Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shiny Vintage and Pink Angelinas

Well, I am exhausted. WW just launched their new program and I've been doing hard-core training over the last couple of months, and I did some intensive study last night. 
I also promised my group last week that I would wear my new pink booties for them. Promise fulfilled!

  • Cardigan - Club Monaco, thrifted; last seen here in May with my bright plaid skirt
  • Top - Style Rite, vintage 50s, thrifted; last worn here way back in December 2011
  • Skirt - Jones New York, vintage 80s, thrifted; last seen here (5th outfit) back in October for a weekend brunch
  • Boots - Sopranos Angelina, Fluevogs; purchased here last week for $199.00

I've been trying to pull all my archived vintage out and actually, you know, WEAR it, instead of archiving it. I keep reminding myself: things are meant to be used! If I don't love it, why am I keeping it?

Fortunately, I do love this top - the colours are magnificent, even though it mashes my boobs a little bit. Definitely check it out in the link above - I wore it for my office Christmas party and 3-4 times before that, but not since. Such a shame!
I'm a little iffy on the cardigan. I am just not feeling cardis these days. Eh, I'm sure that will change in another year. A good yellow cardi is hard to find.

The stuff:
Sweet pink booties! As you can see, I have not bought any ribbon yet for them...but I will! Maybe while I'm out Christmas shopping this weekend. A little something for L, a little something for me...

Bold bling:
The Jell-O shooter necklace!

  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Earrings - Dior

Okay, tired now.


  1. Hope you get a good rest tonight!

    I really like the colours in your outfit, it's a nice combination. It's good to set yourself the goal of wearing more of your wardrobe too! I'm currently stuck between wanting to try and maximise my wardrobe and wear as much as I can before I outgrow it, and just wanting to happily settle into wearing nothing but the few maternity clothes I have, haha!

  2. Gorgeous! Nothing ever smooshes my boobs, big sigh. I am trying to wear everything in my closet too - otherwise it will have to go. Have a great Friday! xox


  3. Oh those booties. Sigh. Gaze at longingly.
    Jello shooter necklace? Hahaha.
    No, I never suffer from the smoosh either.
    Have a great weekend. It's not raining! - at least not yet.

  4. Killer shoes. The kind of special item that only Sheila gets to wear. :-)

  5. Ooooooh, those booties are soooooo sweet (and candy-coloured, too!)

  6. I want those pink booties!! I also have a full wide long black skirt and I think it is so hard to style. I have a matching jacket with it and I thought it was very fifties-ish. But my husband says it looks like I am going to attend a very religious funeral (...). Such a good suit. Such little styling skills (me, that is).


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