Friday, April 30, 2021

Unfussy Friday: Spring Green and Boots - and I Painted the Deck!

Happy Friday, my friends! I am excited, as I just found out I should be able to book my first vaccine shot this Sunday. Now that's a great way to end my week. 

I wore this dress for the first time today and every person I spoke to admired it. 
Sorry, Milind, it's still not olive. I would call this colour celery.

  • Dress - Sig Zane, consignment; purchased here for $40.00
  • Boots - Rockport, thrifted; last worn here (Flashback there too) in October 2020 with brown corduroy
  • Raincoat (below) - Avoca, consignment; last seen here in February 2020

I'm wearing a full vintage slip under this and I have nylons on, plus the boots kept my legs warm. It's still a bit chilly here (mid-teens), but I was comfortable being sleeveless in the office. 
This was a lovely dress to wear - very comfy, love those big pockets. 

It wrinkled quite a lot, as it is nearly half linen. I don't mind - the colour hid it pretty well. It also picked up cat hair, but that's easily dealt with. 
I had to meet up with three different coworkers today: handing over a gift card to Linda (hi!), getting a prize to Jess (both from office contests), and to get a laptop from one of my favourite now-ex-coworkers. It felt so good to chat to each of them for a few minutes - I miss all the connections I have with my coworkers! 
I liked how the chocolate brown boots and belt contrasted with the green. Very spring-y.

Masked up: 
I read that the colour brown is experiencing a renaissance - remember, around 5 years ago, when you didn't see brown AT ALL in stores? I've always been a fan, and of course, every colour is available second-hand! 

Outerwear - although it sprinkled rain all morning, it was warmer out. 
I didn't want to be too hot, so this t-shirt lined waxed cotton raincoat was perfect. 
Plus, I'm in my spring floral! Pansies!
I did not need the hood - it was ferociously windy on the way home. 

Outerwear stuff: 
Do you see the trees? I liked how this subtly echoed the scribbly trees on the dress. 

The stuff: 
These boots are so comfy - remember, that's only a net 1-inch heel! 

Mixed bling: 
I used to wear hip belts in 1986-1993-ish, when they were all the rage - I still have two of them! I liked doing a nod to that style with this new-to-me belt. I had no issues with it popping open or falling off - I'd had visions of fishing it out of the toilet, ha! 

  • Leather belt - thrifted here for $5.00, first wearing
  • Silver cuff - St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop, London
  • Wooden ring - Dot's
  • Silver/amber pendant and chain - vintage mall, gift from L
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Silver/aventurine ring - thrifted
  • Earrings - vintage, vintage fair

I Painted the Deck! 

You might have noticed that I haven't posted about the changes/updates to our living space that I mused about after Christmas. It's not that I haven't done anything (which mostly I haven't), but that I want to post it all from start to end, when I'm done. I'm not fast at doing this sort of stuff. I have to live with changes, then take action. It's how I roll. 

But when I decide to DO something, I do it. And I get it done. 

Like so! I have insulated our deck! Behold! 
I have sprayed foam insulation (purchased months ago) into the gaps between the roof glass and the wall glass. Due to our deck basically being open to the outside, it is really cold out there in winter, and therefore very cold in our main living area (our deck doors are also very old and have gaps). This spray can only be done when the temperature is over 15 degrees - which it was! 

Look at this amazing job! 
I did this yesterday after I got home from my grocery shop and Mental Health Walk - as you can see, we had a gorgeous sunny day. It was very pleasant to work out here, with the maples and oaks towering over me. Those are massive trees - we are on the 4th floor! 

When I finished insulating, I got out our painting tray. L and I had cleaned out some of the stuff from our laundry room, ready for the plumber to replace our hot water tank on Tuesday, and when we pulled this down, I noticed how much leftover paint we had from when we did our main space many years ago. I shook a few of the cans - yup, still liquid! I figured I'd have a good shot at having enough to paint the inside of our deck. 
I lucked out: there was a full, unopened can, along with a roll of painters tape. I taped near the floor, above the tile. I had a few splatters but I got more on me than on the floor. It's latex, so easily scratches off the tile. 

I've shown our deck before, a full year ago here in April 2020 (I told you, I don't do things quickly) when I first set up my reading area, and here (scroll down a bit), a few weeks after that, when I created my art corner. It was all mostly unused space before that, aside from junk storage and a corner table and chairs. 

This is my art corner area. The ugly chalky green on the left is what's going away for good. Can you believe our entire house was that colour when we first moved in? It's a matte finish, so showed every fingerprint, and was starting to flake off in places. 
We also had a box of drop-cloths in the laundry room, so I just covered up all the furniture, moving some stuff inside temporarily. 

At one point, I heard a squawk and found a furious Vizzini, hiding under a blanket that was draped over his post. 
"You must stop all this disruption at once, Woman!"

He raced off, yowled, coughed up a hairball, then sat and glared at me from a distance. 

I edged twice, and did three coats of paint with a roller - that green was pernicious! But look how bright and sunny it is now! 
My reading area - it gets a lot of early afternoon sun. The jar on the table has a battery-operated flickering tealight in it. I'm gradually adding more lighting out here, so that it's a chill evening space (anticipating parties in the future!), and will take some nighttime pictures once it's done to my satisfaction. 

This is looking past Vizzini's post to our corner table and chairs. I have plans for this area: a new square corner table, some comfier seating with pillows and throws, plus rugs on the tile. I really want to make it cozy.
The yellow balls and black squares are solar-powered lights. It's really cool at night. 

And this is my art area, aka Vizzini's afternoon nap chair. I move the stool currently in the reading area over here, and do my Zentangles - my supplies live inside the stool. 
I am so happy with how my painting turned out! It matches our external building colour really well, and makes it so much brighter. I surprised L with it when he got home - he was impressed, but is somewhat used to my shenanigans (heh). Go, me! 

Vizzini, everything is back in its place now, you can come out. 
"Are you sure?"

I would not kid on such an important matter, little bud. 

And now, my friends, I'm off to enjoy my weekend and wish you all good times, laughs and relaxation. I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure (an Event!). Thanks so much for dropping by. 


  1. Indeed a perfect dress. I can imagine you got a lot of compliments wearing it.
    Gettng your first vaccine is so great. I have had my first (Pfizer) last Wednesday. Just another 8 weeks to go and I will be 'safe'.

    1. It was nice to actually see people and get the compliments, Greetje! Most of my outfits feel like they're being worn in a void right now.

      I am excited that it's coming soon - first shot is next week! Hooray for you!

  2. We do nothing with speed either! Your deck looks nice and fresh. I love the feather detail in the dress. I'm so happy for you on the vaccine. Did you say your mom was able to get it? Woukd love an appearance from her in your blog.

    1. Isn't it frustrating, Sam? Thank you!

      Yes, Mom got her first shot in early April. We're going to see her on the weekend, so I'll have pics again soon!

  3. That raincoat is fabulous!! Love the way you styled this whole look! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Lucy! I hope you had a great weekend too.

  4. Hope you get your shot. We got ours last week. Here, everyone gets an appointment for the second shot automatically (2-3 weeks later) but I heard in Eastern Canada they're giving out first shots with only a vague promise of the second shot later in Fall. Is it like that near you?

    1. Just over a week until I get it, now that I have my appointment. That's awesome that you got your shots already! Yes, all of Canada is delaying the second shot until everyone has had their first, as we don't have enough supplies. Arg.

  5. That dress is fabulous and I'm wild about the belt, too!
    The deck looks fantastic, the light really does bounce off those pale walls, it looks so much bigger.I love that marble topped table, its like a traditional British pub garden table.
    I'm so pleased that your getting your jab tomorrow.
    Love to you, L and Vizzini! Have a fab rest of the weekend. xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix - I had some deja vu on the hip belt, as it's been a while since I did that style!

      Thanks! It felt so good to do it. The marble table was a thrift store purchase ages ago.

      I wish it was tomorrow for my jab, but it was just being able to BOOK my jab - and now I'm booked for next Tuesday, hooray hooray! Thanks, honey, big hugs to you too!

  6. The dress looks really good on you. Celery is good, on my screen it looks like Pistachio Ice-cream :) Lise

    1. Yes, it's really close to pistachio! Good call, Lise, thanks!

  7. You have done a great job with painting this area. A professional wouldn't done it better. It is also good you remembered to isolate it. Isolation makes such a difference and every inch of isolation matters. I'm got to used to perfect isolation in our still relatively 'new' home (we finished it and moved in 4 years ago) that now I'm cold in everyone's home. It's easy to get used to better, as they say.

    You look absolutely beautiful in your dress and I love your face mask with a print that is reminiscent of trees. The boots are very chic- and how wonderful they are warm too!

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana! It probably needs another coat, but I'm DONE. The insulation will be a huge help in keeping our house warmer in winter, and making the deck less breezy (and keep the bugs out too).

      Thank you! It was a good day for boots.

  8. It's not something I though I would ever say, but I'm more than just a tiny bit envious of you getting your first jab on Sunday! I do hope it'll be my turn soon, as the waiting is driving me insane.
    I too am admiring your dress, what an utterly delightful shade of green, and the feathery print is gorgeous too. It looks fabulous paired with chocolate brown! And how lovely is the print on that mask.
    I am so impressed by your insulation and painting job on the deck. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book and actually DO something. I have a painting job I've been procrastinating on for almost a year. Now where did I put my get up and go?
    Have a great weekend, Sheila xxx

    1. Nope, I didn't get it, Ann - you misunderstood. I got my "go-ahead" to make an appointment to THEN get my week. However, I'm not complaining - I'm thrilled that I'll finally get it. I hope yours comes soon!

      Thank you so much - I really enjoyed wearing this dress.

      Oh, much appreciated, thanks again. I am a huge procrastinator! Be kind to yourself!

  9. Oh that can be such a cosy place to hang out and the lighter color is so much better! How good that you got your vaccin. I can expect my invitation as of today. Yeah! Those boots are great, dresses and boots, whats not to like!

    1. It's going to be awesome once I get all the little pieces in place that I want out there, Nancy. I haven't gotten my jab yet - just the appointment to book it, but now I am booked for next Tuesday! yay!

      Thank you, hon!

  10. Excellent paint job on the deck - so much brighter now! Yes, that dress is definitely a celery green, which is a nice colour on you. I went into my office for a few hours one day this week, and I was the only person in the whole building. I realized how much I missed my desk, and working with people!

    1. I love how much better it looks, Shelley, thank you! I wasn't sure about the colour - I am a bit washed out in some pastels - but I really love the dress itself.

      Isn't it weird being in an empty office. I am all alone today. I've only spoken to 2 people.

  11. That dress is lovely on you! And I agree, while I've only been back in the office twice so far I've really enjoyed getting to do it again and catch up with colleagues. It's so nice seeing them after everything!

    You did such a good job with the painting as well - your space looks lovely!

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! It's awesome to see my colleagues again in person.

      Thank you! I'm really pleased with it so far. :)

  12. The dress color & style is soothing and I quite like the hip belt (and matching boots) with it. Same classy, relaxing impact as your deck. :) Completely understand the delight of fixing up a space, and the lighter color paint makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the deck.

    Bravo on the insulation! That should make for improved climate control. Ah, I picture the deck getting extensive use and not just by Vizzini!

    You have earned your contractor credentials!

    1. Soothing is a good word for it, Laurie! Thank you! It felt so good to get that (what felt like) massive chore out of the way, finally, after decades! Insulating it will make a really big difference in our enjoyment out there too. Ha ha! Thank you!

  13. That's a very pretty dress and I agree it looks to be a lovely celery colour. I'm glad brown is having a resurgence in popularity. About three years ago I wanted to buy some brown dress pants and there were none to be found. It was about the same time that they seemed to do away with natural fibres for dress pants and even very pricey, designer brand pants, were being made of viscose and other synthetics.

    What a happy, sunny place your deck has been transformed into!

    1. Thank you, Nana! It was nearly impossible to find brown anything in a retail setting for ten years, between 2009-ish to around 2019/2020. Oh, you can't find anything in natural fibres now, although don't throw viscose out, as it's made from plant fibre. I still see linen trousers, and sometimes wool, but those are now so rare. Ugh, polyester pants.

      Thank you so much, Nana! That's my favourite reading spot now.

  14. That's fantastic regarding booking your first shot. While I registered to get vaccinated as soon as I was eligible to do so, falling into the youngest age bracket (despite being severely immune compromised), those under the age of 40, I'm still waiting to hear when I'll be able to get my first shot. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now. Fingers crossed!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I feel so relieved, Autumn! I hope you're able to book soon!


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