Monday, September 12, 2016

Leopard and Emerald Green Culottes

Shockingly, I have not worn these emerald green culottes all year! 
I know, I am just as boggled by this as you! 

  • Sweater - Magaschoni, thrifted; last seen here in April with red
  • Culottes - Jac Dale, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here a year ago in September 2015
  • Shoes - Tod's, thrifted; last seen here with brown in summer in August

Just like this time last year, I am still hemming and hawing over these culottes. I will probably keep them, but they don't really feel like me so much any more. Maybe I'm just done with them.
I love the sweater, although by the end of the day, I was on the sweaty side walking home.

The "proof of culottes" shot:
Who doesn't like a nice crotch shot?

The alternate stair shot, because big wide pants do not like the stair shot.
Pretty sure my face will stick this way.
It was hard to motivate to go to work today.

The stuff:
Big clompin' heels! You can hear me coming.

Little bling:
Rings and the first wearing of these new earrings.

  • Earrings - local
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpaneva, vintage 70s - vintage expo

Mr. Vizzini is still having nothing to do with me. Here he is flopped on L's couch, near where L's head would be.
"Bring back the Man, or I will eat something you value."
He'll be home soon!


  1. I love the green and leopard together! Your top reminds me of a leopard print top I used to have - it fell apart in the end and I've never found another to replace it! :(

    If you do get rid of those culottes it won't be too sad as you do have a lot of fun wearing things in your wardrobe until they leave.

    1. I love leopard - I like the neckline on this sweater. I know, the culottes have had a good run.

  2. Not a favorite outfit. Neither piece does a lot for you, but that's just my opinion :(

  3. Green and leopard is a lovely combination and the outfit looks really great on you. But if you're not feeling the culottes then they will have to go!


    Hope your week is good


  4. I like these colors together but I like you I think you might be done with them too.

  5. Poor Mr. Vizzini, hope he's recovering by now. If something doesn't feel like you anymore...maybe they aren't... even though you look great. xx

    1. I don't really want to give the culottes up, but I didn't want to wear them either. Time for 'em to move on.

  6. Ya gotta love it girl, to wear it. Sounds like you've fallen out of love, and hey we know that happens. They are fab and if I lived next door I'd ask you to drop them in on the way to work tomorrow... Have a great week x

    1. Yes, you're so right, Anna! If you lived closer they'd be yours (although I think they would be too big on you - they are large in the waist).

  7. The pants are an interesting combination of culotte and palazzo pant, but if they don't make you feel awesome when you're wearing them, time to move 'em out and make room for something better.

    1. They were awesome...last year! And the year before! Yup, they are gone.


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