Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Mental Health Shop: Gone Red, Lucky Shoes-Day and a Peplum Splurge

My week is in disarray due to my biannual periodontal appointment on Thursday, so I did a Mental Health Shop today instead of my usual Mental Health Walk. I deserved a little pre-dental retail therapy!
I squeezed in a wearing of this dress when I bought it in late summer last year, but it's been packed away since then. 

  • Dress - Heartbreaker, thrifted; first seen here (2nd outfit) in September 2020
  • Shoes - Groovy Husymans, Fluevog; last worn here in February with pink limbs
  • Coat (below) - Cache, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in October 2020 for my birthday party in the park

While I love the colour and the overall vintage vibe of this dress, I'm not keeping it. 
I wore thin nylons, and a light coat, and had skirt bunching issues the entire time I was out. 
The zipper is also a factor - I can barely get it done up at the top. A two-person requirement for a dress is one person too many! It's in the giveaway pile. I can do better. I don't feel bad, as I only spent $11.95 on it - $6 bucks per wear is fine. 

Masked up. 
I was super-careful everywhere I went, and in most of the stores I was one of a few customers, if not the only one. COVID cases have been surging in Canada, and here on our little island, even though vaccinations are going quickly (I'll be able to register for mine tomorrow, woo!). 

Outerwear - I wore leopard accessories with this dress the first time I wore it. 
I love red and leopard together. 

We are supposedly experiencing very high (17 degrees) temps for this time of year, but it looked really windy, so I didn't fully trust that forecast.
"Excellent, we are going out on an adventure in the hallway."

Flashing the red lining. I forgot to take the picture of my mask and gloves, oops. 

  • Mask - Lazy Susan's
  • Gloves - Danier Leather

All ready to go! 
I was so glad I had my coat - it was SO windy! It completely counteracted any warmth from the sun. 

The stuff:
I had another pair of shoes picked out, but ended up with these comfy boots. 

Gold bling: 
Nothing to get in the way. 

  • Belt - BCBG Max Azria, consignment
  • Earrings - Biko, consignment
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Bee pin - gift from Megan Mae

I wore the bee right at the V of the dress' neckline. 

Vizzini was not happy to see me when I got home. 
"Oh, I hadn't noticed you were gone."

Lies! He was roaming around in the background while I was on my Zoom call with Mom, to our amusement. 

Shopping goodies! Happy Shoes-Day to me! I had to swing by the Hudson's Bay Company to pick up more of my MAC foundation, and had a little peek through their shoe department. I rarely buy shoes retail (aside from Fluevog), but the Bay's always had a great shoe selection.
I loved these leather snakeskin print sandals. 

These will be awesome with my summer clothes. 
That's a very walkable heel. They zip up the back to get them on/off, and the two buckles at the ankle are adjustable. 

They are by Lucky Brand, and the regular price is $135.00. 
No, I would never pay that for department store shoes. 

Marked down to $54.00? 
Better...but there was also an extra 20% off, and the lovely sales assistant noted that I had "Bay points" that I could cash in, so I said, "The shoes are Lucky Brand, so it's my lucky day! Let's do it!" and they ended up being $25.51. Awesome. 

From the Bay, I went over to local store Footloose, and check out their Last Pairs sections. 
I really liked the mod look of these white shoes. That's a really comfortable heel and these are really soft. 

They are leather with a snakeskin texture.
I do like a white shoe. I will probably wear these with trousers, I think. What would you wear with them?

They are by 5yMedio, the "Ramona" style, and were marked down over $200!
$325.00 to $89.00 is a great deal for a comfy all-leather shoe! 

I nearly missed a rack and had to go back and get these mustard suede and white leather lace-ups. 
That colour! 
I love that white sole! The piping and laces are actually leather. I'd better keep these away from Vizzini!

They're by Homers and were originally $308.00.
They were marked down to $154.50, so half off. Both of my shoes from Footloose were made in Spain.

Flush with my Shoe Victory, I walked up Fort Street, heading home. I hadn't planned on trying any clothes on, but I had to pop into the Velvet Crease for a quick look around. They had a ton of new stock, and I had a good browse. 

I had some other items that I was "this close" to buying, but I splurged on a Very Expensive Jacket, so put those iffy items back. I kept this dress, though, as I loved how it looked on. 
It needs a belt, but it's a gorgeous soft green, with silk-screened scribbly trees on it. It has pockets! I love the stand-up collar, and the slight cap sleeves. 

A close-up of the scribbly trees. 
Now, here's a detail you do not see every day: button-holes done horizontally. Most are vertical and lead to button-poppage, but horizontal buttons stay put and do not gape. I think these buttons might be made of coconut husk because...

It's made in Hawaii! Hilo, in fact, on the Big Island. I cannot read that brand name, but how many Hilo, Hawaii designers could there be? I discovered that this is by Sig Zane (see, it says "Sig"), link to his site here ('cause I love!). Sig and his wife Nalani Kanakaole started their business in 1985 - I'd guess by this style that it's from the mid-90s. I had a very similar style of dress in 1994 (long sheath, buttons up the front). 
My dress is called the Kalehuaokeola LÅ«haupua dress (here, in a different fabric), and they note in the current dress' description that "more than a decade" has passed since they last made this. It's a soft tencel/linen blend and was $40.00 after the 20% discount. Not bad, considering it retails for $135 US/$169 Canadian. 

Okay, here's my splurge. It's a black leather motorcycle jacket...with a massive peplum! 
I put it on and just fell in love with it. It was $348.00 after the 20% discount, which is A Lot. 

Okay, the details. Two zippered pockets on the chest (which have good-sized pockets inside, a nice surprise), and one on the waist (also quite big). 
It's encrusted with gewgaws, like barnacles on a ship's hull.

The peplum section is a full circle, and it's covered with lace and studs. 
At first, I thought the lace was embroidered and the dots were sewn-on beads, but then I flipped it over. 
The "beads" are metal and go right through the leather (which is supple and well-tanned, but not too thin). The lace parts are sewn on by machine, and that is really finicky work. A lot of labour went into this.

More barnacles lace and studs.  
The sleeves - note the zippers, I love zippers. 

The back of the jacket has vents at the shoulders for extra movement. 
You can see the nice quality of the leather there. It's beautifully made in general.

Look at this bigass peplum! 
I am excited to wear this and to show it to y'all. 

Another illegible signature. 
It looks like BAEL? That's a crown below it. I see a couple of other leather coats identified as that brand online for $600 to $6,000. 

UPDATE: Much thanks to ReaderRita, who discovered that this is actually a Tijuana, Mexico brand called "Exclusivos BAEZ" (FB link here; website here). Wonderful! Thank you so much, Rita!

It's by EB Internacional, and EB stands for Exclusivos Baez! 
It was made in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Back to Vizzini, lurking while Mom and I caught up.
"You seem to like these bags, Woman."

I made it home just before our Zoom call, so Mom was the very first to see all my goodies "in person."
"Let's see how you like it when I...EAT THEM!"

I turned the camera so that Mom could watch him attacking the bags. 
"I'm going to make a ruckus!"

The white shoes came wrapped in tissue in their own shopping bag, and he was biting and grabbing and making lots of noise. 
"You better be looking at me, Woman!"

Look at that silly kitty. 
"This bag shall be mine!"

I'd better give him some tummy rubs. I hope your day has been filled with sunshine...Happy Shoes-Day! 


  1. Wow. Can't wait to see that moto jacket styled!

    1. I'll wear it soon, Cynthia, but I'm enjoying our (rare) warm weather right now.

  2. The red dress looks wonderful with the loepard coat but I hear you on the issues, it's gotta go!
    What a haul! Some fabulous shoes especially the mustard suede lace-ups. The scribbly tree dress is lovely and the steampunk leather jacket is going to look wonderful on. isn't it great to have the occasional splurge? So liberating!
    I'm giggling at Vizzini shuffling the shopping bags!
    I hope your walk does the trick an dmakes you feel a bit calmer about your dental appointment. Our Covid restrictions mean that I haven't been to the dentist for almost 18 months! xxx

    1. It was a cheap dress to buy, but it just wasn't working. Ah well, it's not like I don't have other red dresses!

      I did so well - it was awesome finding all these wonderful treasures. I don't do a big splurge like that often, thank goodness, but it's usually on a jacket!

      Vizzini loves to attack my shopping bags. I think he associates them with me leaving the house.

      Thank you, Vix. I can't imagine going that long - I hope that changes for you soon!

  3. Love the snake print sandals and the leather jacket the most! Vizzini in the last photo looks so naughty and adorable all at once - like "look at me, I am a cute little monster". :) Lise

    1. Those might be my faves too, Lise, thanks! Isn't Vizzini a little devil? He IS a cute monster! Ha!

  4. It's a shame the red dress isn't a keeper but I agree life is too short for uncomfortable or annoying clothes - and you did get good value from it while you had it!

    That leather jacket is amazing, I would have splurged too, what a fantastic piece! :) Looking forward to seeing how you wear it, and I hope your dentist appointment goes well after the deserved retail therapy - so many good finds!

    1. Yup, and one of my friends or colleagues will rock it and look amazing in it, Mica. I'm not sad about it at all. I have other red dresses!

      It's incredible, I can't wait to show it off. It'll be wonderful for a party or theatre, when we can finally do those things again.

      Thanks! I loathe my dental appointments, so I will think about all these pretty things while I'm floating away in the chair tomorrow.

  5. The dress is pretty but I understand your points. Not being able to zip oneself up is something I've faced many times. I wonder how women living alone handle that. I've tried every possible solution (e.g., paper-clip on string) but none really work. It amazes me that clothes are so hard for women.

    Sorry for the COVID situation. I hope it improves near you. I'm finally getting vaccinated next week.

    1. It is ridiculous that women's clothing is so hard to get on, zip up or otherwise fussy to put on or take off. I can't count the times I've nearly gotten trapped in a garment when trying to take it off. Imagine if men's clothing did that!

      It's getting there - hooray for you getting your jab! I'll register tonight!

  6. What fabulous buys! The shoes are all lovely especially the white ones and the mustard lace ups. I love the dress - it's green and new jacket is wonderful. I expect it will look even wonderfuller on.

    Vizzini was giving those bags some bother - good job he didn't get to the laces on the mustard shoes - or did he?

    It's a shame about the red dress it looked lovely on you but I do hear you on the two people zipper thing - two too many!

    1. Thanks so much, Vronni! I'm excited about all the new shoes and will have to spend some time figuring out what to wear with them. I'm also excited about the dress, but mostly the jacket, which will indeed be wondefuller. :)

      No, I kept those laces far from that little kitty's awareness! I don't mind him going after the bags, though. He can rake them and bite them all he wants.

      I don't mind letting go of it. I like how it looks, but it's too annoying to keep.

  7. Wow, I want to see you style that leather jacket! It's amazing. It immediately reminder me of my first leather biker jacket. When I was 19, to hang out with my biker friends. Oh what a time. Shame about the red dress, it looks gorgeous with the leopard coat. What a lucky shoe day! I always premisse myself something afterwards!

    1. Oh, you will, Nancy! I'm so excited to wear it! I love the biker jacket style - my very first one was my Dad's!

      I love red and leopard together too, but that dress has to go...and I do have another red dress! I usually promise something after as well, but this weekend isn't conducive to a luxurious shop like that one.

  8. Yes to pre-dental retail therapy!
    I'm loving that red delight of a dress, but boo to bunching, so I understand why it has to go.
    It looked amazing with the leopard coat, though ...
    Good score on the snakeskin print sandals. I'm loving the mustard lace-ups too, even if they have the hated (by me) white soles. The soft green dress is gorgeous too, but obviously your star buy is that amazing leather jacket, which couldn't be more you!
    Sending you positive vibes for your periodontal appointment tomorrow! xxx

    1. I seem to be in the habit of rewarding myself for things I don't like doing, Ann! Ha ha! I love a red dress, but not this specific one. Gone, gone, gone!

      I love all my shoes, and I actually like white soles on shoes (it looks futuristic to me). The leather jacket is indeed a star, and I am super-excited to show it off!

      Thank you, my dear! It's not till Thursday, but that will be here soon enough.

  9. The shoe purchases look amazing and I quite like the color of the green dress. For what it’s worth, before I read your post my first thought was how super the red dress looks on you! I actually went “oh” at the part where you said you were done with it. Ah well, it’s one thing to look at a dress (or any piece of clothing) and quite another to wear it!

    May your periodontist session be as smooth and comfy as possible.

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie. I like the green dress quite a bit, and am looking forward to wearing it. Oh, that's okay - red and leopard are so pretty together, and the style of the dress is very nice, but I was so annoyed by it by the time I got home, I couldn't wait to get it off! I do have another red dress, so rest assured, it's not leaving me a gap in my closet. :)

      Thank you!

  10. Such fantastic items you found. I would have bought each of them as well, especially the booties and the jacket. What fun you'll have styling them.


  11. I totally understand your zipper drama, though I mourn the loss of that red dress, as it looks fabulous on you; however, this just means that there is a better one waiting in the wings. It will now find you!
    The green dress is an absolute springy delight.
    Plus, you totally scored on shoes! I am especially enamored of those mustard-y oxfords! Great color!
    As for your gorgeous "Barnacled" leather jacket (I hope that those back-pronged studs don't catch on anything (speaking from woeful experience here). Maybe wear something that isn't your absolute best thing with it just to see?
    Also, I think it is the brand "Baez" out of Tijuana, Mexico. Here's their FaceBook link:
    Cheers!!! ReaderRita
    PS, I've tried posting several times and it never takes my comments- so I'm trying this a bunch of different ways. I apologize if you get multiples- delete away! :-)

    1. RITA!! So good to see you again! Re: your comments - it might be easier for you to NOT be logged into your Google account if you are having issues. I do permit Anonymous comments. I only got this one, however. :)

      It's a fine dress, but it had some condition issues, in addition to the annoying zipper, and as noted above, I actually already have a red dress that I love (with pockets!), so I won't miss this one.

      Thank you so much. I'm happy you approve of my purchases! :) I'm not worried about the miniature studs on the "barnacle" jacket, as it is fully-lined. Hmm, I guess I neglected to mention that!

      OMG, you found it!! That's it! Thank you so much! I'll update to reflect your awesome detective work, thank you, Rita!

  12. Sizzlingly stellar outfit! I too am a massive fan of leopard print worn with red. Pre-fire, I had a gorgeous 1950s style leopard print circle skirt and wore it most frequently with red tops, shoes, bags, etc.

    It really is worrisome that cases continue to surge here in BC - even our own wee town has experienced a number of reported cases at this point (including at least a couple amongst the staff of our only grocery store). Thankfully, it hasn't hit either of us or anyone we know personally yet, but that can always change in the blink of an eye. All the more reason why I'm 110% okay to keep self-isolating for as long as it takes.

    With all my heart and might, I hope that you and your loved ones (be they on the Island or elsewhere) are able to stay safe and avoid coming down with this terrible illness.

    Autumn Zenith šŸ§” Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn! I adore red + leopard (you know I have a red leopard pant-suit!). Oh, I would die for a leopard circle skirt - how sad that you lost it in the fire.

      Agreed, it's making me very nervous. Victoria is not too bad - about 40 cases a day - and I don't know anyone who's had it yet. I'm being very very cautious and limiting my interactions as much as I can.

      Thank you, sweetheart. Same to you!

  13. looking lovely in this dress, its shape is fab and love the way it looks with the leopard coat and rocking accessories! and cool boots!. Totally agree about red and leopard!
    And totally in love with these new shoes (particularly the mustard ones!, they look comfy!) and Fabulous Leather Jacket!, wowwww. Zips, embroideries, pockets, pƩplum, it has lots of fab qualities!

    1. Thanks so much. While I love the classic fit-and-flare shape of the dress, the quality isn't there for me and it was so annoying, but I am all over red + leopard!

      Thank you! It was a fun (though expensive) shopping trip! I'm excited to show off the leather jacket!

  14. Sheila, I love it all! That red dress is amazing and I really like the belt. I do like leopard with red as well. That green dress is so pretty. One of my favorite shades of green! And then the peplum leather jacket! Oh my! What a gorgeous piece. Thanks for linking with me.


    1. Thanks, Michelle! The belt is so badass, all that metal and leather! I need to wear that green dress soon - it's so pretty. That leather jacket is a gem - I can't wait to wear it.

  15. That leather jacket is amazing - well worth splurging on for something that distinctive and well-made.

    The red dress looks great with the leopard coat, but the bunching must've been annoying indeed. No point repeatedly wearing something if it's going to be annoying every time.

    1. Thanks for supporting my shopping addiction, Mim, ha ha! I love the look here, but in practice, oh gawd no, I cannot keep that annoying dress.

  16. I envy your luck with finding shoes on sale - the mustard suede ones are something I would wear too! The leather jacket is a spectacular piece and I'm looking forward to seeing it on you.

    1. Victoria has the best shoe stores! I always have good luck. I've been holding off on the jacket, Shelley - it's been too hot here to wear it! Hopefully, I'll manage a wearing next weekend.


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