminding me that I should consider letting go of some dresses I have had for a long time but haven't worn. . . and probably won't wear again. But it is hard to let go of some of them for sentimental reasons--for instance a beautiful sleeveless silk dress by Nanette Lapore that I got on Thread Up for my daughter's wedding in 2017--and maybe have worn only a few times since? But I really should set these things free. . .


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