Wednesday, April 25, 2018

White Bookends, and Too Hot for Floral

I had one of my monstrous periodontal appointments this afternoon, so I had to wear an outfit that wouldn't be too fussy for being zonked in a dentist chair for 2+ hours while they knock me and out and scrape my teeth. Totally sounds like fun, right? My chin is still frozen, 3 hours later.
 Pants are good. Anything that's not too fussy. My lovely tech always likes to see a funky pair of shoe too.

  • Shirt - Cartise, consignment; last seen here in November 2017 in a plaid ringmaster outfit
  • Pants - Ralph Lauren, consignment; last worn here in September with birds and yellow shoes
  • Shoes - Zoomies Ishshoes, Fluevog; first worn here a few weeks ago with a whale and white
  • Coat (below) - Paparazzi, thrifted, Vancouver; last seen here in October 2017 with yellow leather and red shoes

Service announcement: This is not a jacket or a coat or a blazer. It's a shirt.
 It's actually a sheer black mesh shirt, completely covered with strips of white fabric, sewn into these shapes. It's a work of art.
 Hot pink pants! Nothing says, "Clean my teeth" like hot pink pants.

I didn't really need a coat, but I'm a delicate flower and get chilled in the mornings.
 So I'm covered in these embroidered delicate flowers! This coat is made of black denim - it's just gorgeous. I would have liked pockets...but at least I had them in my pants.
 This is my "I don't want to go to the periodontist" face.

The stuff:
 My glorious shoes! Yes, the soles/heels are rubber and are ribboned with black/grey for a marbled effect.

Crystal bling:
One of our clients liked how my earrings and hair matched my pants. That doesn't happen by accident.

  • Earrings - gift from Sherri
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Amethyst/gold ring - c. 1965, Frances Jewelers, Dad's


  1. wowwww, what a fabulous outfit, love the really cool shirt (statement piece!!) and how it matches your shoes , those are White bookends of fabulousness!
    And the coat is such an gorgeous piece!
    You totally rock!

    1. Thank you! The shirt is just amazing in person - I had to do it with the white shoes. Rock on!

  2. I love the bright pink in between the white, the accessories are sucha lovely touch with it too. Hope the dentist appointment wasn't too bad for you Sheila!

    I meant to say yesterday, thank you so much for your sweet and very helpful comment about the cream blazer with the grey skirt! I tried it again and you're right, it just doesn't work with grey. I never thought about cool and hot neutrals before!

    1. Thanks, Mica! Eh, it is what it is. I can handle it, I'm just whining. :)

      Aw, you're so welcome - I'm so glad it helped.

  3. Ok you always look fabulous but this outfit...WOW!!
    Love it!!

  4. That coat makes me week in the knees. And hot pink with crisp white - so FINE!

  5. What a fabulous outfit! I love that mesh shirt and combined with those incredible shoes, pink pants and killer coat you look amazing.
    Hope the mouth's feeling better today! xxx

    1. Better today, but still sore, thanks, Vix! I felt awesome in this outfit, though.

  6. Having a frozen chin is horrible, isn't it? I always have a raging headache too if I've been in the dentist chair for long. Love the hot pink and white combo, which makes me think of some of my vintage Barbie outfits. That's a good thing, if you were in any doubt. The shirt is amazing, just wow. But my favourite item this time is the embroidered coat, which is totally gorgeous! xxx

    1. Oh, it was my whole face, up to my eyeballs. I get it every time - I have a lot of dental trauma from when I was younger.

      Thank you! Yes, I know what you mean - I loved those Barbies. The coat is a killer piece.

  7. Love the outfit. The coat is glorious and the shirt is so unusual - and beautiful! Hope your chin has returned to normal...

  8. I absolutely love this, the jacket is amazing, i love the texture it gives, the vibrant pant and oh my gosh the shoes and coat. FABULOUS!

  9. I would be freaking out if I had to be in the dentist's chair for that long, and I don't mind going to the dentist. Not crazy about the Periodontist though, as I had a very bad gum graft experience :(

    Hot pink pants are excellent for any occasion! I'm so intrigued by the construction of that top.

    1. Yeah, it is not my favourite thing! Thank you, Shelley! It's the coolest top.

  10. I saw someone with a similar jacket recently during a work trip and thought "oh it looks like Sheila's jacket" - she must be your Mexican version :)

  11. Be still my beating heart - that coat, those shoes, that shirt, the pants! This is one helluva outfit my sweet!

    Anna x


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