Monday, June 6, 2016

Shoes My Husband Hates: Purple Ballet Flats

Hello, and welcome to...


...a series that I'll be running all week, featuring - you guessed it! - shoes my husband hates. Go here to read the previous series from 2014. 

Now, a couple of things before the fun begins.

L and I have been married nearly 20 years. He in no way ever tells me what to wear, what to buy or even suggests anything to do with my appearance unless I ask him for his opinion (and he is honest when I do so). He is definitely biased by what styles were classic when he was a teenager, so pointy-toed pumps are the ultimate feminine shoe in his eyes, and he knows what he does not like. You may disagree, or you may agree, but either way, let's play nice here. 
First up, an innocuous little pair of ballet flats.

  • Kimono top - Urban Renewal; first worn here (2nd outfit) to see "So You Think You Can Dance" on tour in January
  • Top (underneath) - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) to shop with my mother-in-law in May
  • Culottes - Jones New York, vintage 80s; last seen here for a partial sick day in March
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last worn here (3rd outfit) with a Liberty print for shopping in May

I was quite happy with this outfit - it was perfect for a first day back after being off for 3 days last week. Only 500 emails too. I must be doing something right.
I like this kimono top/jacket thing - I preferred it worn with a sleeveless top versus the longer white shirt I wore last time. I also don't mind the blockier shape of this outfit, even with the leather obi defining the waist.

And shall we get to the shoes now?
What does L have to say?
 These shoes are really more of a "mild dislike" but because Sheila has such great taste in shoes it was hard to find five pairs to hate on. I like the colour and overall shape, but I generally don’t like shoes with big raised flowers on them. The position and shape of these flowers make them look more like some kind of moss growing in the side of a rock wall, threatening to encroach their way onto the foot of their "host."  It’s not quite “Day of the Triffids” but it is disconcerting.” 

The poor man had trouble coming up with 5 pairs that he hadn't picked on before - no repeats! - so although he doesn't have the same dislike for these as some others coming up this week, I'm sure he'd be happy to see them go. However, these are staying in my closet for now. If he hadn't chosen them, I'm sure I wouldn't have worn them for work - they are getting a bit too worn out for that.

The stuff:
Considering how simple the outfit is, that's a fair number of accessories.

Eastern bling:
I normally would do silver accessories with white/lavender/black, but why not gold?

  • Necklace - Ellandemm, thrifted (first wear), purchased here for $8.00
  • Belt - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Floral bracelet - Trifari, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Cuff - vintage 60s, Mom's

Another hot day today, and with both of us back at work, the Vizz-meister was grumpy.
"You're going to leave me?"
He was really happy to see me when I got home!


  1. I'm not very fond of those shoes either, but hey. you're the one how has to like them, not us! :P

    you look lovely as always!

    have a nice day

  2. Oh gods, I love this series. I wouldn't love it if L were a bossy dude, but you two are so in love and such great partners - this just lets me know you're human like the rest of us! Anyway, I love these shoes, natch, and the glorious face of Vizzini to start my day. xo


  3. omg! you are my hero, excuse me Lady Hero!! me and my friend just enjoyed hot tea, a couple of ciggys some sunshine and going all through your awesome blog posts. uummmm, he just gave you 3 snaps in the air and yelled "ALRIGHT GIRL".

  4. Oh, it's that time of the year again :)
    I have to disagree with Mr Clooney here, the flowers are not that big and the position looks just fine.
    That's such a great kimono like blazer.

    1. Hee, I think you are the only person who remembers Mr. Clooney! :) I like the flowers on the shoes too - that's what elevates them for me, from just a boring round-toe flat.

  5. Wow 500 emails is a lot! :) I actually really like the flower embellishment on these shoes! :) They look so nice in your outfit too.I particularly like the belted kimono top, I still need to try belting one of my kimonos - will have to do it when the weather is warmer.

    1. It sure is - it took all day to get through them all. Same! I like the flower!

  6. Oh yeeeah, I love your rules! That means, knowing what L dislikes, when you go shoe shopping are HAVE to buy ones he hates just so you can continues the series without overlap. High five! Heh. --- Although, you can pretty much buy what you want now anyway, so there goes that bonus before it even got fired up.

    I like the mossy-host-encroaching shoes, although when I think of you I think of colourful shoes. But a woman must have flats and neutrals. Thumbs up. Love the rest of the outfit too. Off now to read the next article.

  7. One of my favorite series! I agree with L, your taste in shoes is fabulous...and please let him know that his description of the flowers on these shoes as moss growing on the side of a rock wall actually make me covet these shoes even more. :)

  8. Fascinating! It is the very placement - a delightful departure from the usual "front and center" spot for such - of the flowers that makes me personally adore this pair so.

    And speaking of adoring, epic love for your obi belt. I want/need one akin to it sooo very much.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica, I'll keep my eye out for a black obi for you - I see them in thrift stores all the time!

  9. I'm spoilt now by L's moss description - that's all I'll ever see when I look at these! But apart from that I love this outfit. The culottes are fab and that kimono is a great partner to these stylish trousers. Lovely x

  10. I've got to say I agree with him on these. When I glanced at them briefly, I didn't see flowers, I saw chewed chewing gum which had been splodged onto the side of a shoe! Mean, I know, but you have incredible taste and I love everything else you wear, soI hope you forgive me!x

    1. Oh, that's cool, Kezzie. They are long gone from my wardrobe anyway.


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