Sunday, September 13, 2020

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Double Acid Wash; Meeting Mabel; Book Club Adventure

Hello, my friends! We've had a lovely weekend, despite having smoke haze just sitting here over the city like a stubborn fog. We have to wear our masks outside now, due to the very high particulate matter. I hope the wildfires in Washington and Oregon get under control soon - it looks like rain is on the way for later this week, and that should help.

However, moving on, here's what I wore for brunch on Saturday. 
Another wearing of my stretchy corduroy Doily dress, and my acid-wash denim vest.

  • Vest - Chiqle, thrifted - last seen here (6th outfit) in February for a weekend shop
  • Dress - White Stuff; last worn here in April with taupe boots
  • Shoes - Go Groovy Huysmans, Fluevog; last seen here in July with black and white and mustard

Nick swung by and we walked down to Christie's Carriage House Pub for lunch. 
I won't be keeping this dress out for fall/winter, even though it's corduroy (and has pockets!). 
It is unlined, and therefore doesn't work well with tights (although I do have nylons on here). 
Another case of "too many dresses", heh. Guilty. 

Masked up: 
Aside from eating in the pub, I wore my mask 100% of the time. I will say, I'll be glad for cooler weather - masks can get sweaty. 

The stuff: 
I bought these boots because they'd be good for walking, and they are! We walked down to Turnabout and House of Savoy on Oak Bay Avenue (where I was last week with Izabella), as I'd seen a shirt that I thought L would like, but wasn't sure about the size. 

Silver bling: 
Some favourites. I pack a lot of my "lighter" accessories away for the fall, in favour of more "heavy" and "warm" pieces, like my vast vintage copper jewelry collection. 

  • Cage cuff - Bauxo
  • Steel cuff - thrifted
  • Steel earrings - gift from Lise
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocarra, vintage fair

We left Vizzini snoozing on the bed. 
"I don't know where you're going, but I do not approve."

Nick had ordered L and I each a pack of NFL team masks - L got the Miami Dolphins. 
And my team is the Carolina Panthers. Thanks, Nick!

Fortunately, the shirt was still at House of Savoy, and it fit L! 
This shirt is by Lansky Brothers, who made clothes for Elvis back in the day - this shirt is called the Silver Rockabilly shirt, from their line "Clothier to the King" (here, link 'cause I love), and retails for $110 US or $145.00 Canadian.
It was $55.00 second-hand! All that embellishment is embroidered! So fancy! 

After a quiet afternoon, we headed over to Cat and Ross' place in the evening for board games. I have so few places to dress up for, so why not go all out? 
I was comfy and I felt snazzy. 

  • Jacket/jeans - Smashed Lemon; first seen here in August for dinner out with a friend
  • Acid-wash vest - Chiqle, last seen  above, during the day
  • T-shirt - Iron Maiden "Legacy of the Beast" tour shirt (2019), Portland, Oregon; last worn here in September 2019 in a rockin' work outfit
  • Converse - not tracked

Layers for hot flashin', and double dose of acid wash denim too! 
Same vest, as it was already out. 

L is packing up booze and games. 
We played Space Base, Gloom and Cards Against Humanity. 

My Converse sneakers get worn for walking to and from work and are nicely broken in now, from when I bought them a month ago. I've put insoles in them too, to make them more comfy.
We had so much fun! We had individually-packages snacks (chips, chocolate, candy), which is the way to go these days. No more bowls for sharing.
I like my popped collar here. 

The stuff: 
Most of the same stuff as earlier in the day. I changed the earrings. 
  • Cage cuff - Bauxo
  • Steel cuff - thrifted
  • Earrings - Glee
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocarra, vintage fair

Cat made us a bunch of masks from some of L's old shirts:
And there's one made from the part I cut off my maxi skirt-that-used-to-be-a-dress (this one). She did a fabulous job - thank you so much, Cat!

Cat and Ross got a new little kitten and we got to meet her! Her name is Mabel.
"Who are these people in my house?"

She was a little skittish at first, but I was able to lure her in for a head scritch, and some petting. 
"You look like a cat lady."

I totally am, Mabel. She is so sweet! 
"I am hiding from the strange people."

Aw, she's trying to burrow under Ross' shirt. She is only 6-8 months old, I think, so not quite used to loud people being over. She'll get used to us over time.

We staggered home at 2:30am in the haze - it was very quiet, but we saw a couple of urban deer on our street. 
I was only able to take a picture of one (barely) in the dark. Its partner totally startled me as we were crossing the road.

On Sunday, L plopped himself down on the couch for a day of football-watching, and I headed off to Book Club at Mindy's place. 
Like I said, I have nowhere to wear my clothes, so I may as well dress up for Book Club! 

  • Jacket - Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, consignment; last seen here in July with the Missoni top (and the same belt) 
  • Top - M by Missoni, thrifted; last worn here in July with this jacket and belt!
  • Skirt - Ports 1961, thrifted; last seen here in May with bits of blue
  • Shoes - Mission Monica, Fluevog; first worn here in June with grey and orange

I'm layered for cooler weather, and also for sitting outside. We're trying to stay outside and distance for as long as weather permits. 
I am wearing a full vintage black slip under this. 
I wasn't sure if we'd need to sit on the ground, so I wore clothes with a lot of movement. 
Jacket off. I love the paperbag waist on this silk skirt. 
The shoe are pretty spectacular too.
Masked up. 
My new mask is a dusty purple and went well with my outfit. 

I brought my cashmere scarf (needed it), and also took my "couch blanket" (also required). 
I was snuggly warm. 

The stuff: 
I'll be keeping these shoes out for fall/winter, but I wanted to get another wear out of them before the end of this season. 

Silver bling: 
Small earrings are the way to go with masks. 

  • Belt - vintage 80s, thrifted
  • "Teeth" aluminium necklace - The Bay, c. 2007
  • Pearl ear-balls - Swarovski, consignment
  • Silver hinged cuff - vintage, thrifted, Powell River
  • Bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Lucite/silver cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Vancouver

Before I left, Vizzini plunked himself down on L's blazer that he wore the night before. 
"The Man will have to stay home, ha ha! "

Well, duh, he doesn't go to Book Club, silly cat. 

I took my camera with me - Janaki drove Cat and I. 
I kept forgetting that the haze wasn't fog! Driving through the Uplands. 

We've arrived at Mindy's house! 
She lives in a very wooded area - tons of trees. 

One of many fuschia bushes. 
We were visited by hummingbirds a few times. 

We sat on Mindy's covered porch around back. 
She keeps chickens but we didn't visit them. 

This is where we sat - Yvonne and Janaki brought their own chairs so that we could stay spaced apart.
Mindy's husband put the fire on for us in the fireplace on the right. There's Mindy!

This is what the patio faces. 
That's a massive, wild back yard! 

We chatted about our previous book (Yvonne's pick, "The Overstory" by Richard Powers), I distributed copies of my pick, "The Shining Girls" by Lauren Beukes. 
As we got into the car to head home, Michael waved goodbye from the garage roof where he was brushing off all the fallen detritus from the trees. 

Wending our way back to the main road, we passed more deer. 
Two young ones....
And there's mum, leading the way. 

Back to my own little wild animal. 
"That's right, I'm a fierce beast."

He needs some lap-time, so I'm off to watch football and provide him with a warm spot to sleep.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for dropping by.


  1. That leopard suit looks so good on you and it's nice you are taking the opportunity to get dressed up! I really need to do that more, I've been wearing a lot of jeans lately!

    It's amazing you live so near to deer! We stumbled across a snake on our hike the other week - it is not as exciting an animal to bump into! After grabbing and pulling the kids away it slid away too fast for me to get a pic so I'm hoping it was a harmless one, haha!

    1. Thanks, Mica! As I get near the end of my closet season, I'm seeing how much isn't getting worn this year (mostly party clothes), and I want to dress up as much as I can!

      Oh, god, they are PESTS and they are everywhere! We only see garter snakes here - small and not dangerous.

  2. Morning Sheila, wow what a great post. I must admit a lot of my friends wear White Stuff over here in the Uk but I have never thought it could look funky and only Sheila would think to team it with a denim waist coat. You make everything look so cool. You look cute with the pigtails and the denim collar up. Love the next days out fit too. Of course loving the silver bling and to hear you even swap your jewellery over for the seasons! never thought of that hmm hope the fires stop soon and your air gets clearer. Have a great day Shazxx

    1. Thank you, Shazz! I had never heard of the brand until I bought this dress at Dots. Ha ha, you are too kind! I just keep trying and hoping for the best. :) It was fun to wear the collar popped - took me back to the 80s!

      Yeah, I've been swapping my jewelry over for a few years now - I like to be able to focus on a smaller selection and it forces me to really wear it all.

      Thanks, I hope it clears up...can't breathe!

  3. I've never had a jean vest-I guess I've never had vests at all, but I like how it really changes the look of your dress.

    1. I like how it makes both outfits look a little tougher. :) Thanks, SAM!

  4. It must be horrible having to wear your mask all the time outside, but then again the smoke haze must be quite horrible too, and wearing a mask is definitely the best of two evils. Loving the doily dress, but I'm hearing you on its interaction with tights. It does look fab worn with the denim waistcoat on top! L's new shirt is stunning, how wonderful that it hadn't been snapped up yet. You are definitely rocking that leopard suit, which looks great worn with the band t-shirt and denim vest. Cat did a great job on those masks, and I recognized the one made from the skirt which used to be a dress instantly. And aww, isn't little Mabel cute? And wow, how thrilling to see deer out on the streets! I'm swooning over the outfit you wore to book club and I'm in love with Mindy's house and massive wild garden! xxx

    1. I've gotten pretty used to wearing a mask all the time, Ann, but it would be nice to inhale some clean air! The smoke seeps into everything!

      Yeah, many of my summer dresses don't stay out because of lack of lining/bad tight interactions. Thank you! L was really happy about the shirt - it's so nice in person. I loved wearing the leopard suiting to hang out in (I took the jacket off indoors). Cat did an awesome job! I do love free masks! Mabel was such a little sweetheart.

      The deer are a problem here - we have too many! I see them almost every day.

      Thank you! I would have liked to take some pictures inside her house - it's really old and is all wooden interiors.

  5. Your book group outfit is smashing and I think it is stunning on you! These days when I up the ante on my daily wear your name is often invoked, as “I’m having a Sheila outfit day.” You are a positive influence, thank you very much!

    1. Oh, that is so funny, Laurie, thank you! I'm honoured that you think of me when you're making a bit more effort! Thanks so much!

  6. Hello Sheila!

    I was Zooming with my brother and sister in law in Vancouver last night and they said exactly the same as you about the staying out of the haze etc...

    Loved all the outfits especially the animal trouser suit, the fab book club outfit and the amazing shoes! And what a totally fantastic shirt you got for L; absolutely fabulous!

    Vizzini continues to make me laugh and what a sweetie Mabel looks - any chance of match making? Oh no, I forgot Vizzini is minus certain parts of his anatomy...

    I have heard about urban deer and now I've finally seen them!

    1. Vancouver is only a jump over the puddle from here - on a clear day, we can almost see it. But the days are not clear at all right now!

      Thanks so much - I love the leopard suit too. Isn't L's shirt cool?

      Vizzini is such a character. No, he and Mabel will likely never meet (she's also been spayed already).

      The deer are everywhere here, even downtown sometimes!

  7. That smoke haze sounds horrendous. thank goodness for having a fantastic array of masks to chose from, Cat's are wonderful.
    That White Stuff dress looks fabulous with those killer shoes, love the paper-bag waist skirt and those amazing animal print shoes. Mabel is adorable, those eyes! Vizzini, you're gorgeous, too.
    Mindy's house is incredible and urban deer? You live in such an idyllic pert of the world.
    Jon would kill for L's cowboy shirt, it's wonderful! xxx

    1. Yes, it's awful, really thick and it gets into everything. I'm so thrilled with all the new masks.

      Thank you, my dear friend! It was a fun couple of days for outfits, and of course, the furry fam steals the show.

      Mindy has an amazing house - I wish I could have taken pictures inside for you. This is a beautiful part of the world, truly.

      I thought of you! It's a really fabulous shirt.

  8. I don't want to read anything about the Legacy of the beast tour! We missed it! Damn virus. What a fabulous place Mindy has. And of course you should dress up for the book club. And that deer????!!!!! Wow, just walking in the streets? Better watch out when driving.

    1. It was a year ago! :( It'll be a long time until we go see another concert, I'm sure, Nancy! Deer are all over the place here, including on the roads.

  9. That smoke looks awful - no wonder Vizzini disapproves of you going out (not to mention seeing OTHER CATS!). Fingers crossed you've had some rain in the past few days to damp the haze down.

    I love that rocking suit with the Maiden T-shirt, it's really cool.

    1. It is horrendous - you feel sick when you're out in it, Mim. Vizzini didn't seem to mind the "other cat" smell. He was more concerned about getting his treats many hours late!

      Thank you! I felt very badass in it.

  10. I love the red leopard print suit! I hope the air clears for you soon, the news footage of the fire and smoke looks absolutely horrendous.

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Emma! I hope so too - it is really horrible smoke. Bad for breathing.

  11. I love the way you styled the res suit. So cool.
    And fancy that, deer in the street. Now that is something I will never experience here in the Netherlands. (Unless perhaps when you live in the dunes.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! The suit is very you, as well. We see so many deer that it's not unusual at all for us.

  12. I may have lived a good chunk of my life in North Carolina but I inherited a Patriot's fandom from my New England born father (no bandwagon here- he became a fan when they were at their worst!). Sooo... what are your thoughts on Cam Newton? ;)
    Anywho, I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite outfit here. I can tell you though, I didn't know I needed a red leopard print suit until now...

    1. Ha ha! Cam is a traitor! I will always hate any team that beats mine in a Super Bowl (so I hate the Patriots and the Broncos). I can't believe he went to the Patriots! Sob!

      I think everyone needs a red leopard suit.

  13. Lansky Brothers!!! I love -- and own -- their stuff, purchased during my trip to Memphis a decade ago. I got a stylish red jacket with white vertical stripes identical to one made for Elvis. You may remember it; I blogged about it a few times. So cool to see L's lucky new addition. Also love your cool boots.

    1. I do remember that jacket! How very cool. :)

      Thanks, Ally!

  14. There is too much good stuff here to comment on all of it, but I have to say that your outfits are so fabulous and I absolutely adore your hair in pigtails! Those black boots are so great. All of it is so great!



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