Sunday, November 13, 2016

Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Simple Pleathers; Purple Town Dress; a Quick Shop

It's been a mostly mellow weekend, just chillin' with L and Vizzini, with various forays into social situations. Here's Thursday's outfit. 
The day before a stat holiday is just right for a simple dress.

  • Dress - Joe Fresh, thrifted; purchased here for $17.99
  • Shoes - Room 502 Entrance, Fluevog; first worn here with keys and fluff in October
  • Coat (below) - Desigual; last worn here in January with green lace

First wearing of this pleather-fronted dress and it was absolutely wonderful to wear in the office all day, followed by my WW meeting, followed by dinner out with L. I had turned it inside out and given the front a steaming to take the creases out of the pleather - it worked great! This was deliciously comfy and easy to wear. And the neckline was fine - no gaping.
Plain back. Good for sitting in, moving about, things one does in a day.

And a spectacular coat for the outerwear. We've been having very warm temps lately, so I haven't even delved into my heavy coats yet this year.
 My purple leather Danier gloves are all I needed (and I barely wore them).
Everything about this coat is luxe.

The stuff:
I loved how these awesome shoes looked with the almost-matchy tights. I think I prefer this over wearing them with pants.

Mexican bling:
A simple outfit calls for some special jewelry. The rings are onyx and silver, and the bracelet/earrings set are silver with Mexican obsidian.

  • Bracelet/earrings - Grandma J's, vintage 50/60s, Mexico stamps
  • Spider ring - gift from Mom & Dad c. 1986
  • Ring - gift from Mom & Dad c. 1988-ish?

We found out late Thursday that Leonard Cohen had died, so raised several glasses to him and listened to his music all evening. Friday was spent recovering and watching movies all day. We had friends over that night to play "Arkham Horror" and just hung out with them
"About time you two spent some time at home with me."
Vizzini loves having company over. More people to mooch from.
"Maybe Uncle Ross will give me some kitty treats."
He hoovered up the spilled popcorn too.

On Saturday, L and I walked to town - it was crazy weather, both windy and rainy, followed by brief flashes of sunshine. That's one thing about the weather here: if you don't like it, just wait 10 minutes.
Anticipating a long day, I wore a really simple outfit: just a dress.

  • Dress - Poupee Chic; purchased here for $39.99
  • Boots - Prepare Maps, Fluevog; last seen here in June as Shoes My Husband Hates
  • Coat (below) - Kimchi Blue; last worn here (5th outfit) in October as a topper for my red birthday dress

While this dress got tons of compliments and I really enjoyed wearing it, a huge section of the front of it rubbed on something (probably my purse) and developed a big fuzzy texture. Gah! Why must companies use such cheap, crappy fabric? That shouldn't happen!

After brunch, I met up with Elaine and we cruised by bus to the Christmas Vintage Fair. It was okay, quite crowded and many of the "regular" vendors.
It was still fun to look around, but I did set myself a very strict budget...which I spent. Of course I did!

My yeti coat is always popular. A few people thought it was real fur (it's not).
I never get tired of wearing it! In the wind, it waved to everyone.

The stuff:
I wore these boots deliberately so that I would not be tempted to try on any shoes. I spotted a pair of Fluevogs at one booth (in my size!), however, and had to unlace these monsters to try them on. And after all that, the Fluevogs didn't work out for me.

Minimal bling:
Little pink crystals.

  • Earrings - local

After the Vintage Fair, we headed back to town to meet up with our usual rag-tag gang of friends. Here we are at 8;30pm, after an afternoon of carousing. L was in charge of pictures, so they are all blurry, ha ha!
Me, asking if the backlight is on the camera. It was not.
As we were walking home past a car dealership, I asked L to take my picture. "What are you going to do?" he asked.
"Stand on one leg!"
It was a full moon last night, too.
Most of the trees have finally lost their leaves.

You might have noticed that I have my green shopping bag in the above picture. This is the item I spent my budget on at the Vintage Fair:
It's a copper belt! A BELT! I have never ever seen one before.

I thought the chain was supposed to be in front, but L thought that it should be in the back. I think he is right, but I'll probably wear it both ways. The previous owner wore this with her square dancing outfits!
The belt has had a substantial amount of wear, and has a few scratches. That doesn't bother me too much, as it's over 50 years old. I have a bit of wear myself (and a few scratches), so I don't begrudge that in something that's older than me!

It's by Renoir (the brand I collect), and as noted on the tag it's rare.
My budget was $40.00 exactly, and when I saw this, I gasped and took it off the display. It took me about 10 seconds to know I had to have it. I giggled about it all afternoon.

It's stamped.
I have about a 28" waist...and this belt is a L(arge)! It just fits me.

Today, I was up early to head to town for groceries, then meet up with my coworker Simona to look for a Christmas dress or dressy top for the holidays.
I think I ate some "off" meatballs at the pub. I am not feeling too hot today.

  • Sweater - Vero Moda, thrifted; last seen here in April with lavender for brunch
  • Skirt - Danier Leather, thrifted; first worn here in August with blues
  • Boots - 1883 Lucchesse, consignment; last seen here in October for another brunch
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather 

 All completely comfy stuff.
Simona found a pair of red jeans and a funky black & white top, so sort-of mission accomplished!

The stuff:
My favourite boots.

  • Earrings - Glee

I wasn't shopping for myself, but I found a skirt:
I was attracted to the shape (hurray for flare!) and fabric. It also has pockets.

The fabric is like men's tie fabric:
This was $20.98 and is by Mexx.

I also found a purple wool beret. I've been looking for one.
No label, but it was $18.98.

Vizzini just flopped right in the doorway to my closet.
"Are you finished? I need some cuddle time."
Yup, time to lie down.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to check out "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style!


  1. Hooray to see the Yeti again! And your new skirt with men's tie fabric looks yummy. Thanks for sharing all the fabulosity with Vis Mon, xox


  2. I have a similar coat from Disigual and absolutely love it

    1. I love their higher-end stuff. Thanks so much for reading/commenting, Anna!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love all of these looks! The coat with the first look is amazing and so is the Yeti!!! Fantastic as always!

  4. Love the outfits and happy photos. The Desigual coat is gorgeous, right up my alley, and I love the pairing with the simple grey and black, the plum matchy -match shoes and tights are awesome, too. Fabulous print dress and fluffy jacket.
    Glad things are mellow where you are!
    xx, Elle

    1. Thanks, Elle! Things are pretty mellow here - been watching the US news. Eee...

  5. I want to start complimenting your fashion but there are so many thoughts swirling in my head I can't figure out where to start. Also I just realized that I've made many of the same choices as you (e.g., colored tights; yeti jacket) and find your remaining items to be things I ought to and will adopt in the future. You're like the future version of me, from a fashion viewpoint. Thanks for leading the way!

    1. Ha, I love that - I'm your future, beware, beware. :) Thank you so much for the awesome comment, Ally!

  6. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but I LOVE all the purple and purple inspiration in this post.
    Of course the first look and the "buildings" dress: it looks amazing when worn, the Mexx skirt (I want it!) and I had never seen a cooper belt.

    1. I do wear a lot of purple! It kind of goes with the hair. :) I love the "buildings" dress too, but ugh, that pilling was annoying.

  7. Wonderful purple boots and tights...

    I loved your first pleather dress - you are going for leather/pleather in a big way recently! The Desigual coat is simply amazing and looks lovely on you. It's such a shame about the lovely printed dress. it really suits you. Will you be able to shave the bobbling off or is it too bad?

    That is a smashing skirt that you found and the copper belt is so unusual; I've never seen anything like it.

    Hope you feel better and have a great week


    1. Thank you, Veronica! Happy week to you as well. Yes, I wear a lot of leather (some pleather) this time of year. I don't think the fuzz on the printed dress will come off, so it is probably not going to last for too many wears in my closet - I was so annoyed by that.

  8. Love your 'purple city' dress, such a beautiful print! and it looks perfect with your booties and lovely furry coat!, gorgeous!!
    And that copper belt looks amazing!

  9. Seems you're having a black and purple moment here Sheila, and that purple beret was just the icing on the cake. I love both of those dresses and the fluevogs were perfect chosen for each outfit (of course). And hurrah for the yeti jacket again! Thanks for a great post x
    Thanks too, for all the kind and encouraging words on my blog recently. It seems I could have a hundred nice things said to me and I'll remember the only bad comment - am I crazy or is that just human nature? Anyway, I appreciate all of your straight talking.
    Anna x

    1. Thanks, Anna! Aw, you are so welcome - yes, the negative comments are always a challenge, and they are the ones that stick with us, for sure. You can always count on me not to sugar-coat things.


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