Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Painty Plaid and Military Flare

It's getting darker in the mornings, and my poor little point & shoot camera is struggling. Be ready for blurry shots as it desperately tries to focus.
Today was a crazy day, but I felt cool and calm. And swooshy!

  • Jacket - Boom Boom Jeans, thrifted; last seen here in August with pink
  • Sleeveless sweater - Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro; last worn here in March under the yeti jacket 
  • Skirt - Jones New York, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $15.95
  • Shoes - Mini Qtees, Fluevog, consignment; last seen here in January with red velvet pants

I swooshed this skirt around for anyone who was interested (not many). I loved wearing it.
I cheated and wore a jean jacket, but to be fair, it does have very formal elements to it, like a peplum and all that quasi-military stuff going on. It flares, and it has flair!
Sheer! And plaid!

My new-to-me thrifted $12.95 Liz Claiborne wool hat (brim down), and my new-to-me vintage men's thrifted wool/cashmere overcoat (purchased for a whopping $12.00). This is the first wearing of both of these. I think with the fur boa (also thrifted), this is a little too much grey, but eh, whatever, I'll try something else. Maybe hot pink gloves (vs. these wool Parkhurst ones) and matchy scarf? A red hat? A blue hat? So many things to try!

The stuff:
I love these shoes so much. They've been in the Fluevog line for many, many years - I bought these on consignment a few years ago, and they are starting to wear out a bit. I might have to bite the bullet when they do and order another pair...although for the amount I wear them, it's maybe not worth it. But then, I don't have to decide this now!

Sparkly bling:
Today's sparkle brought to you by me!

  • Necklace - vintage 60s, gift from L
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Stud earrings - don't remember


  1. Now THAT is a denim jacket! Love the jacket, love the skirt, love the outfit :)

    1. Thanks! It's hard to find a denim jacket that isn't boring.

  2. I love your military-denim jacket, those buttons, original design and amazing back details!, everything is lovely!. Obviously, I love your shoes too!, and your sheer plaid skirt is a fabulous piece!

    1. So cool, isn't it? I paid under $10 for it too! Thanks, Senora!

  3. In the first picture, either your camera shook as it was taking the photo or we briefly glimpsed a look at Sheila From The Alternate Dimension Of Time And Space, whose existence has been theoretical until now. I'm placing my money on the latter.

  4. Magnificent structured jean jacket, I have such a hard time wearing military like pieces like this one and i know you enjoy a good swoosh !

  5. What a fun way to wear your denim jacket---and so perfect that's it's not just an ordinary denim jacket!!

  6. Oooh I do love a swishy skirt! I need one asap!

    I love the jacket with the skirt and the shoes are perfect - another lovely outfit, Sheila.

    Hope your week is going well


    1. You do! I bet your op-shops have lots, although they are often hard to find. Thank you! More adventures are on the way!

  7. I really like that jacket and skirt together, such a nice combination. It does look like a beautiful skirt for swishing (or is it swooshing?) in!

    1. Thanks, Mica! Swoosh, swish, no matter as long as you love it!

  8. The casual jacket and swishy skirt do work well, more so than something too formal I think. Those Fluevogs are adorable so I hope you can keep them going a bit longer.
    Anna x

    1. I will keep the 'Vogs as long as they work for me. Thank you so much!

  9. This is a beautiful outfit Sheila! Love the sheer swishiness of the skirt, the tailoring and details on the jacket, and all of it grounded by the shoes.


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