Friday, August 11, 2017

Kimono Dress, and the Chairman of the Board

Today was far too busy for a Friday! However, I made it, and now it's the weekend.
 And there was much rejoicing.

  • Dress - Hale Bob; last worn here (3rd outfit) in June 2015 for a Zentangle date in the park with Mom
  • Top (underneath) - Violet & Claire, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit, way down) with loose layers for a grocery shop
  • Floofy underskirt - no label, consignment; last worn here (that I could find) in June 2014 under a long-gone chambray dress
  • Shoes - Wonders; last seen here with the pagoda jacket in July (which I did give away to a good home)

I don't wear the floofy underskirt much, but it's a handy piece to have. I need a white floofy underskirt for an outfit?? Yeah, I've got that!

 Because this 100% silk dress is also 100% sheer, I have to wear basically another full outfit under it for coverage, hence the top and floofy underskirt. I'm surprised that I haven't worn this dress in over 2 years - I am very fond of it, as I bought it in NYC at Century 21 in 2007 (pre-blog!) with Mom. I first wore it here in 2009, nearly 2 years after I bought it, when I discovered it was totally sheer (note that you can see my granny panties through the dress in that picture!).

My colleague Lesley (hello, honey!) said this is her "hands-down favourite dress" I have worn to work.
 She loves the boho style, the kimono, drapey style, and really, this dress is incredibly gorgeous in person. The floral design is all burnout velvet, and it's beaded with tiny seed beads, front and back, all sewn by hand.

The tie that I used to belt it is original to the dress, but it cuts right across my boobs, so I pulled it out - I last wore it with the tie in its proper place here in 2013, when L and I first met Melanie in Vancouver (and I'm blonde!).

The stuff:
 Wonderful shoes! They worked well with the pinks in the velvet roses.

Victorian bling:
Just like my dress is a souvenir purchase of a trip, so is my lacy cuff.

  • Cuff - handmade, Nashville
  • Necklace - 2028, The Bay around 2009
  • Rosy ear-balls - Mangos

And since it is now the weekend, the Chairman of the Board is lounging on the deck. All he needs is a fedora and a martini.
"This is my best side."
 Mr. Vizzini, is that your white back foot I see poking out there?
"Don't disturb my lounging, Woman!"
 It's supposed to rain this weekend - if it is dry at midnight, we'll have broken a record for no rain in Victoria, with 54 days. We could use some rain.
 What gorgeous sunsets the smoke haze gives us, though.

Vizzini doesn't stay put for long.
"I'm going to have to take my leisure elsewhere."
Wishing you all a lovely weekend. I'll be back on Sunday.


  1. It is a beautiful dress - even if you do have to wear an entire outfit under it! One of the brands I like frequently makes sheer dresses but thankfully includes slips with them - I think there's just the one left in my wardrobe, in fact now I'm wondering where that dress is...but I usually keep the slips even if I donate the dresses, ha!

    Slips aren't an easy product to find, in my experience anyway, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place!

    1. Thank you, Mica! This is probably my favourite styling of this dress since I got it. If you find it hard to purchase slips, then it's definitely a good idea to hang onto those liners that come with dresses!

  2. He looks so cool with his arm resting over the side of the activity centre.

  3. I wish I could see that dress in person. It must be gorgeous.

  4. I like the kimonoish print dress, even though I have to say it seems a little big. Maybe if you wore something snugger underneath?

    1. It is indeed big (but ironically, it's too small when the tie is threaded through the bustline), but since it's a very delicate silk with no stretch, I don't want it to be too fitted. I have vintage slips that are snugger, but then I require more coverage up top than they provide. It's a tricky piece!


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