Thursday, September 13, 2018

Blue, Tasseled Magenta and F#@!s Given

I got a package in the mail today! What did I say when I opened it? 
I said, F#@! 

Ahem! But before that happened, I had an outfit on. 
 Blue and magenta, getting a first of the season wear out of these extremely lovely, but rather high heels.

  • Dress - Nanette Lepore, thrifted, Vancouver; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May with yellow shoes and belt
  • Shoes - Coclico, Seattle; last worn here in December with these earrings
  • Jacket (below) - Kimchi Blue; last seen here in January

First thing this morning, we had (another) fire alarm at work, so everyone in our 12-storey building got to see my bright blue outfit as we stood at our muster point and waited for the okay to go back inside (a false alarm - lots of renovations/construction going on).
 I adore this rich cobalt blue, and this dress is pretty much perfect. Oh, wait, it doesn't have pockets. Nearly perfect!

It got a lot of compliments.
 Especially when people noticed the magenta bookends of tasseled earrings and tasseled toes.

Yeti coat! Another item I thought I'd worn, but I hadn't yet this season.
 And then I remembered why. It's WARM. Even faux fur is a good insulator, apparently.

Here's the yeti coat in action!
 Rar! I scare you!

The stuff:
 Oh, I love these shoes, but I wish they were about 2" lower. I took them off to walk down the stairs, and then back up again.

Gold bling:
 Some favourite pieces.

  • Belt - vintage 70s, Mom's (modified by me in the 80s)
  • Cuff - Lia Sophia, thrifted
  • Earrings - consignment, Vancouver
  • Amethyst/gold ring - Francis Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

...and speaking of Ms. Wendy Brandes, I bought the Swear Rings from her this past weekend, after I read her post here. I decided to treat myself for my birthday - do I give a F#@!? I certainly do, when it comes to buying amazing quality pieces from a famous jewelry designer that I know personally!

I did have to promise my HR guy that I wouldn't wear them to work (much), and kept them on all morning to show to my coworkers (who all barked with laughter when they saw them). People were very impressed!

As always, Wendy is so sweet and it's a joy to do the "reveal" on one of her packages.
 She included 3 of these postcards, with stunning images of her jewelry on this gorgeous model. You know I covet the poison rings. The gold tissue, the wee black satin bags.

A personal note from Wendy.
 MWAH! Thank you so much, Wendy - I will treasure these!

I did get a special deal from her, as a longtime friend (and customer, having bought 2 other silver rings over the past 10 years). I won't disclose the price - but if you want a set, she might still have some left (in gold plating or silver). Drop her a line - she is wonderful.

My set is sterling silver. These rings are Heavy Metal!
 You got an F, then an Octothorpe (I refuse to call it a hashtag), the At, and the Exclamation point (propped up by my wedding ring). What does it spell?

Go ahead, ask me how many F#@!s I give...

Hint: it's zero. 


  1. Oh, how I love this symphony of blue and magenta, with gold bling thrown in. One of my favourite outfits of yours. Simple but effective. As for your new rings, they're fantastic. Not sharing the love for the hashtag word either ... Have a fantastic weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! Sometimes the simple outfits are the best.

  2. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL, this is your best post ever! I love it!

  3. I love that blue and magenta outfit, one of the colour combos I love to wear. Shame the shoes weren't comfortable.

    Your ring set is so perfect too! :) Made me giggle and like Wendy I can't wait to see how you wear it! :)

    1. Thank you, Mica! I know...I hate the thought of having to give up some of my beautiful shoes. :(

      I can't wait to wear the rings!

  4. I laughed out loud when I saw the yeti coat in action! It looks great over that gorgeous blue dress :)

    1. It's very scary, Cynthia, I hope you weren't too terrified. :)

  5. Gorgeous shoes - unfortunately I can't wear such high heels now. Love your yeti coat. Very edgy and fierce!

    1. Yeah, I am thinking the same thing, Gail, sigh. Thank you!

  6. Wonderful shoes! I loved your dress - very elegant. The rings are so unique and it's so good to support local and not so local artists.

    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Thanks so much, Vronni! I agree - I'd rather have Wendy's rings than mass-produced junk.

      You too, hon!

  7. WONDERFUL pieces!!!! Your friend is very talented!!

  8. Oh I remember when these rings came out ! what a great purchase Sheila :)
    That Chewbaka like furry jacket is soooo cool.

  9. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH back at you! You DO make me laugh- I love the roar photos! I had a furry jacket like that but in dark grey- wish I hadn't got rid of it! That cobalt dress is beautiful and looks so nice on you!

    1. Hee hee hee! I'm a silly person! I love my yeti jacket and this blue is one of my best colours. Thanks, Kezzie!


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