Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Spectacular Legs, Glitter Shoes, Grey Daze and Retail Therapy (and Cat Pictures)

It occurred to me at some point this weekend that I'd left my readers in the lurch - poof! Gone! Where did I go? It had slipped my mind that I had a couple of social engagements at the end of the work week that would keep me from blogging those days. 

On the plus side, here's a big, fat, meaty post with plenty of outfits, cat pictures and shopping finds to sink your teeth into.

I am all over the "maximalist" look of textures this season. Bring on the velvet, leather, shiny, shiny, SHINY!

  • Jacket - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in November 2015 with cream and leopard
  • Skirt - Kay Unger, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in July with cobalt and a massive Fendi belt
  • Shoes - Listen Up Ivana, Fluevog; last worn here (wow) in July 2012 with a Darth Vader tie
  • Shoes (below) - Miista; last seen here in October with wings and leopard
  • Coat (below) - Samuel Dong, thrifted

I love this velvet raisin (purpley-brown) military-inspired jacket. I picked it up in a thrift store back in July 2015 when I was over in Vancouver for the +40 Blogger meet-up. Good memories!

The skirt is a metallic brown leather with a sweet little ruffle on the hem.
But I know, you can stop staring at the tights, right? These are the $35 tights my mother-in-law bought for me at She She Shoes back in April (here). They are by Zohara and they were lovely to wear. The gold silk-screened design is done in a rubberized material, so that it doesn't flake off when the tights stretch out. Linking to their website (here), 'cause I love - no ads here, folks.

It was warm enough on Thursday not to need a jacket (the velvet jacket was plenty, and I had a cami on under it as well), but by the end of my evening, I was glad for it.

After work and after my WW meeting, I changed my shoes and walked down to the pub to meet up with L and his friend Anthony (we also ran into our friend Josh). We had dinner and hung out for a couple of hours.
"What are you doing? Give my my kitty treats!"
Walking shoes! Ta-dah!

The stuff:
NOT walking shoes. I'm pretty shocked that I haven't worn these shoes in over 4 years! They are not the most comfortable height for me, and so they aren't go-to shoes anymore, but I do still like them. I bought these way back in October 2008 (first wearing here for my 41st birthday) in Vancouver with Ruth. Wow, at 8+ years - these are some of the oldest shoes in my wardrobe.

Jangly bling:
You can also see that I've worn the shoes a lot - yes, those are my toe marks on the inner soles!

  • Earrings - Aldo Accessories
  • Amber ring (not shown) - late 90s

I've had the earrings for nearly as long - I totally forgot about them! I found them when I was shifting out my spring/summer jewelry and put them into the rotation. Glad I did - their light jangling was like wind chimes.

Other stuff:
And a quick wearing of my bronze shoes - after 11+ hours of the Ivanas, I needed flats. Ahhhhh...

And then it was Friday! Hurray for Friday. I should probably wear something relaxed for Casual Friday.
Or not. Perhaps I should wear copper leather and glitter shoes.

  • Leather top - Asos, thrifted; last seen here in May with fuscia
  • Skirt - Nicole Miller, consignment; last worn here in June with pink paisley
  • Shoes - Shellys London; first worn and purchased (for $200) here with my blonde wig and party dress in October
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather, consignment 

Bam! In your face, Friday! The leather top boggled all my coworkers - so shiny! And it's leather? Wow!
The skirt is a dark denim and is very high-waisted. I like how the top dips down at the back and of course the grosgrain fabric zipper strip. It's like a racing stripe.

My burgundy Parkhurst fingerless gloves for the win. I've had this bright orange leather jacket since February 2013 (nearly 4 years!) here, when I purchased it at Verve (pricey consignment) for $198. It's Canadian-made with Italian leather and would have been several hundred dollars new. I've worn it many, many times. It doesn't have pockets, which is the only downside.

The stuff:
Birthday card from Tammy - shoe!
Sweet, sweet glitter shoes! In the morning at work, I was waggling them at my coworkers (who've never seen them and were appropriately astounded at the wondrousness of them) when a sunbeam hit them. I swear, beams of light shot out from them everywhere!

Simple bling:
And there is the amber ring I forgot to photograph the day before (it was still sitting out, so I wore it again).

  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Amber ring - late 90s

After work, I went out for dinner with my ex-boss from Fairweather, Tammy! We get together every 6-8 months for dinner and catch up on each other's lives. A big shout-out to her friend Debbie, who I understand is a loyal reader. Hello, Debbie! I see you (not really, don't run away!).

I thought I would share this with you - L and I often leave each other notes, as we do a lot of things separately (and don't have phones for texting). This is what was on the counter when I got home from dinner on Friday night.
"Went to Tartan Toque [a local pub] 8:20. May be back c. 9:00-9:30. Kitty has HAD his chips."
L went out for dinner with Josh, and is letting me know not to give Vizzini any more kitty treats. However, someone is fully prepared to lie to me.
"I haven't had my kitty treats! I am a deprived starving cat!"
He is a very convincing liar. We have accidentally given him double treats in the past, and now he tests us every time one of us is out.
"I love the Man because he gives me treats. Unlike you."
Yeah, me? I get no love. I get someone fishing in my shoes to steal my earrings before I can photograph them. What do you think you are doing, Vizzini?
"There seems to be a cat-toy in your shoes."
Little monster! I had to keep him away from this fabulous polka-dot straw hat too. Feathers are cat-bait.
Tammy owns a wonderful store called Catawampus Fudge and Funk (Yelp link here, and great video article about her here). If you ever come to Victoria, it is a "must-see"! And yes, linking 'cause I LOVE!

She gave me a deal on this wonderful hat - I paid $39.99.
I need somewhere to wear this now!

After a little sleep-in on Saturday morning, L and I walked to town for brunch at Floyd's.
It was grey and threatening to rain, and I had this outfit in the queue in the closet, so it just seemed to go with the weather.

  • Cardigan - Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted; purchased here back in July for $17.99 
  • Leather slip-dress - Danier Leather, thrifted; last worn here with these same boots back in March
  • Boots - Prepare Guide Fluevog; last seen here in that exact outfit
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather

I also have a grey beaded camisole on  underneath (hello, way too boobtacular without it!), but the beading had caused the t-shirt fabric to rip, so this is gone. I am now on the lookout for a replacement grey cami.
We had a lovely lunch, then split up for our own shopping/wanders. I got groceries and then headed to Flavour Upstairs.

My black and white skull scarf and grey Parkhurst fingerless gloves. It was raining by the time I started shopping, so sucks to be me without a hat! I need a new grey toque or beret - I shrank the old one when I washed it.

The stuff:
These boots are actually wool, and are leather-lined. They are awesome for walking around - that heel is mostly platform.

  • Earrings - Glee

I had good luck at Flavour, but oddly ended up with a bunch of grey and neutrals. I swear, I'm not going to wear nothing but neutrals. I still love my colour!

I couldn't leave this amazing 100% grey wool dress behind.
It's cut sort of like a sweatshirt, skims the body to just below the knee - and it has pockets!

It's by Ports International and is made in Hong Kong.
It was $19.99 which is a fabulous deal for something that's such good quality.

And then I found another dress! This is marled black/white knit on the back and sleeves, and faux leather on the front (with very soft backing).
I saw the little fluff of orange on the collar where someone removed the label and knew what brand it was immediately.
And confirmed by the interior tags - it is Joe Fresh. Not bad for $17.99.

I've looked at this top before and put it back. This time I didn't.
It's 100% silk and is by Kenneth Cole.
I love the psuedo-Japanese print and cut of it. Not bad for $14.99.

I'm feeling the wide-leg pant trend too, so couldn't resist these olive-green trousers.
They are 100% wool and are fully lined - they are by Jones New York and were made in Canada! By the low-ish waistband, I'd say these are early 00s. They were $17.99.

After Flavour, I meandered over to Dots. I don't usually shop there (second-hand first!) but sometimes they have interesting items. Nothing really grabbed me, and then I saw this dress.
It's a polyester, very simple cut (but nice on), but don't you love the pattern? It's called "Siberian Dream" and this is a salesman sample (meaning they may never have actually made this dress for sale). I like the buildings and then the woods on the sides - complete with two pink wolves!

I'm happy that the back is not just solid black, too.
More pink wolves!

This is by Poupee Chic, and I'm sorry, I am a 12-year-old boy and am giggling like mad over "poopy chic".
It looks like they are a French company and from my interwebz searching, it seems that they only produced this dress in a blue/red colourway, not this purple/pink one, so there you go - I have a one-of-a-kind. This was $39.99.

Last night, L and I chilled out and played "Arkham Horror". Kitty helped.
"Yes, just play around me. I won't be a bother."
We have to keep a very close eye on him. Many of our game pieces have been stolen and chewed up.
"I resent these accusations!"
Sure enough, he went after a token right after I took this picture.

After that, he settled down grumpily on the back of the couch behind me.
"I'm just biding my time until you get up."
From there, he moved to the floor, where he could watch me in the reflection of the cabinet.
"I'm just going to sit here until you give me my kitty treats."
Do you see his reflection? Those fuzzy ears are on full alert!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


  1. You are so fortunate with your leather finds. I must start looking for a leather skirt. Your various tigths are inspiring! I remember the Ports brand fondly -- used to have a Ports dress which I loved till it wore out! While I love all your bright looks, the grey-and-black look here is lovely, especially with those stellar wool boots!

    1. I love leather - expect to see a lot of it over the next couple of weeks! I remember the Ports stores here (too pricey for me back then). Thanks so much, Cynthia!

  2. Some fabulous finds, Sheila.

    I loved the velvet jacket and the wonderful tights. You seem to have a lot of leather items and the orange jacket is absolutely superb on you but fancy it not having pockets! I think pockets should be compulsory in women's clothes; if they have them in pyjamas (I have 3 pairs with pockets) then why not in trousers, dresses jackets etc? It beats me.

    The pink dress was rather lovely - pink wolves? I bet no one else has a dress with pink wolves on it. It looks as if it would fit you like a dream.

    You always look so cozy in your outerwear and I loved your cat bait hat. Talking of cats; I noticed L's moustache and Vizzini's whiskers are a similar shape...

    Hope you have a great week


    1. Thank you, Veronica! The orange jacket has an inside pocket, but YES, everything should have pockets! I agree. The pink wolves dress is very cool - a simple cut. Ha, yes, you are right: L and Vizzini have matching moustaches.

  3. Long time admirer of your blog.... first comment �� And I had to... I ❤️️ Your shoes!!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, SP! I love my shoes too!

  4. I WANT THOSE TIGHTS! Sorry to shout but I really like these tights.

    1. HA! Well, I put the link in just for you - go buy them!

  5. I wonder if poupee chic has any tie to poupee girl - a dress up website I used to play with pre blog.

    1. I looked it up - "poupee" means to play with paper dolls! I'm sure that they are NOT related, but in concept maybe that's what the designer was going with.

    2. Cool! That does make sense. Thanks for the tidbit.

  6. Its cooling and I see all the leather making it into the rotation ... I really like the building print dress and the fact that its a sample dress, the uniqueness. Oh and your new wide legged trousers should be fun to wear, specially considering you are not very much of a pant gal.

    1. You bet! I actually deliberately started building lots of outfits with all my leather pieces this past week. I like the print dress too, and I'm looking forward to the pants. Thanks, Lorena!

  7. ?Dang, Sheila I clicked preview and pouf, it's gone! Did ya geddit?

  8. Yes I love the shiny leather top and the bling slingbacks (I only ever wear slingbacks in summer... I suppose I should leave that behind me). But I adore the black and grey outfit with the red coat and the amazing boots. All items are so well proportioned and balanced on you. I really think it is a stunning outfit.

    1. Thank you, Greetje! I always like to hear how people perceive my outfits.


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