Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: Green Earrings Every Day, the Eye Dress, Spama-lovely, Jungle Bomber and Boots Right Away

This weekend has been absolutely lovely. Nice and quiet, just the right amount of social and non-social. Batteries recharged.

Friday's outfit: 
Starting to layer and integrate tights into my wardrobe again, as the mornings get cooler.

  • Blouse - no label, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in August with a matching baby blue mini
  • Dress - Desigual; last worn here in December 2015 with all the colours
  • Shoes - Sencha Teapot, Fluevog; last seen here (2nd outfit) in April with dots for theatre with Mom

I can't believe I haven't worn this dress all spring/summer - so many dresses, so little time!

The baby blue blouse layered beautifully under it.
And this dress always elicits gasps of admiration when I wear it.

Why, yes, that is a rooster on my butt.
Or possibly a parrot. I've never been entirely sure. I wore this out after work for drinks and dinner with Elaine for her birthday, then bused home to meet up with Mom.

The stuff:
Comfy shoes for a busy day!

Simple bling:
The about-to-be-ubiquitous earrings of the weekend.

  • Earrings - Stella and Dot, consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Mom and I went to see the Victoria Operatic Society's production of "Spamalot", the musical "lovingly ripped off" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, one of my favourite movies.
Of course I dressed up!

  • Blouse - Jones New York, vintage, thrifted; last worn here in July with purple bookends
  • Skirt - BCBG Max Azria, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in September 2014 to see oldster punk rocker Art Bergmann
  • Shoes - Elegant Conversations Kendra, Fluevog; last seen here in May with pink ice cream on Mom's birthday

I'm thrilled that I got an outfit out of this metallic pewter leather skirt again, finally! I noted here during my Spring/Summer wardrobe swap-out and a year ago here that I hadn't worn this skirt yet, but here we go, only 2 years later. It is really a lovely piece - I felt like I was wearing armour, which was appropriate for "Spamalot". The show was good, and I enjoyed the Python references (although I know Mom missed most of them). We both left with huge smiles!
I'm also happy to be able to wear this lovely beaded blouse one more time before I pack it away - because it is beaded both on the front and back, I can't layer it under a blazer. Summertime only!

Sorry, Mom, showing the ink for this outing!
And showing my shoes, and my fun grey-blue fascinator.

My hair desperately needed a dye job - so this covered up most of it.
Roots? What roots?

The stuff:
I missed the fascinator because "someone" gets too excited about feathers when they are within a paw's reach.

Those shoes were just right for the short walk to and from the theatre from the car. I loved how they worked with the pewter leather skirt.

Fabulous bling!
This is the first use of this new-to-me blue clutch, thrifted back here in July for $12.95.

  • Fascinator (not shown) - Lazy Susan's, local
  • Purse - Sondra Roberts, thrifted
  • Lace cuff - local, Nashville
  • Cuff - St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop

Vizzini was being inquisitive.
"Perhaps you should give me kitty treats before you leave?"
L took care of that! I got home late, and tired.

On Saturday morning, I was up bright and early - no Ulti, unfortunately, after our carnage-filled game last week. Instead, I went shopping with Jenn, one of my coworkers.
It was sunny and warm, but I needed layers for ink coverage. Also, for funkiness!

  • Bomber jacket - Vero Moda in Blue, thrifted; last worn here in March with fiesta orange 
  • Top - La Vie 89, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in July for brunch with L
  • Skirt - Savvie; last worn here over a year ago in August with even more patterns
  • Shoes - Franco Sarto, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in August with a sack dress

This was not the greatest outfit for trying things on (too many layers!), but I didn't shop as much as Jenn. I was really just looking for something to leap out at me.
I did decide that after wearing this skirt all day, that this is its last hurrah. Goodbye, skirt. Here's how it's been worn before:

  • As above, August 2015 here, with Patti's Old Navy top;
  • In May 2015 here, with tomato reds;
  • In August 2014 here, with magenta when I was run into by a cyclist;
  • In May 2014 here (2nd outfit) with chartreuse; and
  • First worn here in March 2014 with leopard (really!). 

In addition to this wear, that's six outfits. I paid $49.00 for this skirt new (made in Vancouver!), so that's not a great cost-per-wear at a little over $8.00 per outing. I hope that the recipient of the skirt will wear it lots! 

It's really too big on me, and spins around at the waist. It's also not lined, and I do prefer a lining in my skirts, especially pencil styles.

The stuff:
Jenn and I shopped for over 6 hours! What a marathon! I'm glad I wore comfy shoes.

  • Earrings - Stella and Dot

The earrings were still sitting out from Friday's outfit, and they went, so...wear 'em again!

I was home in the late afternoon and Vizzini was on the warpath.
"Where is the Man?? I have been worried sick!"
L went to see a football game in Seattle this weekend with a couple of friends. It was a close one, but Miami barely lost to the Seahawks. Sorry, love! Your team looked...okay!

I did buy a few things for myself on our massive shop - Jenn did amazingly well, putting together at least a dozen permutations of outfits out of all the great stuff she found.

We started at the WIN (Women in Need) Boutique. I found this multi-metal chain necklace on one of the mannequins in the store as soon as I walked in.
It was $9.50 and it is a good length.

Okay, don't judge me! I fell in love with this t-shirt.
Yes, it is a purple tie-dyed t-shirt with a cat and psychedelic designs all over it. It's by The Mountain, was $5.00, and apparently I've purchased a child's t-shirt by Dean Russo called "The Abyssinian" (link here, 'cause I love). Looks like they sell for $22.00 so my $5.00 seems pretty good. I don't know how I will wear this, but I am determined to style it for a classy grown-up lady like myself. Expect the unexpected!

Just as we were about to leave the WIN Boutique, I was making sure I hadn't missed anything and was rooting around in some bins, when I spotted these wool and fur gloves.
They fit nice and snug (I have big hands) and were lovely on - I am looking forward to classing up a winter outfit with these pretties. They were $6.95 and have no labels, but they are modern (I can tell by the stitching and the rabbit's fur rosettes).

From there, we strolled down to Fairfield Plaza, and had lunch at the pub. We spent hours at My Sister's Closet - because I've been there fairly recently with Yvonne, I didn't find much (and their half-price sale is over). I had tried these boots on right away, then put them back. What do I need with camel leather boots?
Then I saw another woman try them on, and the lioness in me said, "I want those!"

And fortunately for me, she didn't buy I did! These are by Matisse, which seems to be sold at the Bay department store, and they are made in Brazil. I feel like I got them for a bargain at $42.95, what do you think?
They are a bit scuffed, but otherwise in really good condition.

Jenn and I split up then; she went home, and I wandered over to Lazy Susan's for a quick look. Good thing I did! I found a piece of vintage Renoir copper for $12.00.
It's a bracelet, and it matches these earrings (picture here)!

Yay, I have a set! I love that.
It is worn, but that's to be expected with a piece that is over 50 years old.

It looks nice on, which is what counts with me.
I can't wait to unpack my copper jewelry from their spring/summer slumber!

I also got two pairs of stud earrings for $12.00.
I've been needing a purple pair, and I really liked these faux moonstone ones.

After a quiet evening in with Vizzini (who completely ignored me and/or glared at me like I'd killed L), I got up this morning and headed to town for groceries.
Freshly-dyed hair
One more wear of this fabulous Italian dress, and gotta wear those boots right away!

  • Dress - I'M Isola Marras; last seen here in June with purple boots My Husband Hates
  • Boots - Matisse, consignment; purchased above for $42.95

It's another warm sunny day and I wanted to wear this dress again before I pack it away in a few weeks. It's not a good cold-weather dress, and it's great for ink coverage.
I liked how it looked with the camel boots. I didn't think this colour would be super-useful to me (why??), but it's a great neutral. I still dislike this colour in clothing, however. Blah, why not wear a bowl of oatmeal?

The stuff:
I gave the boots a good coat of Woly, and it vanished a bunch of the scuffs, and gave he boots a slightly warmer tone and a bit of a shine.

Familiar bling:
Recognize the earrings?

  • Necklace - Givenchy, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Earrings - Stella and Dot, consignment

After groceries, I wandered down to the Patch for a browse. I found these awesome Banana Republic trousers.
"This spot on the carpet warrants more interest than your pants, Woman."
They fit like a dream, and I adore this awesome fabric.
Deep red, black and a shiny grey/silver jacquard - perfect for the brocade excessive looks for fall! And for $24.95, they had to come home with me - BR's cropped slim pants are around $100-125 new. These are from fall 2013, so there goes that style wheel, ever turning.

I go through rows of sweaters with my hand, just feeling for the best fabric. Bam, this is merino wool.
The sweater is thin, and a lovely shade of blue. I like that the back is slightly longer than the split-side front.

And V-necks are always awesome on.
And only $14.95 - yes! This sweater is from fall 2015, so not even a year old, and already in the thrift store! Shocking.

My final purchase was this magnificent red semi-shiny blouse.
One sleeve rolled here to show the tabs.

Guess who it's by?
I like these "screw-head" buttons. And I don't mind a subtle logo or several.

Only $16.95.
For Michael Kors, I'm good with that.

When I got home, Vizzini was so happy to see me.
"What is this interesting thing that is not you?"
He is still ignoring me. L will be home soon, bud!

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I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! 


  1. That maxi leather skirt is to DIE for! Good thing we don't thrift together.

    You looked amazing for the opera. I bet you were the best dressed there.


    1. Thanks, Suzanne! It's a fabulous skirt - and yes, I WAS the best-dressed there! There were people in short and t-shirts, fer goodness' sake!

  2. Your Spamalot outfit did not disappoint -you looked wonderful and I really like that top and skirt together!

    Really like those boots too - they were a great buy.

    1. Thank you, Mica! I was surprised to see how well they went together.

      Yup, I think those boots are going to be worn a lot!

  3. Love, LOVE your Spamalot outfit (we saw the show too and really enjoyed it). And I would never laugh at such a fab cat tee shirt (are people laughing at my cat tee shirts?) - it's amazing. thanks for sharing and xox,


    1. Thanks, Patti! And thank you for not laughing at my cat tee!

  4. Glad you got to see Spamalot. I'm a life-long Python fan but could never get tickets to it when it originated here in NYC. Too popular then.

    1. I missed it on Broadway back when it first opened (we saw "Mama Mia" instead), so happy to catch it here!

  5. I almost did not recognise the Desigual dress with the baby blue blouse underneath - love it !
    and I loved your shopping with Jane look: you are a master in layering and print mixing (like you did not know that...)
    Oh I wish I had re charged my batteries this weekend, I used them all and AM exhausted today.

    1. I know, that dress is just transformed with whatever top I wear under it! Thanks, Lorena! I spent so much quiet time, it's hard to get my mojo on for work today.

  6. OMG! So many to die for things, Sheila! I love Desigual and that dress on you looks gorgeous. And for your night out, that leather skirt is amazing, the whole outfit and you, amazing. The Boots! Have a great week. xx

  7. Too much, my dear! I love how you added that frilled blouse under the Desigual dress. Also think that the opera outfit is totally fabulous. The OTK boots are beautiful and really look great on. What a fab weekend you had x

    1. Thank you! I have layered so many blouses under this dress.

  8. Your Spam-a-Lot outfit is freaking fantastic - I bet the other people there thought you were famous. I'm not a big fan of Desigual designs but that is a wonderful dress, made even more so with the layering. The Italian dress is one of my faves of yours too. Soooo much fab stuff in your closet!

    1. I got a lot of side-eye looks, ha ha! I find Desigual very hit and miss. Their top-of-the-line stuff (like my dress and my two jackets) are nice, but a lot of their stuff is on the crappy side.

      I love that Marras dress. It's so cool.

  9. Finally catching up after my travels! Your outfits always amaze and your contributions to Hat Attack are so incredible. This feather fascinator is spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Judith! It was fun to wear - I was definitely the most dressy person there.


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