Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Grey Dress, Red Boots, Santa Belt Flashback

It's a low mojo week. Lo-Mo, anyone?
Today, let's just wallow in it. Grey it is!

  • Dress - Ports International, vintage 80s, thrifted; purchased here for $19.99
  • Boots - Miz Mooz; last seen here in January with purple plaid
  • Raincoat (below) - Parkhurst, thrifted

I thought when I bought this dress that it was from the 80s, assuming that Ports International had gone out of business (like so many mall stores and boutiques). However, they still have a website, they still make dresses (which sell for around $500-750 US). 

After a peruse, though, I'm going to stick with my original assessment and put this at early 1980s, possibly around 1982-83. Some of that is based on the style, the fact that it's made in Hong Kong, is 100% wool and that the label looks like it has some age. 

I remember long shapeless "sack" dresses like this (nodding back to the 60s sack dress), and they were made for these low-slung hip-belts which caught on around 1986. This dress doesn't have shoulder pads or evidence that it had room for them, so definitely pre-late-80s shoulder pad-era.

It was lovely to wear and not itchy from being wool (I am wearing a full vintage nylon slip under it, navy blue, if you care). Also, pockets!
I went to see "Arrival" after work with Elaine (loved it), in one of the revamped downtown movie theatres that's installed big reclining seats (and you can even book your seats! love it!). I was glad to have this nice wool on in the slightly chilly theatre. Must remember to bring a blanket next time.

I was giving this raincoat another chance, since the last time I wore it, it did not keep me dry! I was only subjected to light sprinkles of rain today (we call that a heavy mist, here on the Wet Coast, har har), and it held up great, so coat, you've earned another day/week/month in my closet. There's no room for slackers!

My new wool purple beret (consignment) and my purple gloves (Danier Leather), together with the purple/blue of the coat and of course my purple hair, garnered me another "So lavender-y!" comment from the clerk at 7-Eleven where I pick up my daily papers.

The stuff:
Red boots. I have a thing for them. These are getting a little beaten up, and the heel cap tried to pop off today (good thing I have glue in my desk at work).

Black and gold bling:
Simple shapes, textures I like to touch.

  • Leather/chain cuff - local
  • Bangle - Trifari, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L

Oops, I nearly forgot the Santa belt!
It's leather and I love the triple buckle things. I wonder what brand it is??
Could it be...Anne Klein? I thrifted this in about 2001-2002, probably for about $9.95 or less at Value Village.

It's been hiding in our "tickle trunk" aka "the dress-up box" for over a decade. L and I were digging around in there, looking for Hallowe'en inspiration recently, and I thought, "This needs to be in my wardrobe!"

We were invited to a "go to your prom"-themed party sometime in that 2001-2002 range, and this is what I wore:
This is a picture of an actual photograph!
I've always been partial to an 80s look. I thrifted the pink satin shirt at the same time as the belt (I wish I still had that too!) for this party.

I'm wearing:

  • L's fedora, 
  • some long ropes of pearls that I've had since the 80s, 
  • my mom's white lace gloves (I still have them), 
  • some black skirt, 
  • patterned tights (which were a new thing back then), and
  • my Bronx boots (last seen here, ha! for Nick's 50s birthday in August 2010).
Flashback! The belt was stuffed into the costume box over a decade ago because it was too small to actually wear (and I got bigger), but now it's loose on me done up to the tightest notches. And it's back in my closet.


  1. What kind of glue do you use for your heel tips? I have tried all kinds of supposedly super glue, and nothing works for me. Brand? Thank you!
    Enjoying all your fabulous outfits lately, though I really only comment if I have more to say other than just "you look great" !

    1. I use Zap-A-Gap - it's found at hobby stores. It was recommended to me years ago by someone who did furniture restoration.

      Thanks, Radostin! I appreciate the comment(s) and thank you for reading! All these years. :)

  2. I'm also very partial on 80's fashion, and remember those sack dresses and hip-belts (oh yes, I worn a tunic shape one and felt ├╝berCool!). You look really comfy with a twist, your accessorizing is brilliant, and I love your new purple beret!, such a lovely color!.
    That trench looks fab, such a pity is not really rain-proof!

    1. I love that hip-belt look (and it hides tummies!). Thank you so much! Rain resistant is nearly as good as rain-proof here!

    2. One of the oldest items in my wardrobe is a brown leather hip belt that I bought with my babysitting money, c. 1985. It used to hang WAY down on my hips. Now it is just comfortably slouchy. Sigh.

    3. Still, at least you can wear it! I love that you kept it.

  3. Hope you get your mojo back soon! Your outfits when you're lacking inspiration still manage to look stylish as ever though! :) It's great you could rediscover this belt and move it into your wardrobe!

    1. Thanks, Mica! It comes and goes (as you know). I'm so happy to have this belt back!

  4. It must be an amazing feel to have the "Santa" belt back in the closet !
    I totally remember the belt hung on the oversized dress look... I wonder if I could pull it off.

    1. I bet you could pull it off, Lorena. I would keep the dress fairly body-skimming, though, not oversized, or you'll end up swimming in it.

  5. I love this outfit! I would call it a sweater dress rather than a sack dress and I must tell you here in the UK Parkhurst is top security jail!

    I think the mac is fab and looks so good with the ensemble; such a shame it's no good in the rain. You've reminded me to start wearing my berets, we're in for a cold snap apparently. I think the red boots are perfect with the dress and patterned tights.

    I'm just about to get two pairs of boots reheeled and it will £11.0 each!



    1. Veronica, yes, it's absolutely a sweater dress, but the style is very much a sack dress (material vs. style). Ha! That's hilarious! Parkhurst is very well known here in Canada for outerwear.

      Thank you! It's still okay in a drizzle, but not full-on pouring - we get all the gradations of rain here! We haven't had a single cold snap yet, and it's nearly December. I keep waiting to bust out my winter coats vs. my fall coats.

      Reheeling is so pricey!!

  6. Love that dress. Probably because grey has become second only to black in my wardrobe. Also it reminds me of a sweat-shirt dress, which I would buy in all colors (if only it would get cold here, we've been in the 70-80s!)

    1. It's a good neutral, and I'm feeling the neutrals more lately (since my hair is so adamantly NOT neutral!). The cuffs and neckline are very sweatshirt-like. Woo, warm for this time of year for you!

  7. Hey Sheila hope your grey mood has passed by now. I love to see that old photo of you flashing your fabulous new jazzy tights! The story of the belt is great. A sweater dress always benefits from a good belt, even a Santa belt works eh?
    Anna x

    1. Thanks, Anna, it's getting there. Every so often I like to drag out an old picture. Even if it's not the most flattering!

  8. We're finally boot twins! I knew you had these red ones, and Kasmira has the same ones in olive, and I have been lusting after them for years. I just can't justify spending $200 on shoes, so I set up an eBay auto-search and finally a red pair in my size got listed for $60 so I snatched them right up. They look like they've never been worn, and I have been loving them! Your dress looks so comfy - perfect for when you're not really feeling it.

    1. Yay, Charlotte! That's so cool - I love Kasmira's green ones. What a great deal you got.


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