Monday, November 21, 2016

Purple Mint Sandwich

All the best laid day went sideways almost immediately when I arrived at work this morning, and I was frustrated by not being able to do what I'd planned (decorate the office and put up the Christmas tree).
The belt undid itself just as I sat down
Just let it go...

  • Blouse - Alfani, thrifted; last seen here in October post-tattoo
  • Skirt - Beloved, thrifted; first worn here in September with fruitals
  • Shoes - Miista; last seen here at the same time as this skirt
  • Grape Ape coat (below) - Forever 21, thrifted

I have Thursday and Friday off this week (US Thanksgiving football-watching, woot!), so time is tight to get everything done! But it's not the end of the world. Let it go...

One of our clients today really loved that I matched my hair to my skirt. "It's a mint sandwich made of purple skirt and hair." Um, ew. No wonder he looked at me funny.
Even our clients are pretty used to my peculiarities, though. I waved my "wings" at him and showed him my tattoo (I showed everyone who was interested).

Fuzzy warm outerwear:
My Parkhurst fingerless gloves, no scarf.

The stuff:
Lovely shoes, aren't they?

Minimal bling:
Sure, they work.

  • Earrings - thrifted


  1. It's so frustrating when you have a plan in mind and the day doesn't turn out that way! Hope you manage to decorate later in the week :)

    I like your "mint sandwich" outfit too, summing it up like that made me smile.

    1. I'm trying again today! Glad you enjoyed my silly joke. Thanks, Mica!

  2. Purple lipstick is definitely you! I love the fur coat too. I would have to give you a hug-lol. Purple and green is always awesome but I might pass on mint sandwiches-lol. I was looking for fingerless gloves in a shop today and quite disappointed that there were no purples or oranges.

    1. Thank you, my dear! I would have accepted the hug. I love purple and green together, but yes, yuck to mint sandwiches (unless they are Oreos!). If I spot a pair of purple or orange fingerless gloves, I will send 'em to you.

  3. The idea of a mint sandwich made me smile.

  4. The shoes are wonderful! Lovely outfit and the fluffy jacket looks so cozy!

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your break


  5. This minty pleaty blouse is a favourite of mine, and the shoes/skirt combo all works so well - have you done this before I wonder? Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving x

    1. I have done this top with many skirts, but not this same combo before. Thanks, Anna!

  6. And of course you have matching purple/green earrings! Love the shoes too :)

    1. The earrings are actually blue and green, but I figured, "close enough." Thanks!

  7. oh yes, lovely shoes and pretty beautiful earrings! love them! And I like particularly those sleeves! and all that purple!


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