Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Orange Jumpsuit Day, and Cat Pictures

Today is Orange Shirt Day. If you don't know what that is, you can check it out here (link 'cause I love). Canada has a sad history with the First Nations people, and this day honours Residential School survivors and their families. I don't get political here in my little fashion blog, but I am aware of my own privilege and wear orange on this day to show my support of the local First Nations. 

I could have worn a shirt, but I wore a jumpsuit. 
More orange is better! That is one goofy look on my face. 

  • Jumpsuit - Kensie, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in May for a park gathering
  • Shoes - Down to Earth Hadfield, Fluevog; last worn here (2nd outfit) in July
  • Coat (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last seen here earlier this month

This morning when I went to take my pictures, someone was already there. 
"I'm ready for my close-up."

Vizzini, you goober, move along. 

There we go - orange jumpsuit! 
I went tonal with my accessories for a fall-ish look. 

My new glasses match nicely - the reddy-pink colour goes well with anything in the red spectrum. 
I love wearing this jumpsuit. 

I loathe the white zipper, though. Why??
My coworker Keith actually commented on my outfit - he usually doesn't notice what I wear, can you believe that??

Masked up.
"I like your garb," he said. Sure! I'll take it! 

Outerwear, although I didn't really need it. We've been having wonderful sunny and warm weather all week.
It gets quite cool at night - ocean breezes. Thank goodness for them, as my hot flashes are worse in warm weather.

The stuff: 
I almost always wear my shoes with that scarf - they match so well! That is one scarf I've never had trouble wearing.

Coppery bling: 
I have a large collection of vintage copper jewelry, most of which is in my fall/winter wardrobe, but I do keep some out for spring/summer. 

  • Ball cuff - vintage 70s, vintage expo
  • Copper cuff - Karen's
  • Leaf brooch and earrings - Matisse by Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Silver poison ring - Taxco, Karen's
  • Klimt wood ring - consignment
I just realized my Klimt ring is upside-down. 

Vizzini retreated to his post in a huff after I shooed him away from my photo spot. 
"Busy. Not talking to you."

He's been transfixed lately by all the squirrel activity in our oak trees. 
"Those squirrels are up to something!"

I finally coaxed him inside and tossed a mousie for him to play with. 
"This mousie's been used!"

He prefers a fresh/new mouse, but there is nothing wrong with this one (and all those mousies get expensive!). 
"A fresh one, or I refuse to play!"

Sorry, bud, sucks to be you! I have to leave for work.


  1. First pink,now Orange, will it be monochrome week chez Sheila?!

  2. Love it! Unfortunately I don't have any orange in my wardrobe, it doesn't look very good with my skin tone. I can wear coral and rust or burnt deep orange. The jumpsuit is very cute, love the style and cut, but do agree about the white zipper. I think it is important to mark special days that really mean something and I have been learning a lot this year about our first people and the injustices they have repearedly gone through and systemic racism we are recognizing and trying to address and change.

    1. No orange? That must be remedied, Dar! Maybe in a skirt/pants, if not near your face? That rusty deep orange is a great shade - whatever works for you!

      The white zipper drives me insane. Maybe one day I'll get it replaced.

      I agree - Canada can't be all high and mighty when we have this shameful period in our past (and even in our present). Learning about others is the best, and then making changes in our own thinking/behaviour.

  3. What a brilliant cause and a totally fabulous jumpsuit! The copper accessories are perfect and I love Karen's cuff (no surprise there).
    Like Vizzini, Frank loves his cat tower, he'll sit staring out of the window on it for hours! xxx

    1. It is, and thank you so much, Vix! I love the copper too.

      Aw, our boys like to watch the world.

  4. The many lives of armour, political statement, show of support, adornment, practicality, sheer fun, evoking history... I have surely left out options; this is what your post got me thinking about. What we wear can make meaning for ourselves and for others. (I’m pensive this morning!) Here wearing orange is the color associated with Mom’s Demand Action for gun control.
    In any case, I appreciate the vibrancy of your outfit (and agree with you and Dar...the white zipper...).
    Off for our morning walk!

    1. Yes, clothing is such an amazing thing, that it can perform all those functions. I definitely create meaning for myself from my clothes, Laurie. Oh, that's a very different orange! It's also associated here with one of our political parties (the NDP).

      I can only guess that the jumpsuit was a sample from Dots originally, and that in production they put in orange zippers.

      I hope you had a lovely walk!

  5. I applaud your political awareness. Just because exploitation happened in the past doesn't mean we should forget it. There are important lessons to be learned.

    1. Well, I'm working on it, Ally. Becoming more aware of our world is really important in our own growth.

  6. This is such a great jumpsuit on you! I love the brightness and I really like the printed scarf with it :)

  7. WE hare the sad history-probably more so. What a stunning color to welcome fall. I love your accessories.

    1. It is a shameful thing for both of our countries, SAM. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Shiela, you look fab in all your orange glory. I popped across to the link. You know when I was at school in Australia we never learnt any Aboriginal history (live in the UK now) I have learnt more about my country's first people as an adult with documentaries over here. I applaud your sentiment about wearing orange. I love how the scarf is such an amazing match for those glorious shoes. Some interesting jewellery today. Shazxx

    1. Thank you so much, Shaz, and I really appreciate your thoughts on this as an ex-Aussie - it's a very similar situation in Canada.

      Thank you - I love all my fun copper pieces.

  9. I didn't know what Orange Shirt Day was, so I popped over to the link. Reading about the way First Nations tend to be treated (past as well as present) truly saddens my heart, and I think it's important to keep the memory of what happened at Residential School and elsewhere, however horrific and shameful, alive. I love that you're honouring the day by wearing that fabulous orange jumpsuit. I'm hearing you on the white zipper, though. Why indeed? I'm also loving that jaunty scarf and how it matches your shoes. Cats eh. They don't know how lucky they are, never mind the expense :-) xxx P.S. Just realized I'm wearing a bright orange cardi while I'm typing this!

    1. Thank you for checking it out, Ann. It is a very sad part of my country's history, and I hope that the more aware people become, the more we can change.

      Thanks - yeah, I just shake my head at the white zipper. Why? But the scarf/shoe combo makes me happy.

      No, the cat is so spoiled. :)

  10. Love your orange jumpsuit and the message of support for the First Nations behind it. You look fantastic in this dear. Great printed shoes as well. The scarf is a lovely accessory as well.

  11. Ha ha, Vizzini is the boss. He is cute. I like all cats. You are very vibrant today, suits you very well.

  12. Great jumpsuit. I love orange and I agree, you cannot have enough of it. Well styled with the shoes and accessories. I get your annoyance with the white zip, but it is just a little thing. Vizzini is like my cat: you can throw a toy at her but it needs to be new and after a very short while it isn't interesting anymore.
    She is lying on my lap as I type this. That is a new thing since I am retired. She finally starts warming up to me (after 9 years).

    1. Thanks so much, Greetje. I adore orange, and bought a new orange sweater this weekend! Yeah, you are right - I should either just let it go (my annoyance) or bite the bullet and get it replaced.

      Aw, that's so nice that your cat is warming up to you - sometimes that's all it takes, is a bit more time with them.

  13. Vizzini was clearly ready for his photo.

    I've seen a bit about the Residential Schools via Twitter. It's good that they're closed, and I hope Indigenous people are able to renew their languages and culture.

    1. He often is, Mim! Such a funny cat.

      I know, it is horrible. I love that we celebrate our First Nations, and hope it is not "too little, too late".

  14. I have been doing an online course called "Indigenous Canada" through the University of Alberta (Daniel Levy had promoted it on his IG so there are now approx. 64,000 people taking it). I knew some history of the Residential School system but it really was appalling what was done to the children in the system.

    Why would anyone put a white zipper in an orange jumpsuit? Sigh.

    1. Gotta love Dan Levy! How cool - it's amazing that that kind of thing could happen, and so recently too.

      I know, why??

  15. I'm loving your orange jumpsuit, one of my fav colors and I think you look fabulous in this!. Your shoes and scarf combo is so delightfully matchy, no wonder you picked both pieces. Looking particularly gorgeous, dear Sheila!
    And so appropriate to wear this color on this day (I've read the interesting information you linked and felt moved!)

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! I do love being matchy! I'm glad you checked out the link, thanks.

  16. Seriously in love with a solid orange base and lush, gorgeous floral accessories + shoes. Stunning pairing.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life


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