Monday, November 14, 2016

When Clothing Fights You

I wasn't feeling 100% today, so I went with a casual outfit for Monday. Post-long weekend? Sure...
Many easy pieces.

  • Top - Jeanne Beker, consignment; last seen here in October with wine and roses
  • Skirt - Nine West, thrifted; purchased here for $6.00
  • Boots - BCBG Max Azria; last worn here in October for serving breakfast
  • Velvet/cotton coat (below) - Vassalli, consignment 

I was generally happy with this outfit. It's nothing special, been there, done that many times.

The top is a favourite and this is the first wearing of this lovely skirt.
However, a black and plaid skirt (with sequins!) only goes with so much, so once I've worn it with red (done) and then with black, then maybe once with cream or white, I'm bored. Yawn. Your sequins bore me. One of my coworkers was very excited that I'd gone Christmassy, although that was not the intention.

Trust me, you'll know when I go Christmassy.

Coat and Muppet fur scarf.
The scarf was thrifted a couple of years ago for about $9.99, and the wool gloves are by Parkhurst. I spotted a black version of this scarf at the Vintage Fair on the weekend...for $59.99. I guess I got a deal on mine!

The stuff:
Easy boots, nothing to look at here.

  • Necklace - Club Monaco
  • Earrings - Aldo Accessories

I guess that necklace is a bit of a honker, isn't it? I have to get the hang of delicate jewelry again, ha ha!

I feel like my clothing is mad at me - things keep going wrong with pieces! Last week alone, I lost this blouse (seam separating/shredding), and this blouse (ripped while wearing).

Today, I noticed this at the neckline of my top:
What? Are you kidding me? The pleather is lifting from its backing.
Arg! This is where I told myself to calm down (I used other, more colourful words), and think.

And so I got out my scissors when I got home and voila!
I made a new, slightly bigger neckline. I feel better.

Not feeling very happy with this dress from the weekend, though.
My purse (which is leather and I don't wear it zipper-side against me) apparently caused all this fuzz:
 It looks like white fuzz.
Maybe I can pretend it's snowing in the town?? I can't shave this - the fabric is just plain poor quality. Boo!


  1. I know the fuzzies are completely annoying, but the dress is so fabulous and looks amazing on you - try to forgive it. 😊

    1. I will probably wear it again once or twice (maybe), but not for work. I forgive the dress, but not the designer!

  2. Oh no what a shame you haven't had much luck with clothing lately! It's great you could "save" the top by making a new neckline - hopefully it lasts a little longer than the first neckline!

    The rubbing from the bag onto your dress causing the pilling is so frustrating too! I used to notice it a lot, nor o much now. Don't know if it's because I've changed the style of bags I carry or if it's because I swap the bags around more. Never noticed it on one wear of something, that is so frustrating and definitely a sign it's not great quality :(

    1. I know, I think I am due some good karma, Mica!! I think the top is fixed - it always was tight pulling it on over my head, so I think that's why it got so stretched out. Making the neckline slightly bigger should solve that issue.

      It's super frustrating! Especially since I picked my leather (no zippers on the back, nothing snaggy) bag specifically so that it wouldn't do this to my clothes.

  3. Could you use a black permanent marker in the dress (the black bits obviously lol!) to at least make the blobs less noticeable? Such a shame though, it's an amazing dress!

    1. Tat!! So lovely to see you! :) That's a possibility, however, I'm super lazy and that sounds like a lot of work for a crappy dress, lol.

  4. it's a lovely tartan skirt (and it has sequins!) but I understand that 'limited color options' problem, even if it's a beautiful skirt.
    Sorry about all those fuzziness, it's so disgusting when your bag causes all those pilling on a dress or coat. But I haven't found any easy solution, just not wearing a cross body bag anymore, and I'm not going to do it!

    1. Thank you, my dear! I don't feel too bad about the skirt (only $6.00) but it's a thing I need to be more aware of when I'm shopping.

      It is! I'm not going to stop wearing my cross-body bag anytime soon!

  5. Wow, that is serious wear on that dress with just a little abrasion. Looks like it's done for. Boo is right.

    I love the fix on the faux leather.

    I'm back in on Friday for my last tattoo session of 2016 (resuming in January). I've been promised some red and green for Xmas. :-)

    1. I know, right? So lame!

      I was pleased with myself on the red top - I hope it stays nice for a while.

      Sweet! I am in on Saturday for my colour. Ooh, red and green! I'll also be getting that (red rose + greenery).

    2. Is this your last round? Looking forward to seeing it. Here's to being festive.

      Fun that we're on the same schedule. I have an hour at most left of black shading, then on to the dragonfly (bright blue and grayscale) and some peonies and leaves.

    3. Maybe? I am thinking of having some shading done as "background" to really have the designs pop. I might do that in the new year.

      Ooh, sounds wonderful! colour!

  6. Oh you are so creative Sheila and managed to get more wears out of that top. What happened to your top is what happened to most of my bags and after having to get rid of so many of them I began to purchase leather. With leather I only have to fight green mold ;)
    I'm sorry to see that the cool building dress got fuzzy so soon..

    1. Oh, that would suck with bags! I rarely buy pleather anything because of how it dissolves/breaks down over time. Mould is not much better!

      I know, me too - I was hoping to get many wears out of it. :(

  7. Well done you for solving your pleather problem top! Wish I could suggest something for the pilling on that fabulous dress but I have no solutions.

    I really like the outfit you wore today but I understand the colour matching issues; the skirt I wore today presents the same problem...

    Have a good week


    1. No, it's just really crappy fabric, unfortunately. And it's not really issues - we just like to get maximum wear out of our clothes, right? :)

  8. Oh no, clothing fails! Excellent fix for the top. But the dress? Pffft - where's the quality, right? Just move around a lot when you wear it and so it's a blur. Where did I read this? - you use a disposable shaver to remove the bits from fabric. I haven't tried it but it sounded fairly easy. Might be worth a try. All my shoes and some fave boots decided to get cracks in their soles at one time. I have never EVER had this happen before. It's a conspiracy I tell you!!!

    1. The razor thing works when you have a real fabric, like wool, silk or cashmere, but it's not very effective on this extruded oil-based fabric. Cheap crap! Gah! Cracks in the soles suck!

  9. Sheila, I have to say that I've had similar super crappy fabric pilling on various dresses and the disposable razor has always taken care of it. You just have to be SUPER careful and methodical. Definitely don't use a regular fabric shaver! That said, the dress looks fantastic!

    1. Chrissy, it's worth a shot - I will be careful with a real razor on this, I promise. Thank you for the suggestion.

  10. I suppose that's the thing about second hand clothes, we have no idea of the wear and tear it's already had. Good luck with the shaving on the dress - I've only used a fabric shaver. I had a brand new cashmere sweater go bad after just one wear because I wore a little across the body bag for a couple of hours. It completely messed it up. Yes, I shaved a whole load of bobbles off it, but it's not recovered and had to be relegated to sloppy wear.
    Anna x

    1. And sometimes the same for new clothes - we don't know how they're going to wear until we wear 'em. I have yet to take a razor to the dress.

      Cashmere really depends on the quality of it (1 or 2-ply or more), I find. Mine is usually eaten by moths more than anything. I do enjoy lounging around the house in cashmere, though. So luxurious!

  11. What a shame. I really loved that dress on you.


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