Monday, October 10, 2016

Quadruple Bigass Birthday Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Greg's, Randall's, Mine (and Something Missing), and Hannah's

As you might have guessed from the title of this entry, it's been a very big long weekend - everyone's birthday happened. And it's Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians!

Let's kick it off with Friday night! Friday was both our friend Greg's and our friend Randall's birthdays - Greg celebrated on Friday night with a house party (including a smoky firepit in the back yard, which make me worry about my 70s polyester going up in flames).
I also got photobombed a lot this weekend
After a quick nap after work, L and I headed over to Greg's. A bunch of my coworkers were there (Greg and I work at the same company), which is always a little weird.

  • Dress - A Dress Town Original, vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in November 2015 with these same boots
  • Boots - Clark's; last worn here in January with sparkly chicken leg tights
  • Coat - Samuel Dong, thrifted

Yes, everyone sees you, L
L and I foolishly joined in everyone doing shots of Jim Beam. Oh, yes, that was not a good idea. Happy birthday, Greg!

I love that this coat has a bubble hem as well as zipper-trimmed ruffles. Of course it does!

The stuff:
Gah, I hate this craptastic light.

Gold bling:
I like having all my fall jewelry back in rotation.

  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Amber ring - late 90s
  • Earrings - vintage fair

L and I crashed into bed late, and struggled to get up on time to go get our eyes checked at 9am on Saturday morning. Who planned this!?
Oh, yeah, that was me. What to do? Wear a dress! A suede dress!

  • Blouse - Violet + Claire, thrifted; last seen here with purple brocade in September
  • Suede dress - Danier Leather, vintage 90s; first worn here in February with leopard
  • Booties - Dirty Laundry, thrifted; last seen here (4th outfit) in September with another purple dress
  • Trenchcoat - Parkhurst, thrifted 

We had to apologize to the ophthalmologist for our bloodshot, hungover eyes. However, now we are both armed with new prescriptions, so I'm probably going to get some progressives so that I don't have to hold things out at arm's length to read them. And L is going to get new lenses for his old frames. I might go for new frames, not sure just yet.  
We walked to our appointments, then went for brunch afterwards. It was pouring rain the whole time and we both got soaked.

Raincoat? Lies! This coat did not keep me dry at all!
Colour me plaid and not impressed. The boots (non-leather) and the hat (felted wool) both worked much better. My wet arms and shoulders didn't feel very nice.

The stuff:
First wearing of these itty-bitty purple crystal studs.

  • Studs - local

After a nap to warm up and snooze off the last of the bourbon...time to go party some more!
I'm not sure how I ended up wearing this outfit - it was bloody uncomfortable!

  • Fruital blouse - no label, thrifted; last seen here in April with a gone blue dress
  • Jeans - Versace, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in April with a bit of southwest
  • Shoes - Calvin Klein; last seen here in August with my picador skirt
  • Coat - Danier Leather
I can wear these extremely high-waisted jeans if I'm not sitting all the time, like on a Friday at work when I'm up and moving around a lot. Sitting at a pub drinking with 16 of my closest friends = not standing and moving around. I couldn't wait to get these off! What did we do before all fabric was infused with spandex!? I had markings impressed on my torso for a hour after taking my jeans off.
However, look at that bum. I stood a lot and showed it off!

I'll forgive these gen-yoo-wine vintage Versace sparkly jeans trimmed with Versace heads and crystals and gold thread and made in Italy - but only barely. I guess I'll have to drop a pound or two and sit in them less. Go here and scroll down a little to check out the details on them.

I wore a lot of colour in my outerwear. By afternoon, the rain had all stopped and it was sunny. Goofy weather.
"Are you going out again?"
Poor buddy needed some lovin'. We were out a lot this weekend.
"Photobombers are tacky, aren't they, Woman?"
We hung out at the pub for several hours, celebrating Randall's birthday. He is two days older than me - same year. Happy birthday, Randall!

The stuff:
Wonderful red shoes. I couldn't really wear anything better with the jeans than red shoes.

Missing bling:
I didn't realize until I got home that one of my earring had gone errant. Ah, well. Things get lost.

  • Earring - local
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

L and I hung out on Saturday night and played a game of Arkham Horror, but we were both pretty wiped out from two days of partying. I slept in a little on Sunday, then headed to town to get groceries.
In my birthday dress! This is one of my favourite pieces (I've had it since 2011, here), and I wanted to wear it for my actual birthday.

  • Dress - Plum; last seen here in October 2015 for my birthday!
  • Cowl neck cashmere sweater - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; purchased here for $6.00
  • Boots - BCBG; last seen here on a March long weekend
  • Jacket - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in June 

Notice something missing? Like, my glasses? I have daily wear contacts! However, I won't be wearing them every day because they actually make my close-up vision worse than it is when I have my glasses on (or off!). I'll be going back to the eye-lady on Saturday, so maybe she can fix that, since I can't read a computer screen or look at clothing labels or do anything within 2 feet of my face. Not so practical on a daily basis.

But I'm excited for being able to wear sunglasses with contacts for Ulti, to go to parties and have the option of being able to show off some funky eye make-up, and to do costumes without having to factor in my glasses. I wore contacts for over 20 years (I got them when I was about 14), and then abandoned them because I'm super-lazy about caring for them. It's been about 15 years since I've even had this option, so although my vision's not perfect, it's still pretty exciting to me!
This sweater is getting its first public airing here - it's been worn around the house since I bought it, as it has a big hole right in the center of my stomach. Damn you, moths! It had the hole when I bought it, hence the price. Still, it's a nice warm cashmere sweater.

It was a sunny day, so I strolled over to the WIN Boutique on my way to town.
This was just right. Although it's been rainy off and on, the temperatures have been mild. I love this light coat - the short puffed sleeves looked good over my full-sleeve sweater.

The stuff:
I adore these leather boots - the elastic up the back of the leg helps them stay up over my knee without tugging.

  • Belt - Shi Studio
  • Buckle - Shi Studio, thrifted
  • Earrings - Aldo Accessories

L spoiled me with presents! Happy birthday to me!
A lovely bottle of Laphroig Quarter Cask single malt scotch (my favourite), a bunch of books and graphic novels, Serenity Fluxx (a card game) and a bunch of chocolates (all eaten, yum!). He also spoiled me with a gift certificate to She She Shoes, so expect a very cool pair at some point!

Vizzini was very cranky with us on Sunday when I got home.
"I am a seething ball of fury!"
He was freaking out on his post. He doesn't like it when we're out.
"Ah! I'm biting this platform and pretending it's you!"
What a crazy cat.

I found a few things at the thrift store, including another white top. I got rid of a couple in the closet swap-out.
This one has a wrap-over front, and a split at the back. It's made of viscose, so all washable. It could use a steam too.
It's by Violet & Claire, and was $9.95.

I spotted this purse the second I walked in the store, and stashed it in my basket right away!
A brightly-coloured Union Jack sequinned flag purse? Yes!

The back is pink sequins.
And it's lined in pink satin!
Ooh, and the tag is still attached? It's never been used!
We haven't had an Accessorize store here for over 10 years, and I still have a couple of things from them (this hat and this purse). This is a nice UK brand, more upscale than Claire's - $5.50 is an excellent price for this!

I also really liked this bracelet.
It's faux tortoiseshell.
I like the thick, chunky links, and the gold accents.

It's by J. Crew.
And it probably cost more than $12.00 originally.

On Sunday night, L and I walked to the local pub for my birthday dinner. It was just the two of us, nice and quiet, just what I needed during a busy weekend.
I'm finally wearing this dress!

  • Dress - London Times; last worn here (2nd outfit) in April 2013 - go *heart-balls*!
  • Shoes - Half Truth Veda, Fluevog; last seen here (2nd outfit) last weekend for a quiet brunch and thrift expedition
  • Yeti jacket - Kimchi Blue; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March over a long vintage dress

Rockin' my ink! I bought this dress back in 2009 (here, same earrings, ha ha!) for my 42nd birthday. And now here we are at 49. I don't feel any different, really.
"Did you say I get 49 kitty treats??"
No, I really didn't say that, Vizzini.

It was a little chilly out in the early evening, so I had to break out the Yeti Coat!
"Hey, Man, the Woman has promised me a bunch of kitty treats."
L and I both got dressed up - it's so nice that he likes doing that too.

The stuff:
These shoes get a lot of wear - I walk in them a lot.

Black bling:
More of the seasonal creepy jewelry.

  • Cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Earrings - Le Chateau (at least 8 years old)
  • Spider ring - gift from Mom & Dad, around 1986
  • Snake ring - BC Museum gift shop, around 1985

After dinner, we came home and did my most favourite thing in the whole world: we played games, drank wine and hung out. It was awesome. Best birthday ever!

Today/Monday, we slept in a bit, then took the bus out to Mom's. She had all of the fam out to her place for brunch (aka turkey dinner).
I finally busted out my cat t-shirt!

  • T-shirt - The Mountain, thrifted; purchased here for $5.00
  • Long-sleeved tee - Plum, many years ago, not tracked
  • Suede skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; first worn here in August with a funky flame-on jacket
  • Booties - Aldo, thrifted; purchased here last weekend for $27.95
  • Coat - Danier Leather

I am 100% sure that someone somewhere is choking that this 49-year-old is wearing:

  • a graphic tee 
  • a miniskirt
  • a leather mini-skirt
  • a sh*t-ton of colours
  • purple lipstick (I'm wearing dark, dark lipstick in the first outfit, nyah nyah)

Not to mention, I have purple hair. This is part of my mission going into my 50th year as well: DEFY. I defy the silly "rules" and will wear what I want!

Happy birthday to my niece Hannah, who is now 14! Holy smokes, where did the time go? I'm not sure if she was embarrassed or not by her crazy Auntie Sheila. Purple hair, weird cat t-shirt, a lot of colours...?
I also had a ton of holes in the toes of my black tights - I forgot about taking my booties off at Mom's. Oops!

We walked about 1.5 km from the bus to Mom's (she lives out in the boonies!), and then walked about 2.5 km home from my ex-sister-in-law's place afterwards. These booties were excellent.

The stuff:
I love it when I find pre-loved shoes that are perfectly broken-in for my feet.

Black bling:
Things I don't have to think about!

  • Cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Studded cuff - vintage 80s
  • Earrings - Frances Jewelers, gift from L 

Mom gave me a gift card to the local mall - look out MAC store, here I come!
She also gave me these awesome charcoal and cream tights. No holes in these toes! Visions of snuggly sweaters, short skirts and nubby tights with boots! Thanks, Mom!

Vizzini, what did you get me for my birthday?
"A hairball on your pillow."
Aw, you really shouldn't have.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sheila!
    You look beautiful in contacts...your eyes become the focal point and my goodness ~ gorgeous!

  2. So much in this post! I love the blue pants. I sure do remember having my pant's yoke imprinted on my belly. Yes I do. I think you look great in them.
    I love the cat tee, is it a cougar? Love it!
    I have to tell you, I just received my yearly bonus, and I bought 4 pairs of Fluevogs that are on sale off his site! I always am impressed with yours, and I lurk around on the Fluevog site drooling. I love how they look!
    There isn't a store anywhere near me so I ordered my regular size. I read all the comments and took them into consideration. I hope they all fit ok, I have a big foot (I'm tall, I'd fall down if I had a dainty foot!) but I usually don't vary on the size. I'm a standard 11 in US shoes.
    Happy birthday! I enjoy your style.

    1. Thank you, Amie! The cat tee is an Abyssinian actually - I don't have any special affinity for them, I just loved the tee.

      Ooh, I"m so excited for you and your new Fluevogs!! I hope you like them!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Sheila! So much fabulousness in the outfits from this long weekend! You are a terrific inspiration to everyone. It encourages all of us to break the stupid rules on what is age appropriate. I am 10 years and 2 months older than you and I love to keep breaking those silly rules. Let's keep it up.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Aw, thank you - here's to breaking the silly rules, and making our own!

  4. Oh I love this post - you and L are so happy together, and know each other so well! Happiest birthday and enjoy that Scotch (also a favorite of Sandy's). xox


    1. Thanks, Patti! I bet Sandy likes the one I posted today, too!

  5. Check you out ! Haha, I had to laugh at the constant photo bombing :)
    And I have to say I admire how you constantly push yourself, you are an inspiration my friend. HB dear She.

    1. Yes, my boys are both quite silly. It is a silly group of us. Thank you so much, dear Lorena!

  6. Lovely outfits - I really like the dresses worn over a shirt or other top. That style really suits you and I like it on me too!

    You seem like you had a brilliant birthday and you got some lovely presents. I also liked your finds. Accessorize has really cool jewellery and bags and I often buy my daughter things from there.

    Poor Vizzini - he looked as if he was spitting feathers! You'll have to give him lots of extra cuddles to make it up to him!

    Have a great week


    1. Ha, yes, I guess I've done that a lot in these outfits, haven't I? It sure makes some dresses more wearable! I had a lovely birthday, thank you! Vizzini always looks like that, ha ha!

  7. A very happy (belated!) birthday to you Sheila. I love your outfit for your mums - we should definitely wear what looks and feels good and not care about the rules, especially when the resulting outfits look as awesome as these. It's actually hard to pick a favourite from all the outfits you wore!

  8. Love seeing your entries from this weekend honey. So wish I was there! Your ink looks amazing in that red/black number. AMAZING!

    1. Mwah! Thank you, sweetheart! Can't wait to see you at Winesday - I'll have the other arm outlined that day!

  9. Happiest of happy birthdays! Also, Saga love! Your colors are all always glorious, I hope you always find joy in them!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sheila!!! And OOh AAH, so much FABULOUS colour, flair, style, fun in this post of yours, I really don't know where to start - so, to the "final pick" I love the blue coat, suede dress and the two reds are stunning - and so are you, looking gorgeous on your birthday. Wow! xx

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! Ha, glad I wore all of those in one weekend - however would you pick otherwise?

  11. Oh gosh Sheila, you style so well. I love the blue suede outfit. The Versace outfit is fantastic (indeed your bum looks so good in it, it deserves an award). Your birthday dress outfit is also complete up my alley, love that shorter sleeved jacket (cardigan?) on it and the boots. Happy birthday by the way.

    1. Ha ha, thank you, Greetje! I don't think my bum is quite award-worthy! The jackets are all jackets, not cardigans. Thanks!

  12. A belated happy birthday, Sheila! So many wonderful and colourful outfits to chose from! My favourites are Friday's dress and your "dinner dress" especially combined with that awesome Yeti coat! How great that you both like dressing up. xxx

    1. Thank you so much! Hee, the Yeti coat is one of my favourite pieces.

  13. Happy birthday, Sheila! You look incredible and are an inspiration.

  14. Heck Sheila, what a lot of lovely outfits! I love Friday's pretty floral dress, and then that wonderful suede pinafore too, gorgeous. And then there's the suede skirt which is very much to be coveted. But most of all I adore that red and black bodycon dress, with or without the yeti jacket. That dress could have been made for you honey - smokin'! Oh, and let's not forget those clever OTK boots with elastic at the back, what a brilliant idea and don't they look fabulous too x

    1. Thanks, Anna! I know, that's why I keep that black/red dress - it's just so nice on! I love the boots too - sometimes I have to give in and buy retail, but it's not a habit.


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