Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Teal Wings of the Bat (and Houndstooth)

I have to thank Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style for mentioning me in her recent post, "How To Wear Vintage Over 40" - links because I love, of course, plus I've actually met Patti in person. 
I am a child of the 70s and a teen of the 80s, so when I go thrifting, I am pulled to things I remember from those eras. I love combining them with modern pieces to create a fun and (I hope) timeless look.

  • Blouse - Norah Noh, vintage 80s, thrifted; purchased here for $8.95 
  • Pants - TopShop, thrifted; last seen here for our anniversary trip to Vancouver in March
  • Shoes - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last worn here for Shoes My Husband Hates week a couple of weeks ago

I was totally  feeling this awesome 100% silk blouse. Some of you expressed concerns or noted how you reject 100% silk clothes in the thrift stores. I am also cautious about silk, especially because the label usually recommends "dry clean only" (and I hate the environmental impact and cost of dry-cleaning). However, with vintage silk, it's often much thicker than modern stuff, and silk is a natural fibre - I remember in the 80s when there was machine wash/tumble dry silk shirts on the market everywhere.

I pits-ed this shirt almost immediately on my walk to work this morning, then I moved some stuff around and dealt with my usual office stuff...more pits-ing. Screw it. I only paid $8.95 and it's going in the washer - and dryer! I think it will come out fine...but never, ever do this yourself unless you are willing to ruin the garment.

I do adore the 80s bat-wing sleeve, or as I referred to it today, in dramatic tones, "Wings of the Bat!"
I shall soar over the rooftops! 
 I enjoyed the lovely feel of the silk, and was neither too warm nor too cold in it.
And it was nice to wear these pants again, although I have to start doing squats or something. My butt is looking flat!

The stuff:
Easy shoes for a busy day.

Modern bling:
I love this "liquid chain" necklace - it's great for filling the cleavage portion of a neckline!

  • Necklace - thrifted
  • Earrings - local

Vizzini and I have been having many cuddles in the mornings. I wasn't feeling very well all day today, and he was like a fuzzy little water bottle.
"You should stay home with me. We will have more cuddles."
No can do, little bun.
"Allow me to give you lovey eyes. This works every time." 
I was tempted, I admit. The power of lovey eyes!


  1. You do manage to create timeless outfits no matter the era of the individual pieces :)

    I was admiring a machine washable silk blouse in uniqlo the other day, I was tempted as it was on sale from $60 to $20 but it was a bit sheer. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out in there when I'm looking for stuff for returning to the office though, it would be nice to upgrade the fabrics in my wardrobe. I never have much luck thrifting silk! I do have a handwash cycle on my washing machine I've used with success though, so I'm ready if I find it!

  2. You do have one of the best style stories, Sheila! I really love your ability to combine vintage and modern pieces, colors, textures, etc.

    The new blouse is lovely. I too love silk. I find it is almost always possible to handwash silk garments and let them air dry. I also find that silk garments often need less cleaning--the silk has a breathing quality, and often just airing out on a hanger is enough. I do have one gorgeous pleated silk skirt by Theory that I found for a song at Buffalo Exchange that I take to the cleaners--I don't know another way to really keep those pleats looking right.

  3. I have yet to find the perfect silk blouse. This is such a pretty color on you.
    In my case 99% of my clothes go in the washer and dryer... why is why my leopard print blazer came apart last week.... I'm trying to find a way to have it fixed.

  4. Such a beautiful blouse Sheila, and it works really well with these trousers. I had to laugh at your comment on your flat derrière though! If it's any consolation I sometimes thinks mine resembles a box as I have to spend so much time sitting at my computer at work.
    Anna x


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