Friday, December 18, 2015

Funky Friday: All the Colours, with Teal as a Neutral

I had another outfit picked out to wear today, and changed to this at the last minute.
"At the last minute" for me, of course, means last night.

  • Blouse - Antonella, vintage 80s, thrifted; last seen here in October with green tweed
  • Dress - Desigual; last worn here (2nd outfit) for the 40+ Blogger Meet-Up in July in Vancouver
  • Boots - Libby Smith, Bellevues, Fluevog; last seen here while rolling in the 70s last month

I wore teal tights with this - the dominant colour of the dress is teal, so that acted as my neutral.

Is that a parrot on my bum or are you just happy to see me?
This is such a fun dress - I love it and love wearing it. It always gets tons of reactions, from the predictable, "Hey Sheila, you've got your eye on us!" the less predictable, "All the colours!" comment. I do love how this vivid orange blouse brings all the orange patches on the skirt into play, much more strongly than they normally are. This dress is worth the travel back through my links; I've worn it so many ways since I bought here in 2010 in London.

The stuff:
Fabulous boots for walking to and from work today!

  • Earrings - Tania Gleave

Our other office in town had a potluck today, so I walked over at lunch with some of my colleagues. I took sausage rolls (hey, it is perfectly valid to buy food that other people have made for a potluck!), but there was so much food. I'm still stuffed!

I'll be back on Sunday for "Visible Monday" - I will be very visible in peach this weekend!


  1. I love the orange blouse with this dress!You're right, it really makes the colours pop even more than usual. Wonderful combination!

    I always eat too much food at events that are catered, haha! Hubby's work Christmas party had me still full the next day, they just kept bringing out more and more food!

  2. I remember that dress from Vancouver, and every memory from Vancouver makes me all happy. Looking fabulous - have a great weekend. xox


  3. The dress works perfectly with the vintage blouse and teal tights - plenty of colour and style, fabulous! xxx

  4. Wow, that is a gorgeous dress! My jaw dropped for the dress, plus the fact that I was looking at that designer, as a friend at work has a dress of that brand, which is from Spain I think? I so loved it so much I started hunting for one on line!

  5. ha, ha, love that cheeky parrot! What a great last minute switch to this outfit. I love everything from top to toe. The cut, colour, print - wonderful!

  6. I remember the dress. You wore it to the bloggers meet-up. I clicked throught o your London post... you had totally different hair then. Fun to see this. I am going through a lot of your post as they are very entertaining. Won't comment everywhere though.

  7. Forgot to day that the boots are terrific. I am still very pleased with my Fluevog black and white booties.


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