Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shoes My Husband Hates: Black Wedge Sandals

Hello, and welcome to...


...a series that I'll be running all week, featuring - you guessed it! - shoes my husband hates. Go here to read the previous series from 2014. 

Now, a couple of things before the fun begins.

L and I have been married nearly 20 years. He in no way ever tells me what to wear, what to buy or even suggests anything to do with my appearance unless I ask him for his opinion (and he is honest when I do so). He is definitely biased by what styles were classic when he was a teenager, so pointy-toed pumps are the ultimate feminine shoe in his eyes, and he knows what he does not like. You may disagree, or you may agree, but either way, let's play nice here. 
Aw, look at those pretty sandals. Who could hate an innocuous pair of black sandals?

  • Blouse - Alfani, thrifted; purchased here last week for $18.00
  • Skirt - Sandra Angelazzi, consignment; purchased here  for $25.00
  • Shoes - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in May with Danger Pants

I adored this blouse - the sleeves are like wings! I swooshed them around the office and was generally goofy. As I am.
First wearing of this awesome graphic skirt. I loved it...but it's got no stretch whatsoever! I have gotten so used to everything having a little bit of give - it felt weird. However, I really like it, so it's a keeper.

The stuff:
Okay, shall we see what L has to say?

Observant readers will already know that I am no fan of the solid wedge heel, which tends to make all shoes look like they were designed by a structural engineer. This isn’t the worst wedge heel, though. I think I picked them more for the glossy black toe strap and flat, blunted open toe which reminds me of those utilitarian dress flats that are a mainstay of old lady shoes the world over. From the bustling streets of Rome, to the dusty sidewalks of small town British Columbia, this thick strap/blunt-toed combo screams out, “I am wearing these shoes on the advice of my podiatrist.” The heel and ankle strap help counteract this effect, but not enough to keep these off the list.

I am smellin' what you're cookin', L, but I think you're pushing it with these - these aren't even close to old lady shoes! Readers? What say you?

Silver bling:
One of my favourite sets. 

  • Cuff/earrings - Fossil, gift from L
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Death Star ring - Soul Flower

Well, we shall see with tomorrow's outfit and shoes! Shockingly, it might be another shoe with a non-skinny heel. 


  1. your new blouse is HUBBA HUBBA! Love the shoes too : >

  2. Sorry L, but these are definitely NOT old lady shoes. I for one, at the ripe young age of 69 (next month) would not be caught DEAD (yes, even when I AM dead) in old lady shoes...and believe me, I try and buy a lot of shoes and if there's even the slightest nod to old lady-ness, they're rejected. These shiny, engineer-wedged sandals of Sheila's show way too much skin to qualify as old lady sandals. So there. Now, Sheila...that outfit is killer in the angel wing sort of way. I love those sleeves and how they balance out the straightness of the skirt. I can just SEE you taking flight...you'd be so aerodynamic, especially with those shiny, platform sandals working like solid rocket boosters!

  3. Oh you're wearing your new blouse :) and its funny that L thinks these shoes are worn by doctor's orders.

  4. Oh this is a very chic outfit. The sleeves are gorgeous and the skirt goes so well with the mint green. Shame about the lack of stretch - there's nothing like a bit of stretch to make a girl feel good...

    Definitely disagree with L about the shoes - old lady shoes they are not!!


  5. I can see where L gets the idea that they are "old lady" shoes - the chunkiness of the heel, especially on the profile, could *possibly* match a lower heeled chunky shoe for the "old lady" he is imagining. With that said, I don't have that image of these shoes. They look great with this outfit, and the shininess of the shoes goes with the sheen of the skirt.

    Am enjoying seeing L's commentary, in general. It's interesting to hear a male's perspective.

  6. Hahaha, not even close, but Sheila, he's grasping at straws here. You have to go out and buy some truly fugly shoes!! Hahaha. I've never loved a solid wedge either but I do like these shoes with the high ankle strap and the shine. I want to go to those mythical towns where old ladies wear shoes with lovely shiny straps. These aren't even thick! Hahaha. Great commentary yet again. Keep it coming.

  7. Major heart eye emoticon over here for that gloriously glam mint green blouse. Love, love and love some more!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  8. Deffo not old lady shoes, pah! It's wonderful to see this beautiful blouse on you - it's utterly glamorous and goes so well with the graphic print skirt too. I love the swooshiness of pleats, they're so feminine.

  9. There is not even a smidgen of "Old Lady" shoe about these so I have no clue what L is going on about ;)


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