Monday, November 23, 2015

Rolling in the Seventies, and Are We Ready for Mom Jeans?

I had a frustrating day full of annoyances, and I was supposed to go to the gym today, but by the time I got home and considered a) how wet I was from the rain and b) how much I did not want to deal with my purple hair "bleeding" down my neck at the gym, I was all "Screw it!" 
This is my "Screw it!" outfit.

  • Blouse - handmade, vintage 70s/early 80s; thrifted here yesterday for $9.95 (but free with other stuff purchased)
  • Skirt - vintage 70s, no label, gift from Elaine; last seen here in February with shades of wine
  • Boots - Libby Smith Bellevues, Fluevog; last seen here in April for a Casual Friday

The blouse was nice to wear - it's the softest fabric I've worn in a long time. I am sure it's silk.
I love this ginormous heavy skirt! It's so thick and flappy! I sound like thunder in it.

The stuff:
My funky purple and tan boots! The buttons are the same shade as the skirt - I love a good match!

Lacy bling:
Yup, seen these before.

  • Belt - gift from Mom
  • Earrings - Plum

So...I went back to the Patch quickly today. I'd planned to buy a dress and two other items that I tried on yesterday (and then regretted not buying). I told L about one of these items and he flipped out - "Why didn't you buy them!?"

Unfortunately, the dress had a big rip in the fabric that I'd missed, so I didn't get the "one free" and only bought two. Eh, I'm all right with that.

First, I re-grabbed this vintage wool Lacoste sweater.
I love the divot neckline, the slim fit and the almost bracelet-length sleeves. It's really thick and lovely to feel.

Made in France! I'm pretty sure most Lacoste is not made in France anymore.
And there's the croc. we go. These are probably one of the craziest things I've bought in a long time.
You're looking at a 9" zipper right there
They are super-high-waisted Mom jeans. Zoiks! In bright blue, and covered with shiny gold - even the thread is metallic gold.

Every spot that could have their classic Medusa head button, has a shiny gold button, trimmed with crystals (yes!).
The name is everywhere.
My jeans are a bright blue cotton, and have the Versace Jeans Couture piece number on them (it's 632526, if you care).
 A large leather patch on the back.
 A big patch inside.
Blurry, but it says, "Si certifica che questo capo e stato realizzato dagli stabilimenti ITTIERRE S.p.A. Nel rispetto dells immagine voluta dallo Stilista VERSACE. Il presente attestato e a garanzia dell'authenticita del capo.  ITTIERRE S.p.A."

Which means, "This is to certify that this garment was made ​​by the establishments ITTIERRE SpA In respect dells wanted image stylist VERSACE . This attestation and guarantee dell'authenticita head . ITTIERRE SpA ". Um, sure, okay. Ittierre SpA seems to be a manufacturing company (very high-end).
 All authentic looking.
Interesting that there's what seems to be a date on the back of this tag "26-11-1973". I'm pretty sure that these are from the early 90s. I better get out my bodysuit!

And what did I pay for these pants of insanity?
Yeah, $24,95. I'm happy! I have seen the younger generation wearing these on the street - forget those bell-bottoms and get on the "Mom Jean" train!

Are you in? Or is this a little too hard to revisit? I have to admit, my butt looks amazing in these! Can't wait to wear them.


  1. Love the colours in your outfit!

    Also pleased you went back and got the jeans, I'm looking forward to seeing how you wear them! :) I'm petite with a tiny tiny torso so high waisted anything is not a great look on me sadly :( I'm all for jeans with a little extra sparkle though!

  2. I think I had these jeans, or very sim - I remember thinking - Versace's name is everywhere! And yes, they give great butt. Good find, you! xox


  3. I am all for the "Screw it" look - I should put one together for me.
    Oh and indeed most Lacoste is now made in Peru, that sweater is a great piece and of course I want to see you wear the new Versace mom jeans.

  4. I love the mom jeans! Can't wait to see you wear them.

  5. Sheila, I'm in! I lurve these jeans, maybe cos they suit my body type. I can't wait to see you wearing those. And the other thing I have to say is how fab are your button trimmed boots. They remind me of Mary Poppins. I know she may not be a typical style icon, but she had a certain charm. And hey, sometimes it's good to be a gym bunny, other times you just have to be human xx
    Anna's Island Style

  6. High-waisted jeans, if they fit properly, can make your butt look great, and no horrible muffin top! Those are some pretty flashy jeans. I would love to find a pair of high-waisted pants that fit both my hips and my waist, but the chance of that is small.

    I had one of those heavy flappy suede skirts with the snap front when I was in my 20's or 30's. It was pretty much indestructible.

  7. Those are awesome jeans. Personally I'm ready to give up pants and live in joggers for the rest of my life.

  8. totally agree with Forest City re. muffin top! high waist eliminates that danger in a big way! SOO looking forward to seeing you rock these jeans She!

  9. Oooh....cannot wait to see those high waisted jeans on you. My ass looks HUGE when I wear high waisted jeans.

    I love that Lacoste sweater as well.

    I'm drooling over your Fluevog boots with that midi suede skirt.

    I picked up a purple midi skirt in leather yesterday while thrifting and thought of you.



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