Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shoes My Husband Hates: Purple Platform Booties

Hello, and welcome to...


...a series that I'll be running all week, featuring - you guessed it! - shoes my husband hates. Go here to read the previous series from 2014. 

Now, a couple of things before the fun begins.

L and I have been married nearly 20 years. He in no way ever tells me what to wear, what to buy or even suggests anything to do with my appearance unless I ask him for his opinion (and he is honest when I do so). He is definitely biased by what styles were classic when he was a teenager, so pointy-toed pumps are the ultimate feminine shoe in his eyes, and he knows what he does not like. You may disagree, or you may agree, but either way, let's play nice here. 
A funky dress on a funky gal! I've decided after many years to grow my hair out, which is why it's looking ass-tastic the past few weeks. In case you were wondering.

  • Dress - I'M Isola Marras; last seen here in July 2015 with fakes and reals
  • Boots - Prepare Maps, Fluevog; last seen here with velvet and lilac in September 2015

This is a very funky dress. I love it so much, I IRONED it last night. On the floor. On top of a towel. I haven't used the iron in years. I feel like I should get a medal or something. 

I wore lacy tights (it wasn't too hot out today, phew) and a short half-slip under the dress so that I had a bit of coverage - that's a very open hemline.
This dress doesn't just talk - it shouts! Maybe that's why I like it.

Okay, shall we talk about the shoes? L really has strong opinions about these ones!
And I'm sure some of you may agree - these are not everyone's cup of tea.

After easing our way into Bad Shoe Week, Thursday finally delivers our first true crime against shoemanity. The only thing I like about these boots is the colour, which is glorious. Otherwise, they are a demented folk-art project that has all of the worst elements of my most hated shoes of 2014 (the Dutch Elf Disease [link] and the Turquoise Monstrosity [link]. Rounded toes, rustic stitching, clunky heel – you name the feature I don’t like, and this shoe has it. The decision to take the basic design and turn it into a boot would have been an improvement if it weren’t for the tan orange beads. These create an arts-and-crafts feel that makes me think some craft fair vendor took a perfectly serviceable pair of Fluevogs, festooned them with beads, and is now trying to sell them for $30 more than original retail price. My advice: skip it, and get the homemade preserves at the booth next door.

Okay, first of all, he should trademark "Crime Against Shoemanity," right? Hilarious! And I do agree that the wooden beads remind me of some truly horrendous macrame from the 70s.

The stuff:
I'd like to remind L that he bought these for me! And I do love them - the colour, the shape and oh, they are so comfy to wear. Although a pain to take on and off - I changed into and out of them three times today and that was two times too many.

Gold bling:
Yup, that's gold (colour).

  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Ring - some junky store in the late 90s

 This morning, Vizzini was being very lovely. Here he is with his "come hither" look for me.
"Hey, Woman, why don't you come over here and nap with me?"
I was so tempted! Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow. Of course, that means the biggest Crimes Against Shoemanity have been saved for last - stay tuned!


  1. Your man definitely has a way with words! And he's not wrong, exactly, except YOU make these darn boots work. Only you, though, I think ;-) John Fluevog should hire you as an Ambassador!

  2. I want to nap with V right now - and I just got up. Very cool dress and once again, I must disagree with L. Love these funky shoes. xox


    1. I know, he's so cute! Ha, yes, he just rolls his eyes at them.

  3. The whole vibe of this ensemble knocked it out of the park!!! Bravo, you styled it all so well and you look fantastic. This time L got it wrong even if he coined a fantastic term. These boots rock!!!

  4. Like you, I never EVER iron, so yeah I do think you should get a prize.

  5. I'm not super into all Fluevogs, but I like the chunky purple boots!!!

  6. OMG - L bought those for you!? That is TRUE LOVE - being exposed to the disease of these craft-show-shoes-gone-wrong in his own home for your HAPPINESS. I adore them, even the macrame part. Hilarious!! Hahaha.
    And yes, I have accrued a few Ironing medals myself. Did they give badges for this in Brownies or Girl Guides? I never joined. But a medal is much more appropriate. But stay away from the drug testing - how else could we work ourselves up to the task.
    Love your hair!!

    1. He did, on one of our anniversary pilgrimages to Van, about 4-5 years ago! He hated them then, as well.

      You know, I think they DID give badges for ironing! That's probably why I know how to do it.

  7. I love the boots. They make me think of futuristic space girls.

  8. I think this dress is totally fab, but honesty does drive me to say that the boots are not my favourite. The colour is great, but oh... Is this the end of a beautiful friendship?
    Anna x

  9. L is an excellent word-smith! I have to disagree with him on these - I think they are sooo cool, and look great with the funky dress. I would wear them if my stupid bunions actually fit into Fluevogs!

  10. I love your posts. You are so funny. I love L. And I adore your Vizzini.
    I think the boots look fun, quirky and modern. They lift any dress from looking frumpy.


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