Friday, December 23, 2022

Last Office Outfit Two-Fer: Snowy Leopard and Snakes, Ocelot vs. Mink; and Gold, Green and Yeti

Hello, my friends! I hope you didn't miss my usual Thursday post too much. Unfortunately, the snow has not melted, and the streets are slick with ice, so Mom and I were not able to get together. "Mom, do not drive in this!"

I still got dressed, as L and I had Stuff To Do (he's on vacation now). 
We walked down to Christie's Pub for lunch, then picked up a few groceries on the way home.

  • Cashmere cardigan - Charter Club, thrifted; last seen here in February for a Mom-Day adventure at Willows Beach
  • Turtleneck sweater - Wanko, thrifted; last worn here a week ago at Beacon Hill Park with Mom
  • Skirt - Kelco Leather, vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here in November the first time it snowed!
  • Boots - Doc Martens, consignment; last worn yesterday, but last seen on the blog here in March
  • Coat (below) - Hilary Radley, thrifted; last seen here in November

I'd spent the morning doing a bunch of organizing for over the holidays (I'll be off work between Christmas and New Year's), so the thought of going outside was appealing - plus, I got to do a Stair Picture! Yay! 
This is my view when I go out into the external stair-well. My little camera rests on that ledge to the left of the iron scrollwork (I planted it in the snow for the above pic). Yes, I've been caught by the neighbours in the apartment next door, when they are out on their deck or near their windows. 

I zoom in on the Castle (I'm not as close as it appears!). 
I caught a seagull mid-flight! 

Mom and I had a nice chat and catch-up in the morning - we'll get together next week to exchange gifts.
I'm layered up! I have a New Zealand wool thermal top on under my wool turtleneck, and multiple layers under the thick 70s suede skirt.

I'd forgotten about this 100% cashmere leopard cardigan until it tumbled out when I pulled another sweater down. 
I matched my tights to it. 

It's so lovely and snuggly! 
I'll be wearing it again soon, I'm sure! 

Masked up. 
I didn't wear "real" shoes at all on Thursday - my floral canvas Doc Martens are amazing in the snow (my old white leather floral ones "gave up the ghost"/died on me a few months ago). 

Bundled up in my outerwear - the Unsafe Ocelot! Surely it will be warm in this frigid cold! 
L had just come in from shoveling out our front sidewalk again. Well done, love! 

Some warm and snuggly favourites. 

  • Gloves - thrifted
  • Fox scarf - thrifted
  • Hat - gift from Tammy
  • Brooch - Monet, vintage, vintage fair
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I've become such a fan of Docs that when these wear out, I might actually buy a new pair to replace them. I was lucky to find these many years ago - brand new - on consignment for only $60.00. They are my daily walk-to-and-from-work shoes in fall/winter/spring, so get worn at least 4-5 times a week. I was worried that the canvas would mean soaked feet, but aside from snow slipping down from the top, my feet remained dry. 

Snaky bling: 
Two snakes! 

  • Necklace - vintage expo
  • Belt - Notes du Nord, consignment
  • Feather ring - Fossil, thrifted
  • Brutalist ring - vintage mall
  • Earrings - Kenneth Cole, thrifted
  • Big tree brooch - Keyes, gift from Evelyn
  • Small tree pin - Avon

We canceled a vet appointment for Vizzini as it was too cold outside to walk him to the office, and our car is not snow-friendly. But I went out again in the evening to our annual Book Club Holiday Dinner, and after freezing in the Unsafe Ocelot...I went back to the mink coat.
I switched over to this wool vintage Pierre Cardin scarf.

  • Scarf - vintage, Pierre Cardin, thrifted

The look of a woman who has learned her lesson: in Battle Ocelot faux fur vs Mink real fur...
Mink wins! 

Bundled up, I trudged through the snow and ice to town. 
Only four of the seven of us were able to make it: Mindy, Yvonne, Cat and I. 

Thanks to Yvonne for the pics! 
Her and Cat. 

Mindy and me.
Mindy had the most fabulous boiled wool cape, bought at the original Banana Republic store in San Francisco back in the 80s (I found one on Etsy here for $350+). 

Yvonne, Cat and Mindy. 
I'm so glad that four of us were able to make it. 

Caro, Janaki and Ciara, we missed you! 
You were there in spirit(s)! 

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and drinks at Vista 18 regardless, and Cat and I walked home together.

On Friday, I slogged back through the snow to the office. Last office outfit of the year! 
I busted out the Yeti Coat for this special occasion. Must try to look a little festive.

  • Yeti jacket - Kimchi Blue; last seen here in April for the Fluevog sample sale
  • Sweater - Tabi, thrifted; last worn here in November 2021! with my pink Boss Lady Pants
  • Skirt - Pink Martini, consignment; last seen here in December 2021 for a Mom-Day at Beaver Lake to visit Dad
  • Booties - Truths Luisa, Fluevog, consignment; last worn here in October with leopard and lace
  • Mink coat (below) - vintage, thrifted; last seen above!

It has started to verge into more normal-for-Victoria temps, with a high of 5 degrees and icy rain in the forecast. 
I still layered up for warmth in the even-deader office. I saw two people! 

The Yeti coat is very warm. 
I also had a vintage camisole under my thin cotton sweater. 

It's much greener - more of an emerald - in person. 
I had to de-coat a couple of times as I was too warm! 

Masked up. 

Outerwear - if these warmer temps keep up, it'll be too warm to wear my mink. 
As I slipped and slid on the unshoveled sidewalks (noting that the freaking bike lanes had been plowed!) and cursed the ginormous puddles of water at every corner, I slowly divested myself of my hat and gloves. Too warm! 

So bright and springy! 

  • Cashmere toque - Club Monaco, thrifted
  • Tree pin - Kesey, gift from Evelyn
  • Scarf - Yves Saint Laurent YSL, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Gloves - consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
Don't worry, I didn't wear these out in the wild. My Docs are currently drying.

Gold bling: 
Isn't that a gorgeous necklace? I bought it here in 2013 for $20.00. 

  • Necklace - D'Orlan, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Brutalist ring - vintage mall
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy

Hey, Vizzini, how's it going, little buddy?
"I could have told you fur coats are best."

He's just waiting for me to sit down so he can lie on me to warm up.
"Or I could go snuggle with George on the bed."

We keep our bedroom warm just for him.

And now, my friends, I'm officially off - and while I will be popping in with posts here and there, I won't be posting daily until the New Year. 

Wishing you Happy Holidays, and all the good vibes for the New Year! Thank you to every one of my dear blog-friends, readers, commenters, and lurkers (I see you) for visiting Ephemera. It means so much to me to share my love of clothes, thrifting and my weird and wonderful life with y'all. 

Peace out...


  1. Happy Holidays Sheila, your blog is a favourite. Lise

  2. Well done for capturing the seagull (I love photos of birds in flight).
    Gorgeous festive outfits and I too love my DMs (cherry red in my case). Happy Holidays!

  3. Peace out, love that send off!
    Here’s to staying warm, good health, contentment, family and joy!
    With hugs from back east in NY, Laurie, Fred and Robin

  4. Two brilliant cold weather outfits, Sheila! I can't believe you forgot about that leopard cardigan. On the other hand, I actually can, as it has happened to me more than once!
    Loving the Yeti coat and that necklace is absolutely stunning!
    Wishing you, L. and Vizzini Happy Holidays! I'm officially off too now, but unfortunately still recuperating. xxx

  5. Merry Christmas, Sheila. Hope you have a peaceful and renewing holiday.

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, L, your mom and Vizzini- I hope joy is the theme of your 2023!
    Speaking of which, thank you for inviting us into your world for a wee bit of respite from ours! Always a delight!
    Sincerely, ReaderRita

  7. Merry Christmas, thank you for keeping me entertained from 'a lurker'. Hahaha or should that be hohoho!

  8. Merry Christmas, dear! I wore a pair of Fluevogs to a Christmas Eve party last night and got many compliments, for which I have you to thank.

  9. Fabulous outfits, my friend! I'm glad you were able to hang out with your mates despite the inclement weather. xxx

  10. Lovely outfits and lovely style whatever the weather!, it's great to have some Real Winter stuff to wear when snow rears its ugly head, Martens and Mink rock!. And your accessorizing is so brilliant (in every possible meaning!)
    Hope you've enjoyed your holidays and lots of fun!

  11. I love that despite it being the last office day for the year you are still so stylish - back in the days when we would all be in the office, the last office day of the year was an unofficial casual Friday, no matter what day it was, haha! :)

    Really like the printed cardigan with that beautiful red skirt in the first outfit too - hope you stay cosy and warm and had a lovely Christmas.

  12. Who is George? A warm blanket for Vizzini? Did I get that right?
    I can so imagine that your colleagues look forward to checking you out in the morning. "What will she be wearing today?"

  13. Ocelet was definitely unsafe- mink was safe! You look cosy in your leopard cashmere- I like the way it matches the tights! Ah, Vizzini is a lovely baby- he has a very happy home with you two!
    I'd love to work with you and be excited to see your outfit!
    We've got a student teacher coming back in January who has really cool,quirky dress sense and I saw her spaceman earrings and realised she'd bought them from my friend Katy's business, Pretty Little Earth on Etsy and knew I'd found a kindred spirit!x

  14. I love all of the coats here Sheila and love how practical you are in your choices. The mink in totally glorious although I do love the Unsafe Ocelot! Hope you have a wonderful bit of time off and enjoy the break. Seasons Greetings to you and L xxx


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