Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Seasonal Burgundy and Houndstooth, and the Angelinas

All week, I've been trying to wear sort-of practical (as in MY sort of practical, ha ha) clothes with the anticipation of putting up the office Christmas decorations. 
They are still not up. I'm aiming for Friday. There might be a pair of high-waisted Mom jeans making an appearance!

  • Jacket (part of a suit) - Hettemarks from W&J Wilson, vintage early 60s, thrifted; last worn here in January while being Agent Sheila
  • Top - Plum, consignment; purchased here a few weeks ago for $14.95
  • Skirt - Bianca Nygard, consignment; last seen here in March for St. Patrick's day
  • Boots - Miz Mooz; last seen here (3rd outfit) in October for voting

I got a few comments about looking "seasonal" in this. Must be the houndstooth skirt.
Or all the dark red.
Pretty sure it wasn't this oily-look tee, though. I loved wearing this. I have a feeling it will be in my wardrobe for a long time. A good black top is always a keeper.
This jacket is such a nice thick wool. I wore the Unsafe Ocelot coat over it, but I probably could have gone with just this jacket (and my scarf and gloves). It's been a little warmer - not as frosty!

The stuff:
Mmmm...Miz Mooz red boots. These are getting a little beat up, but I still love them.

Zippery bling:
I like the zipper rose.

  • Brooch - Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop
  • Serpentine bracelet - Ellandemm, thrifted
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Earrings - 10th anniversary gift from L
  • Death Star ring - Soul Flower

Um, I might have ordered myself some booties from Fluevog when they had free shipping on Monday...
Introducing the Sopranos Angelina! They were on sale for $199, which is cheap for Fluevog. Here's the link - linking 'cause I love - go ahead and buy them in this lovely coral-pink (they are not red, as they say on the box - lies!) or black and we can be Vog twins!

I like how some buyers have folded the top down into a wee cuff, or not laced them all the way up. I might also have to get some matchy ribbon for alternate lacing.
My shoes came with "Holiday Button"
What colour ribbons would you do with these?
I was sure L would hate these because of the wide rounded toe, but he actually liked them.

On the sole, they have soul.
It says, "Hey Minstrel. Your Love Makes Me Sing! Arise! Come! My Darling My Beautiful One, Come With Me."

Aw, that's so nice.


  1. Oh love your new shoes! :) I'd probably go boring and say black laces, but then I saw the blue print underneath - maybe blue ribbon would look nice?

    I like your outfit with all the burgundy too - really nice.

  2. How much do I love that musical quote on your new booties?? Oh yeah, love everything about the booties as well. You look cheery for the season, and your hair accents all the reds. xox


  3. LOVE!!! Possible lace colors: I think periwinkle, lavender, or--lime green! Or metallic...I thrifted some silver leather Jack Russell sneakers and matched them with twinkly copper metallic laces from EBay, and got compliments galore.

  4. Loving all the red and black (this post and the one before) - it's such a strong and dramatic combination, one of my favourites. And this is a super-chic outfit! xxx

  5. Both boots are wonderful but I especially love the new lace ones. What fun you can have with all the different colours you could wear with them. I'm with Mica - I think cobalt blue would look gorgeous.

  6. Oh how I love these lace up booties. And what a question to ask - they would look fab with bright pink satin laces, or a dark green would work in satin too. I'm have such pangs of envy now x
    Anna's Island Style

  7. I had the same lace colours in mind as one of your previous commenters (blue and lime green). You could also do a grey if you wanted to be a bit more sedate ;) Those booties have a lovely shape; I so wish I could wear Fluevogs!


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