Friday, August 25, 2017

Funky Friday: Perforated Pleather and Shopping Date

Today flew by! Work was bustling and people were chatty. Overall good, I'd say. And now...ah...Friday.
 Time for a "not yet worn" item - this jacket!

  • Jacket - Allison Wonderland, consignment; last seen here in September 2016 for my company's red walk
  • Tank - Gap, thrifted, not tracked
  • Skirt - Astr, thrifted; last seen here in July for Canada Day 150
  • Shoes - Joe Fresh, thrifted; last worn here in May with orange cashmere and pastel jeans

 I basically wear this jacket once a season - I did the same thing last year. But you know, seeing it on, wearing it all day...I still adore this jacket. I'm okay with it not getting worn a ton.

I love this perforated pleather skirt - people always want to touch it.
 If it had pockets, it would be perfectly perforated pleather. Say that three times fast!

The stuff:
 Easy shoes on my feet all day, although I probably shouldn't have walked home in them.

Minimal bling:
 I had planned a necklace but didn't like how it looked.

  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

My ex-coworker Rekha and I went shopping at the WIN Warehouse store (recently renamed WIN Resale, I notice) after work today, then out for Thai food for dinner. What a lovely shopping date! We chatted about clothes, joked about silly dated pieces, gossiped a bit and both dashed to the fitting rooms when they did "last call." She found a lovely black and white polka-dotted dress for $9.95, and I might have found a couple of things...

 I always have to check out the shoes. I fell hard for these Marc Jacobs tri-colour leather Mary Jane beauties. Love that strap at the ankle.

They are black suede, cobalt blue corduroy-ridged suede, and silver matte leather.
 So. PRETTY. And that is a good heel height.

They've had a bit of wear, but are in generally good shape. The size is marked as a 41 (US approx. 10.5 or 11), but they fit more like a 9.5 or 10. They're made in Italy, and they were $29.95.
 A little interwebz digging and I found a green pair in the same style, noting that they sold for $375.00 originally at Saks. That's a score!

I spotted this rich bright orange when we were browsing through the skirts.
 It's a gorgeous thick fabric - I could tell the quality right away. A weird shape for a skirt, though, but okay, I'll give a go.

Not bad, $29.95 for Diane von Furstenberg.
 I dig that trim - it's a different fabric than the rest of the garment and is woven instead of knit.

Yup, good label. I could probably wash this, even though it says "dry clean only". It's not lined.
 Size 8, this could work...and it did, but it fit really weirdly in the waist, very baggy.

Of course, I checked the construction. Look at those nice seams!
And it has pockets! But they were way down on the thighs, so bizarre. And then I realized: THIS IS A DRESS. It's called the Kacia dress, and was originally about $200. It's a sweet empire cut and looks fantastic over a shirt, so expect a fun outfit next week. I'm so excited to layer it up!

I have a very quiet weekend planned, but will be back on Sunday. Stay awesome, my friends!


  1. Love that jacket on you, it is so flattering and stylish.

  2. I love your jungle floral print flats-they look very stylish & comfy. Your new tri-colour Marc Jacobs shoes are amazing! Love the colours & textures. Gorgeous! Hope you're having a great weekend! XXX Sasha

    1. They are so comfy, but did rub a bit walking home. I'm in lurve with the shoes! Thank you, Sasha!

  3. I love your Friday outfit - the skirt and jacket are perfect together.

    Great score the the DvF dress pretending to be a skirt too! Looking forward to seeing how you wear it :)

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I bet the "skirt" would have been more if they'd known it was a dress!

  4. Love the pleather skirt. You're a magnet for cool clothes. Seeing what you find makes me want to go shopping with you (again).

    1. I would love to go shopping with you (again), Ally! I hope you'll make it over to my part of the world again someday!

  5. Hahaha - a skirt that's really a dress, no wonder the fit was a bit wierd! I can't wait to see how this looks on.

    Anna x

  6. What a cool DVF skirt or actually dress ;) The Marc Jacobs pumps were also a great find.
    That perforated pleather skirt makes ME want to touch it too !

    1. I know, it's so awesome - I scored. The skirt feels like pleather - I wish it were leather, but oh well, can't have 'em all.

  7. Love the perforated pleather skirt! I had one that I gave to my duagnter, and she just gave it back, so I may wear mine soon too! Love how you styled it with the cropped jacket and floral shoe!
    And th MJ shoes, what a buy!!
    All great buys!
    And very chic..
    Xx, Elle

    1. Oh, how nice that you got it back for another round! Thank you so much - I love the fullness of it, and how nice it looks with a fitted top.

      Tonight, I peeled off the price tags and found a $78.95 and a $44.95 tag underneath the $29.95 price tag on the shoes - I did even better!

  8. Sheila! What a lovely time we had and such fun when you figured out that the amazing splash of Orange was actually a dress and it looked hot on you! Learnt a few things on thrift shopping too! Thanks. You are amazing :)

    1. Rekha! Hello, sweetheart! Thank you so much for spending your last day with me. So much fun - we will have to do that again soon! You are fabulous!

  9. The Marc Jacob shoes are sooo pretty! When I see shoes like that it makes me sad I can't wear heels :( I'm interested to see how you style the orange dress.

    1. I hope you liked how I styled the dress - the shoes were very comfy.


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