Monday, August 21, 2017

Magenta Jungle Monday

My summers are usually quiet, but today was an exception. Busy busy busy until I left. Phew! 
 Good thing I had such a restful weekend - I've got lots of mojo in the tank right now, and feeling much more positive about things in general.

  • Cashmere sweater - no label, thrifted; purchased here for $5.95
  • Skirt - Mario Seranni, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in April for a movie date with Mom
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here in July with a sundress
  • Jean jacket (below) - Ann Taylor Loft, NYC; last seen here (4th outfit) a couple of weeks ago with leather shorts

 Bright colours definitely help me break out of a mental rut. This lovely magenta cashmere sweater was lovely to wear (I have a vintage cami on under it for the very slight itch factor).

I like this jungle skirt - it has all the colours in it.
I could have gone with matchy magenta shoes, but I liked the unexpected contrast of bright neon orange instead, echoed in the necklace. 

Outerwear strictly for sun coverage. 
It was clear and sunny all day...except during the eclipse! We didn't get 100% eclipse here, but we were in the best spot in Canada to see it. In my office, there were people watching the NASA live-streaming, and also with homemade pinhole viewers. We could see people on building rooftops watching too. Pretty cool - I remember the 1979 one! 

The stuff: 
I gave these shoes a gentle wipe with a bit of foaming handsoap and a washcloth - they are waxed canvas, so can't be polished, but they do pick up dirt. It worked great - they are nice and bright again!

Bright bling: 
I do need to hit the toes of the shoes with an orange highlighter again, though. 

  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver
  • Sparkly ring - consignment
  • Feather ring - Fossil, thrifted


  1. You were a brilliant contrast to the Eclipse with your magenta and orange. We only had about 75% coverage in Ontario, but it was still cool to see.

    1. It was neat - I admit, I snuck a direct peek! Thanks, Shelley! I love orange and pink together.

  2. I closed the shades of my office when the time for the eclipse came...
    I love the bright colour contrast and am so glad you're getting your mojo back.

    1. Ha, no eclipse for you! Thanks, hon - I'm still a little on the low side, but it's coming...

  3. Mojo tank top-up, check! Glad to hear it. The use of colour is such a fantastic intervention technique. Looking good. I like your highlighter touch-up method too. I missed the eclipse. Gaaa.

    1. Thank you, Mel! Colour therapy, I guess this is. It does help me, for sure. Hee, we have to use what works, highlighters and all. Eh, you didn't miss much. It got dark. *shrug*

  4. Colour therapy indeed, and I'm so glad you're feeling on the up again. Me too, as I had an away day today which worked the same for me. Hurrah!
    I love pink and orange together so full marks here. And what a surprise to learn that these favourite orange shoes are canvas - I thought they were leather. I'll keep that in mind about the highlighter pens, hahaha!

    Anna x

    1. Getting there, Anna! I need a day or three off, really. Thank you! You and I are kindred spirits when it comes to bright colours. Nope, really canvas (same as my yellow ones in the same style).


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