Thursday, April 12, 2018

Humboldt Green and Ombre

I'll be taking a few days' vacation as of now to show a dear friend around town, so leaving you with a serious look with a fun edge. 
 I felt good in this outfit - nothing new here, all old stuff that I've had for a while - the jacket is the newest thing I own, and this is its fourth wear.

  • Jacket - fake Gucci (Gookey!), thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in March with a garbage bag skirt
  • Top - Plum, thrifted; last worn here in August 2017 with a delightful leather skirt
  • Skirt - Nygard, consignment; last seen here in January with cobalt cashmere
  • Shoes - Half Truth Tanya, Fluevog; last worn here (2nd outfit) for St. Paddy's Day
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather; last seen here last weekend

My office did a "Show your support for Humboldt" day, following a tragic bus crash of a junior hockey team near Tisdale, Saskatchewan (I've been there) last week. My office was full of people wearing either green (the team's colour) or a sports jersey. I went with green, although I have worn a jersey to work (with this same skirt!) before.
 We pick outfits for all kinds of reasons. My lace Gookey jacket looked appropriately sportslike, but I still wanted to look professional.

I liked how the lace went with the houndstooth skirt.
It felt like a simple outfit, and was comfy for a very busy day at work, as I cleared the decks for a couple of days off.

I know, you're looking at my hair. I messed with the colour (as I do).
 I bleached the ends out to a bright pink and dyed the roots a darker purple, to give it an overall ombre effect. My hairdresser will not flip out (to my face, ha), but I felt like something different. One thing you'll notice if you ever click back in my blog, is that my hair is constantly in flux. I never keep the same style for long - and I've always been like that.

It was cool and a bit chilly in the morning, but got sunny in the afternoon.
 Leather weather! It's just perfect for my leather coats. Must wear more.

The stuff:
Gads, I love these shoes. They are such a comfortable pair.

Minimal bling: 
Sometimes you just want earrings.

  • Gold hoops - 5th anniversary gift from L

Okay, my friends, have a fabulous weekend! I will be back on Monday with oodles of pictures from our weekend adventures with Ally! 


  1. Love the green---so sad about the accident. Your hair is pretty! I love the ever-changing style.

  2. Lovely outfit (and lovely attitude showing your support) and lovely Green jacket and matching shoes (I do love a matchy ensemble!) with the houndstooth skirt, sporty but chic!. You rock in it!
    Love to see your hair constantly in flux!

    1. We're all in it together really, aren't we? Thank you so much! Ha, yes, don't get used my hair, 'cause I'll change it!

  3. What a lovely tribute to those poor Humboldt families.
    You look gorgeous in green and your hair looks fabulous. xxx

  4. Oh you can never go wrong with Gukee and I hope you have a blast with Ally.

    1. Hee hee! You can't! Were your ears burning? We talked about you!

  5. What a lovely initiative! And as big fan of the colour green, I'm totally loving your outfit. That Gookey jacket works really well with your houndstooth skirt. Have an absolutely great time with Ally! xxx PS You were right, I bought the green deer!

  6. Love the green and your outfit is great ! So said about the accident and my thoughts are with the families . I must say I love your longer hair and thank you for your encouraging words you left on my little blog , best wishes x

  7. I like the ombre effect with your hair, and I really like that outfit. The green jacket and shoes are such a nice touch with the black and white, and the jacket does add a sporty touch to an otherwise classic office outfit. Sorry to hear about the bus crash, it sounds bad.

    Hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend.

  8. Thank you for the lovely afternoon yesterday with you and Ally. I am still thinking about that brown leather coat!

    1. It was so cool to meet you and hang out, Dar! Go back for that jacket!

  9. I love being called "a dear friend" and am smiling from ear-to-ear! The highlight of my visit so far has been being invited to see you pose on the stairway where I've been admiring your outfits for a decade. That spot has such great sentimental value to me. Thanks!

    1. Well, you ARE a dear friend, Ally! Ha, such a little thing, but glad you got to see it!

  10. I love this fantastic outfit. Your Gucci inspired jacket is all sorts of fabulous. I love the hounds tooth skirt and these fabulous emerald green shoes. Have fun with Ally! Say hello for me, and enjoy some time off !

    1. Thank you, Elle! It was a fun outfit, and a fun weekend!

  11. I love how the green shoes and jacket top and tail this outfit. An elegant look today and one that suits you enormously.

    Anna x


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