Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ms. Mellow Mustard and Vizzini's Lab

Yikes, looks like the weather matched my hair today! 
Once again, I dressed to decorate the company Christmas tree. No such luck.

  • Blouse - Banana Republic, thrifted; first worn here (2nd outfit) with my birthday suit in October
  • Skirt - Julius via W&J Wilson, thrifted; last seen here in February with a fuzzy beaded sweater
  • Shoes - Poetic Licence; last seen here ...yup, at the same time, in the same outfit in February

I was a little slippy-slidey in this top - I should have worn a better camisole with it, and had to keep adjusting my boobage area so that I didn't reveal myself all the way down to my waist.
Despite my efforts to drink lots of wine, and eat lots of chocolate and chips, my weight has decided to hover 5 pounds below my goal weight. I'm a little ticked, because all my clothes are a bit big. I know, what a terrible problem...but I happen to love my clothes!

The stuff:
My WW members gasped in wonderment at these yellow beauties. They are rather awesome.

Gold bling:
Real gold! And crystals!

  • Earrings/necklace - Plum
  • Ring - late 90s

Not the ring, though; it's just crap, but I still really like it. I love honkin' rings.

While I was doing my pictures this morning, I heard a noise. With a cat like Vizzini, this means I have to investigate. What the heck are you up to, cat?
"The secret switch...must be here...somewhere."
We have a double-double closet in our hallway - this section houses my Christmas decorations and L's coats (my coats are on the other side, along with my vintage archives). We refer to this as Vizzini's Lab, where he is an Evil scientist going in there to plot how to kill us. You can't see it here, but the bifold doors are masking-taped shut to keep him from getting in. That large crystal vase keeps my coat door closed.

I haven't put my Christmas decorations up at home in over 4 years, coincidentally, since we've had Vizzini.
"Yes, you foiled my plans...this time!"
I have a ton of gorgeous Christmas ornaments (check out my tree here and my village here - I used to do another big tree as well), but since Vizzini is the Eater of All Things, I'm terrified to leave him alone in the house for several hours a day alone with things that I value.

Even though he's quite Evil, I love my cat more than I love my things.
"Fine way of showing it - I promise I'll only eat half your ornaments."
I can see why the top picture is blue! It was blue out this morning!


  1. I'm already wondering how many of our Christmas decorations I'll be able to have up this year with an inquisitive toddler, haha! I'm hoping for no tree-related disasters!

    Definitely agree with you though, Vizzini is much better than decorations any day! :)

  2. When Treacle was still with us, she amazed us by being completely disinterested in our tree and decorations for which I was very grateful! Wasn't so impressed by the mice she sometimes brought into the house though!

    Those shoes are adorable and you had me laughing at the slippage of the boobage area - oh, I know that so well!

  3. I love this mustard colour top with the matching shoes - I could really wear this ensemble. Most of us are trying to lose weight before Christmas - not you? Sorry if this is a very intrusive question x
    Anna's Island Style

  4. Wel,, if you REALLY need those 5 pounds, I can send them to you :)


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