Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Chrysanthem Flashback - and a 10-Year-Old Surprise

Today's outfit (and Flashback) features an amazingly gorgeous skirt that I've had for 10 years, and after all that time, I had a surprise today!

I tend to match with the colours in the skirt when I wear it. Today, lavender is the key colour.

  • Wrap cardigan - Kersh; first seen here in May with linen and ruffles
  • Camisole - not tracked
  • Skirt - Vivienne Tam, 2000 Fall Ready-to-wear collection, consignment - last seen here in July 2019 with neon 
  • Shoes - Leith, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May with this cardigan

I was happy to discover that this lovely wrap cardigan and shoes went perfectly with this skirt. 
And now that I have "bookend" shoes to go with it, expect that they'll often be worn together. 
I was thankful that the skirt fit - it has zero stretch.
It is a nylon/polyester blend. 

Masked up: 
Today's mask has white polka dots on a yellow background. Snazzy! 

The stuff: 
These shoes are fabulously comfy to wear. Metallic lavender? Yes, please!

Pink bling: 
I regret not wearing bracelets and rings today. It has cooled off dramatically. 

  • Necklace/earrings - Sherman, vintage 60s, vintage outdoor market


I bought this skirt in April 2010 at Rich Rags consignment for around $30.00. I was instantly drawn to the glorious pattern of woven chrysanthemums on the magenta pink background. The flowers have white, yellow and lavender, so I tend to wear those colours (plus black and denim, as neutrals) with it. Here's a good look at the wonderful fabric, slightly wrinkled from me wearing it all day.
I first wore it here in April 2010, on our last day with our dear Othello kitty. He had cancer and I really needed something cheerful and bright to help me get through my work day. 
Inigo helped. Aw, I miss him too - we lost him a year later. 

Due to the very delicate nature of this gorgeous skirt, I tend to wear it only 1-2 times a year. I've been really careful with it, but it's got a few snags and stains on it, and I've also done one repair to the rear zipper, which is a two-way: unzippable from the top (for getting the skirt on) and from the hem (for a walking slit).

This is a bit of a kooky outfit from July 2010, including a yellow scarf in my hair. Aw, there's Inigo again. 
I'm a fan of ruffle-fronted blouses, although this one is long gone - the only thing left from this outfit is the skirt. 

This marigold yellow cashmere cardigan went with it in April 2011. 
For those who marveled at me cutting the backs of my shoes, these woven gold ones were the first pair I ever cut to make fit. Nine years of cutting up my shoes...

Here we are in December 2011, and the first time I wore the skirt with denim.
"Hey, I know these people!"

Vizzini is so small there! He's only 7 months old. 

I wore the skirt twice in April 2012 during my 30 For 30 For 12 Wardrobe Challenge. 
You might recognize that purple camisole - it's the same one I'm wearing today, 8+ years later! I adored those beautiful purple suede peep-toe shoes, but they became way too high for me a few years ago. 

Here's the second April 2012 outfit, with a navy blue ruffle-necked wool cardigan. 
My favourite yellow bangle makes an appearance, and oh, I loved those lavender Camper shoes. We'll see those again! 

I wore the skirt with a plain black tux shirt in May 2013, but I'm showing you the coordinating outerwear shot, featuring my yellow leather Danier jacket. 
I also had those grey/purple Chie Mihara flats for years - I wore them out! 

This was for a dinner out with the gals in August 2013, when I stepped off a curb and fell, ripping the rear zipper on the seam. I hand-stitched that and my repair has held up well ever since. 
I consider this a pretty "out there" look, from the added fascinator, to the black/white/yellow obi belt, to the lacy anklets. 

Another ruffle-front blouse - I used to call this my "chicken" shirt - from April 2014.
I'm wearing my thin yellow leather belt over the skirt's high-waist here (as I also did in the black tux shirt outfit, two above). 

Showing you a back view from September 2014, mostly because of Vizzini's photo-bombing skillz.
"I'm a necessary part of every outfit, Woman."

I still have that brocade jacket and it will be one heckuva Flashback when we get to it in the fall. 

Going with plain white here in April 2015. That's just one of many, many white shirts I've had over the years. 
I see I have my full "set" of yellow accoutrements: belt, bangle and earrings. 

In my "pussy-bow blouse" phase here in July 2016. 
And my hair matches the skirt so perfectly! 

More magenta and yellow from April 2017. I like that all kinds of shades of yellow work with this pattern - this jacket was a very acidic yellow. 
Sadly, those magenta shoes were also way too high for me to wear. I loved them so!

Another denim jacket look from July 2017. 
I actually spotted this jacket in a thrift store about a year ago.

There's that black tux shirt again, in July 2018. I got rid of it this past year, as it's just a plain black shirt, and not very interesting. 
I'm wearing my pink Sherman crystal necklace and earrings set there, same as today. Can you believe I've only worn my yellow Desmond Fluevogs with this skirt this one time? 

And here's the last wearing, from July 2019. 
This blouse is verging into neon green, but it's close enough to yellow to work with the skirt. 

Mathy stuff: Counting today's outfit, I've worn this skirt 17 times in 10 years, for a cost-per-wear of $1.76! Excellent! 

The Surprise!

I noticed as I was adjusting the skirt this morning (would it fit??) that there seemed to be some bunched up fabric around my hips. I turned it inside out...and THIS SKIRT HAS POCKETS! They were hidden behind the lining. 
How did I never discover this?? They are sewn down, with no gaps along the side seams. 
Those little blue circles show some of the off-colour thread used to hand-sew the pockets shut. 
I wasn't sure if I wanted to open them up (spoiler - I did), as it might ruin the lines of the skirt, but holy smokes, I can't believe I've never figured this out or even noticed it! 

Always turn your new clothes inside out, kids! You might find a surprise! 


  1. Cool surprise!!! I love this skirt --- so interesting seeing all the different ways you've styled it.

  2. Wow! Pockets just make that skirt even better!

    Glad to see you keeping well Sheila xx

    1. TAT!! Holy smokes, girl, where have you been? Love to see you!

    2. Still here reading every day - first thing I do every morning lol - I’m loving the flashbacks as I remember most of them!

    3. Aw, I'm so glad to hear that you're still around! Lol, I know, they seem like only a few months ago - I can't believe how many years it's been!

  3. That's a fab skirt and fancy finding hidden pockets a decade later!
    Love the latest bookend look and how good it looks with the legendary yellow shoes.
    Awww Othello. I went back to have a look at him, what a beautiful boy. Lovely to see gorgeous Inigo & baby Vizzini, too. xxx

    1. I can't believe I never noticed it, Vix, it's seriously unlike me! Thank you - I love yellow shoes!

      Aw, thanks for going back - he was a lovely boy. I love that I have all these pictures of them all.

  4. This is a fabulous skirt and looks so stunning in every outfit!, love all the different outfits you've created around it, you're so talented!. Love every color combo, and it amases me how beautifully it goes even with a white shirt!. Totally agree that this skirt matches almost every shade of yellow, which is magnificent!.
    Love all the delightful matchiness!

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! I remember being not very happy about the $30 at the time, thinking it was a little pricey! Gotta love that yellow flexibility!

  5. Ok I actually let out a sigh when I saw todays outfit! Mornin Sheila, I love blues but I love lavenders, puple and pinks nearly as much. I need your whole outfit sent over lol. I have the same 60s necklace and earrings My grandma left me lots of jewellery including this set. I think you look stunning today and love all your combos with this skirt it has earnt it's keep. I love how you dicovered your favourite - pockets! Have a good day Shazx ps I am forcing myself to wear a really lovely dressy top today that I have hardly worn - why not? meeting friends later so here goesxx

    1. Morning, Shaz! Thank you so much - it's a very romantic, girly skirt, and such a great fabric and pattern. I get the sigh! How cool! Is your set marked Sherman? If so, it's very valuable, but there were many cheaper knockoffs out there (I have a very cheap set that was my mother-in-law's). Isn't that funny that it had pockets all along? I feel so silly for having missed them. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Way to go, you! Why not, indeed! Good for you - I am proud of you for dressing up.

  6. Fancy finding those hidden pockets! Mind you, this has happened to me as well, in exactly the same way. Yay for pockets, hidden and otherwise! The skirt is gorgeous and I love how you book-ended it with the lavender cardigan and shoes. Fabulous mask, too! After ten years, the skirt really deserved its own flashback. What wonderful outfits you've created with it! xxx

    1. It's so unlike me to miss them, Ann! It's always the first thing I look for in a skirt! It's such a gorgeous piece, isn't it? Thank you!

  7. love the skirt! and you got that much use out of it??? so i remember these prints on this fabric from years ago and I KEEP BUYING ANYTHING in this's like Chinoiserie that i adore so screams vintage elegance and the skirt paired with the yellow cardigan and the contrasting purple top & shoes....
    xo eva

    1. Me too, Eva, and it's still going strong! I have another blue/silver cheongsam that I'm considering hauling out of the giveaway because the fabric is so nice. It is so rich and elegant, I agree. Thank you!

  8. Ha ha ha, that is funny! Vizzini makes the perfect bookend there! That is a gorgeous skirt, love it with the purple isch sleeveless top.

  9. That's such a great skirt and you wear ti so well - it does look great with yellow and purple! You always inspire me to be more adventurous with my colour combos!

    What a surprise to find out it has pockets too! They do look very tightly stitched together so I can see why you wouldn't have noticed before!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I love how many shades of yellow and purple have worked with it. Hurray for inspiration!

      I know, what a shocker! That's a mark of good quality, that I couldn't even tell they were there.

  10. What a great skirt and you look terrific in it! What a happy surprise to find hidden pockets.

  11. This is a great skirt. You're right. The lavender wrap cardigan and pointy heels go perfectly with the lavender flowers in the pattern of the skirt. You look fantastic in this combo.
    I also loved seeing how you wore this fabulous skirt before. Pairing it with yellow is a fantastic option as well because of the yellow flowers. It was great seeing how you wore it with different touches of yellow- sometimes yellow accessories and sometimes also a yellow top.

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana! I have always been fond of purple.

      It's worked really well with yellow over the years. I need more yellow!

    2. me too. I should wear purple more often. I absolutely adored it as a teen.

  12. Surprise pockets!

    That skirt is lovely - such a fabulous fabric.

  13. Ten years! I admire how well you take care of your clothes. And secret pockets!

    1. I don't wear them that frequently, so they last longer! Secret pockets is the best. Thanks, Ally!

  14. The only thing better than pockets is "Surprise" pockets ;) The skirt is such a beautiful piece and looks lovely with the lavender top and shoes but after seeing the flashback, I have to say that my favourite colour you've worn with it is the yellow-gold to bring out the yellow of the flowers.

    1. It just makes me laugh that I missed them for 10 years! Yes, I like the yellow too, but I need a new yellow top!

  15. That skirt is a winner.
    I certainly recall all those times you wore it, how fabulous that it still fits perfectly.
    I cannot believe you just realised it has pockets, what a surprise.

    1. I love it so much - I knew you'd remember it! I felt so silly that I have missed pockets all these years!


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