Sunday, December 11, 2022

Weekend Wrap-Up: Funky Friday in Lace and Denim; Red Plaid Brunch and Holiday Shop, and Cat Pictures

Welcome back, my friends! I had a pretty quiet weekend - it's all busy from here on until after the New Year, so I'm going to post this and go enjoy some down-time with L watching football (the NFL kind, not the World Cup kind). 

Here we go! This is Friday's funky yet casual look for the office. 
The darkness in the morning persists, so indoors it is. 

  • Denim vest - Chiqle, thrifted; last worn here in May for a plaid brunch
  • Lace shirt - Blanc Nature, swap from Petra; acquired here at the last Winesday
  • Skirt - Gunex, thrifted; last seen here in January with loads of leopard
  • Skate boots - no label, consignment, Powell River; last worn here in February with a matchy vintage dress
  • Puffer coat (below) - Donna Karan, consignment; last seen here last weekend

I put together the outfit to showcase the top I got from Petra via the last Winesday clothing swap. 
As it's sheer, I wore a rosy-pink cami underneath and my acid-wash denim vest over it. 

I liked it. I don't love it, but we'll see how things go. 
I do love my Bark Skirt, though - it's been in my closet for years - so-called as the perma-wrinkled texture reminds me of cedar bark. 

Masked up. 
The office was quiet, didn't see too many folks. 

I did my shopping for my nieces and nephew after work, and lugged it home in the very cold and windy evening. Brrrr. I was wishing for my mink! 

My fox scarf was snuggly and warm. 

  • Fox fur scarf - thrifted; purchased here for $19.95
  • Gloves - Principles, vintage, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
The few colleagues I saw oohed and ahhed over these skater boots. They LOOK amazing, but they are just the worst crap quality. I plan to wear them until they fall apart (which probably won't be too long). 

Bold bling: 
I also wore my new-to-me belt for the first time - the inside of it rubbed off on the waistband of my skirt (easily wiped off with a damp cloth), which is likely why it was donated. It also probably has some age on it. 

  • Belt - Suzi Roher, thrifted; purchased here for $8.95
  • Necklace - Stella & Dot, thrifted
  • Mink rose - thrifted
  • Rose earrings - Betsey Johnson, swap from Cat
  • Anneke & Lars ring - vintage mall 
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall

I bought my nieces and nephew a bunch of stuff at Dots - sweaters and chunky knits (don't worry, they don't read my blog). I also spied this skirt in the final clearance section.
I love the chartreuse colour - it has two stripes of rosy-pink velvet down the sides. 

And pockets! 
I will be saving this for spring/summer. 

It's by Orly and was only $2.99. 
Originally $62.00, and the initial Dots price was $24.99. 

I stocked up on tights. 
$1.99 a pair! Score. 

L was out with the boys on Friday night so I binged the UK version of Antiques Roadshow and the Great British Bake-Off (the BBC channel is on free preview right now). 
"I have a date with George."

Vizzini snoozed on the bed, snuggled up with George, the hot water bottle. 

He deigned to come out and sit near me later. 
"I'm waiting for the click."

He is very fond of the heated plush throws L and I have. He's learned that the clicking noise means heat. 
"I still love you."

No cuddles for me - only L's lap would do. 

We were up early to beat the crowds at the Ruby, then split up to finish our Christmas shopping. 
I see blue skies! 

  • Sweater - Dusia Knits for Gibsons, vintage 70s, thrifted; last worn here in November for a Mom-Day adventure
  • Skirt - Talbots, consignment; first seen here in January with a Monster Vest
  • Shoes - Marquess Swordfish, Fluevog; last worn here in November for a zebra brunch
  • Leather coat (below) - Banana Republic, consignment; last seen here in November

L's said something that made me laugh. I must have had a coffee by then. 
I was only coat-less while we had lunch. 

This black disco sweater is very sparkly, but it never shows in the pictures. 
I also wore a wool cami underneath for warmth. 

Love a plaid skirt! 
Who am I kidding? I love plaid anything! 

Masked up. 
There were a lot of people out and about - I masked everywhere! 

Outerwear - it was never warm enough for this look.
But I love this red leather moto jacket. 

Bundled up. 
That's more like it. 

I wore my Bug Bag, which had several admirers. 
A little girl asked if she could touch it. "Go ahead, it's soft," I said. 

  • Bug Bag - Craig Morrison, vintage 90s, consignment

I wore the hat to keep my hair from going ratty from the wind. 

  • Hat - Delux, Saanich Fair, c. 1998
  • Scarf - Elaine Gold, vintage, consignment
  • Gloves - Echo, thrifted; purchased here for $20.00
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

First wearing of the gloves, which I bought on a hot day back in August. Ah, remember the heat??

The stuff:
I had oodles of comments on my shoes everywhere I went, and a few compliments on my style. Aw, so nice when people appreciate the effort. 

Minimal bling: 
I wasn't shopping for myself. Famous last words! 

  • Pin - thrifted
  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Anneke & Lars ring - vintage mall
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair

I popped into every second-hand store that was open in downtown Victoria. This was from a new little hideaway of vintage stuff (not just clothes), where I found this purple beauty in a $5.00 bin. 
It's the same wonky shape as the black hat I have on, and it fit just right. I love the pretty bow, accented with a bit of ribbon. 

Ooh, it's lined inside - a nice detail. 
Deervoor(?) by Lingong is what it says in the middle. 

I found these red plaid pants (remember what I said about plaid?) in another store. 
I've been looking for a red pair for years! 

Oh, H&M, really? Size 14? These are more like a size 10. 
But for $18.00, I was happy. 

L and I had an afternoon nap with Vizzini, who also joined us for several hours of board games, drinks and snacks, and music that evening. 
"I'm only here for the snacks."

When he was a very small kitten, he would steal our board game tokens and chew on them. Now, he just hoovers for dropped bits of popcorn. 
"Stop telling all my secrets."

He's still very much fill of mischief. He plonked himself beside me in a subtle hint that he wanted me to stretch out for him to sleep on me. Not gonna happen! 
"Oh, come on."

The purple glow in the background is my seasonal d├ęcor - new purple lights in my vintage 80s crystal vase. I didn't have the emotional energy for decorating this year (you can enjoy my stuff from last year here).
"It sounds like you could use a cuddle, Woman."

And two hours later, we were both asleep on the couch. 

Thank you so much for dropping by! I hope your weekend was merry and bright. 


  1. Love your funky brunch outfit! Lise

  2. Gorgeous cat photos, Sheila! Vizzini is such a handsome boy!
    I'm way behind, I'll catch up with everything you've done over the next couple of days but in the meantime I'm loving the boots despite the crap quality and that chartreuse skirt is going to look fab, what a bargain! xxx

  3. Glad to hear your hubby can make you laugh. Humor is glue in relationships.

  4. Such a shame those skater boots are crap quality, as they're looking absolutely fabulous. As you do, in both of your outfits. I can't resist anything plaid/tartan either - just bought another skirt - so Saturday's outfit is my favourite. The red leather moto jacket is perfect with that skirt and I'm not surprised those shoes are getting lots of compliments.
    It's great to hear Vizzini is still full of mischief, as surely that's a good sign!
    I very much like the sound of those heated plush throws, as it's been getting really cold here ... xxx

  5. I hope you do manage to get more wears from those boots as they are lovely even if not the best quality. And I really like that blouse in your first outfit, but the second outfit with the matching red and black is my favourite, so perfect for a productive day of shopping - and you got some nice things! :)

  6. Aaah - Vizzini has a friend called George! At the moment I am being extremely friendly and grateful to my nameless hot water bottle; it's freezing here. I love the sound of your heated throws...

    Lovely outfits; loved the plaid skirt one in particular and the plaid gloves were fabulous. I hope your skater boots last a bit longer; they're gorgeous.

    Great finds and chartreuse skirt was a great buy and a great bargain! Fab red plaid trousers, too.

    You are very organised with your Christmas shopping! Loved your purple lighting - very regal!


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