Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fear of Trousers, and Buh-Bye Black Shoes

Oh, gosh, you guys are so is so nice to know you "get me". It's not always easy to put yourself out there. This is one of the reasons I find blogging so rewarding.
 Add in the fact that I get to wear funky outfits and I'm a happy plaid clam.

  • Blouse - Free People, thrifted; purchased here for $6.95
  • Trousers - Pariscope, vintage 90s, thrifted; last worn here in February with neutrals (note: that picture of the Castle is one that my mom has turned into an amazing painting!)
  • Shoes - Guess; last seen here in December 2016 with Avon and Helmut Lang
  • Vest (below) - 2b Bebe, consignment; last seen here in February for a shopping expedition

 First wearing of this new-to-me blouse. I really loved it - but I sweated in it, sloshed water all over it, and Vizzini drooled on it when I got home. Into the wash it goes!

Can we talk trousers? I hate(d) wearing them. Because I have been fat (go here if you didn't know this), I have always felt horribly exposed in pants. A skirt or dress hides a multitude of thigh! Since I lost weight, I've worn pants here and there, but I've always felt like if I wear pants, it will emphasize my bum, legs, thighs, stomach, you name it.
 I'll never fully get over that. I cringe looking at this picture of my bum, a bit. Of course, I subscribe to the "fake till you feel it" philosophy and lalalalala over that little voice in my head, but it's still there. I am getting better at wearing pants, but it takes practice. I know I have this fear of exposing myself (said the woman with 6,000+ pictures of herself on the internet!), and the best way to confront my fear is to push myself. Baggy pants, bright patterns, tight pants, high-waisted pants, harem pants, leather pants. After many years of only owning 2-3 pairs of trousers I now have nearly a dozen pairs. I feel quite bold.

*ahem*'s my vest, which was far, FAR too warm today, but I just really liked the look of it with the outfit. I only wore it walking to and from work.
 The last time I wore these pants, I hemmed and hawed about them, should I keep them - but I fell in love with them anew today. I embrace them. They are groovy.

The stuff:
 Not groovy? These shoes. Time to go for them! I've had them for a VERY long time - they are one of the oldest shoes I own that I still wear regularly (I have a small archive of old/favourite/must-keep shoes). We'll have a little ol' stroll down memory lane shortly.

They are gone because I have actually worn them out - the inside red is flaking off, the heels are very dented, and the black is wearing off around the heel. The patent leather sticks to itself, and I nearly wiped out a couple of times today when one foot hit the other and I stumbled. They also are a bit too high (sore feet today after an 8 hour day, plus my WW meeting), and they rub my toes. My feet don't like them.

Black and gold bling:
A few pieces I like.
  • Necklace - ElleandEm, thrifted
  • Ring - POLY, vintage fair
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L
* * *

Okay, you ready? Enjoy a little retrospective of all the times I've worn these black Guess pumps!
  • I still have the bustier from this January 2010 outfit here, noting that I bought the shoes just after Christmas for around $40.00. 
  • I saw the dress from this February 2010 outfit here in a thrift store recently.
  • With a cool black dress to the Art Gallery in March 2010 here.
  • My much-loved houndstooth skirt was still around here in April 2010.
  • In June 2010 here with my beloved pajama dress.
  • In August 2010 with polka dots, here.
  • For a job interview here in October 2010 with tweed.
  • In December 2010 here for my last casual Friday at my old job.
  • For my friend Cat's surprise birthday party here in March 2010 (rowr! leopard).
  • In May 2011 here with pink tights and a black dress.
  • With drapey purple in July 2011 here (man, my pictures were small then).
  • Earlier in October 2011 here with stripes and dots.
  • With a sparkly orange and black dress for Hallowe'en 2011 here.
  • Wearing a red dress two ways in December 2011 here (they're in the 2nd way).
  • For New Year's Eve 2012 here (check out my crimped hair!) for the first wear of my stained glass dress!
  • I wore them lots of times in the June 2012 30 For 30 For 12 Wardrobe Capsule Challenge. Recap here, but actual outfits here (classy!), here (leopard and pops of red), here (leopard and brown), here (with pink legs!), here (ooh-la-la!).
  • For Valentine's Day 2013 here with a really red dress.
  • With ginormous plaid and a Mr. T chain necklace, here in June 2013.
  • With magenta and tux pants here in November 2013.
  • Way, way down here in January 2014, with my velvet vintage cheongsam dress (the day I bought it).
  • With lemon and houndstooth in February 2014, here (and some kitty pictures).
  • In April 2014 here, they worked with white, yellow and black.
  • A mod May 2014 outfit in red and black here - gotta do black shoes. 
  • In November 2014 here, I had it goin' on with purple leather and black embroidered velvet.
  • Copper paisley and mustard totally worked with black shoes here in December 2014.
  • I wore an uncommon amount of black for one day in January 2015 here.
  • With polka dots and florals, in April 2015 here, you just need a black shoe to ground that.
  • Did you know I did a link-up series called "Shoe Shine" in 2015? They were featured in it here.
  • For Battle of the Yellow Dresses in April 2015, here (spoiler: the dress I wore yesterday won).
  • In June 2015 here with purple leather and a V leather top.
  • My old lock and key pants (now gone) with a one-and-done blouse here in November 2015
  • With black and red and funky tights in October 2016, here.
  • I last wore them in this outfit in December 2016, here.
Including today's outfit, that is 37 times worn in over 7 years, so just under $1.00 per wear. I definitely got my money's worth!

 I will be back on Sunday with my weekend outfits - including my new jumpsuit! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thank you again for all your kind comments. You guys rock! 


  1. You look great and I know it's hard work maintaining that weight rock those pants.
    My weight is up since my mom died and I am inspire me so much Sheila.
    I love your zest for fashion and fun!

    1. Thank you, Leslie! You know how hard it is - I have been working the last couple of weeks to get the 5 lbs off that slowly crept back on. I dared to try these pants!

      Hang in there, hon - it's rough, dealing with all the emotions and not turn to food for comfort. Take care of yourself.

      Thank you!

  2. It really is all about wearing what you feel best in. Personally, I think you look amazing in these pants...I can really see these being great for autumn wear.

    1. It really is, isn't it, Sue? Thank you so much - they are keepers (for now).

  3. What a great chic outfit. You look fabulous in those slacks and I love the green. Have a fun filled and restful weekend.

  4. Those pants are fantastic. You know what I notice in the photo of your rear? Your ink peaking out through the blouse's "windows." :-)

    Thanks for putting yourself out there every day in the blog. It's one of my daily pleasures to read your musings, check out your thrift scores, and think of you killing it up there in Victoria.

    Enjoy the weekend--here before you know it.

    1. Thank you! Good catch on that - a few people also noticed that my arm tattoos are very visible through the fabric as well.

      Aw, that's so sweet, thank you. I very much appreciate the visits, and the kind comments. Happy weekend to you!

  5. I didn't know that's why you weren't a big pants wearer! I just assumed you found it tricky to find pants that fit well - I have that problem, which is why 99% of my trousers are jeans. I have one pair of non-denim pants, ha!

    You really have got your money's worth and a lot of wear from those shoes! :) I managed to wear a pair of shoes to pieces even after a couple trips to the cobbler and I've been meaning to tally up the wears and see if I got any value from them - I should do that!

    1. Yeah, I don't think I've ever really clarified my position on pants, ha ha. We are opposite - you have too many jeans, and I only have one pair!

      Yup, I was surprised that I'd worn them so many times, but I'm fine with letting them go now. I enjoy seeing that statistic!

  6. I think you look good in those trousers! Have a great weekend.

  7. I always knew you were not a fan of pants but it is until now that you write about it that I know why. Regardless I think you wear pants well, this funky pair looks really good.
    I totally remember those shoes ! I looked at the older pictures and they've been around for a good ride, i also have a pair of patent flats that stick to each other when i walk. I refuse to let go because they were so expensive and i have worn them very little.

    1. There you go - now you know. :) Thank you!

      I knew you'd enjoy the older posts again! Ha, wear 'em or toss 'em!

  8. I'm always impressed that you manage to keep such comprehensive records like this. I've no idea how you find the time to do it, but bravo anyway!
    Any girl who wears leather pants surely must know how good she looks? I'm really surprised to hear you say about not feeling comfortable in trousers. But yes, we all have misgivings and doubts about our figures. Polly and I talk about body image a lot and one thing I know is that we are none of us are as obsessed or observant about others as we are about ourselves and that means we really only see a generalness when we look at others. I see you, all of you and don't really focus on anything other than the total look that you've put together. Of course if you point out a feature then yes, we'll all take a closer look.

    The pants are funky and suit you and really give you a cute derriere so maybe you're too involved to see what we all see. I agree that at $1 cost per wear it's okay to chuck these rubbing, pinching shoes. Your feet deserve better!

    Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Oh, that took a while - longer than I anticipated, as I wasn't always as careful about doing my "last seen here" links in my earlier blogging days.

      Eh, that is a lot of "fake it till you feel it", honest! My body image is quite messed up from my decades of weight issues - but yes, that is a good point that most people are not looking at us as much as we think they are!

      Thank you so much, Anna - I so appreciate this lovely comment.

  9. Wow, those pumps have a story all of there own! I love your happy plaid clam look!
    Truly I love your style and point of view!
    xx, Elle

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I'm happy with my cost-per-wear on these shoes!

  10. Those shoes were really a workhorse for you, weren't they?!? Do you already have other black shoes that you can substitute, or will this require a shopping trip?
    Also, I think you wear the hell out of those pants, and they look GOOD on you! It's too bad tho how those voices in our heads won't acknowledge how fine we really are, huh? What's wrong with them?!?

    1. They really were! I do have other black shoes, but now I'll keep an eye out for a black plain-ish heel when I'm shopping. It will be tricky to find the right one.

      Aw, thank you so much. I don't usually listen to the voices, but sometimes they are so LOUD.

  11. RIP black shoes! I always look forward to your posts every day. You're so real and cute! And love, love your style and attitude!!

  12. You look fab. I love your unique style and zest for life.

  13. You have a marvelous collection of pants now in different fabrics and colours and you look good wearing them but I understand the discomfort with showing your butt - I don't like wearing fitted, slim pants because I have a thick waist but no butt so I stick to loose wide legs so it's not as noticeable. We all have our body "things".

    1. I am pretty happy with my pant collection at this point. Thanks for understanding - objectively, I know I'm fine, my body is fine, but there is always that little voice that says such nasty things!


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