Friday, June 3, 2016

May Post-Capsule Reflection and Onto the Next New Thing

Just a quick post, mid-vacay, to say I'm having a lovely time, and here's a look back at the May month-long loosey goosey capsule. I like to analyse how I wear things. 

Where we started with sweaters and shoes: 
  • Cardigan - useful. Keep.
  • Pink cashmere - nice but too warm right now. Keep.

  • Black sneakers - love them. Keep.
  • Speckled shoes - not the best all-day shoe, but I still love them. Keep.
  • Aqua shoes - one of my favourite pairs. Keep.
  • Neutral cream shoes - a surprise hit! Keep. 
  • Yellow pumps - Love. Keep.
  • Floral lace-ups - Adore. Keep.
  • Black gladiators - Hated. Gone. 

The initial selection of dresses, jackets and skirts:

  • Yellow dress - love. Keep.
  • Pink Kenzo dress - Okay, but didn't love it. Gone. Vero wants it.
  • Pink nightgown - love, but now it's actually a nightgown. Keep, but you'll never see me wearing it again! Well, never say never. 


  • Striped nautical blazer - a short fling, but not love. The fit's not the best. Gone.
  • 3D long floral jacket - superstar of the capsule! I love this jacket! Mine, mine, mine. Keep.


  • Pink drawstring - didn't even wear it once. Bad purchase. Gone.  
  • Psychedelic scuba skirt - been there, done that. Nah. Gone.
  • Teal lace skirt - fuzzed out on the side. Gone.
  • Green cotton skirt - too big. Gone. 
  • Pink floral cotton - I still like it. Pockets go a long way. Keep. 
  • Pink leather pencil - high waist! Love, wish it had pockets. Keep. 
  • Plaid maxi - Swoosh Factor 8. Keep. 
  • Cream leather - awesome, but too hot for summer. Keep, but put away for the season. 
And finally, the shirts - oops, and another dress - and trousers.


  • Denim short-sleeved - awesome fit. Keep.
  • Cold shoulder - novelty, but where will I ever find that again? Keep. 
  • White short-sleeved - classic, wear until it dies (about 6 more times, max). Keep. 
  • Striped short-sleeved - great fit. Keep.
  • Fringed magenta - fringey! Keep.
  • Copper leather - is there any question? Keep.

[Interlude] Floral cuffed dress - love it. Keep. [/Interlude]

  • Silky pajama top - too fabulous. Keep.


  • Fuchsia - awesome. Keep.
  • Polka dot - amazing. Keep. 
  • Danger Pants - legendary. Keep.

And here's what I ended up with at the end of all that month:
The fuzzy Muppet sweater replaced the pink cashmere sweater.

I did quite a bit of switching around with my shoes and swapped them in and out at will. My feet need variety. The only 2 pairs that stayed in all month were the floral lace-ups and the aqua shoes. I did swap the yellow Fluevogs for the same pair in copper!

And the hangin' stuff:
The aqua suede, mint dots, plaid maxi, green cotton and cream leather skirts all made it to the end. I debated on the green cotton skirt for a while, but I think it's done its time with me. I won't regret it.

The denim shirt, copper top, pajama top and striped shirt all lasted (the white shirt too, but it was in the wash), and I added the bright cerulean blouse.

All trousers remained, although Danger Pants are not in heavy rotation.

So! That's my third capsule this year and I'm done. Bored now! Time for something revisiting something I did a couple of years ago:

Shoes My Husband Hates 
(link to my week in July 2014 here).

This afternoon, L went through my shoes and picked out 5 pairs he hates (that he didn't hate previously, hee hee), and one pair that he loves. 
I think you can guess which ones he loves. One of these shoes is not like the others.

Here they are in my closet, in order of degree of hatred.
Least hated at the left, most hated at the right, and the green pointy-toed shoes are the faves. L does love a pointy toe.

L will be writing a little blurb about each shoe and why he hates it, and I have planned outfits around each of them, having the full range of my wardrobe to play with again. We both hope you guys will find our shared posts amusing - it's a fun way for us to get creative together. Our week of posts will launch on Monday!

And...back to my vacation! Happy weekend, my friends!


  1. Hahaha - L's most-hated shoes. I love that column. He seems to get out of joint for those shoes where the upper wraps around the sole. Sounds like a song - Your soul is wrapped in uppers.

    Whew about keeping those Danger Pants. If you were to get rid of them I would have had to row over there to save them! Heh. Bummer about the pink Kenzo dress, but yes. I'm glad it found a good home.

    When I look in your closet I just want to touch EVERYTHING. Oooh so many lovely colours, textures and shine. Enjoy the rest of your break. I've been on an online detox. It's going well but I'm missing out!!!

  2. Oh looking forward to the hated shoes posts!

    It's really interesting seeing how you used your capsule to identify what works for you and what doesn't - it's a good read :)

    Thanks so much fir your comment regarding colour on my blog too - looking to nature is a great idea, thanks! I'll do that next time I'm unsure about a colour combination.

  3. Too funny, I picked out the green pointy toed ones as his favorite! I named them "Ephemera's Elphaba Shoes". I think they're gorgeous.

  4. How interesting to get a man's perspective on your shoes! Novel notion.

  5. Happy weekend to you and L! I enjoyed your time capsule overview. And great sense of humor! Looking forward to L's take on the shoes!

  6. It's fascinating that your husband has such strong feelings about your shoes. I think that Tony likes all of mine, but now you've got me wondering...I may have to pick his brain about that topic, too. :)

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  7. Seems like the capsule encouraged some closet edits.
    I am actually going to ask my husband what shoes he dislikes.. I may be surprised.

  8. LOL L's hated and most fav shoe pics!!!

  9. I wonder if my husband hates any of my shoes...


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