Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Last Call Visible Dresses, Tangled M, and Shopping AKA Get Those Things Off

Woo, what a whirlwind of a weekend! I need a nap, stat! 

First, here we are with my wear-to-the-field outfit on Saturday morning.
Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be trying to wear my favourite summer things for the last time before I pack 'em away. This weekend, I focused on dresses.

  • Dress - Club Monaco, vintage; last worn here (2nd outfit) for a weekend grocery stroll
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last seen here (3rd outfit) in August with lilac and pink

It was a really hot day, and I just sweated buckets the whole game. I played well (two defensive blocked shots!), and when I put this dress back on after the game, I soaked it through.
It's 100% silk, though, so it did breathe. After the game, we went for breakfast, and did a quick shop for our Winesday/MANsday plans.

The stuff:
My Venetian glass necklace is so pretty. I love the weight of it.

  • Necklace/earrings - Venice, birthday gift from L

When we got home, Vizzini was lounging on the deck.
"Drat, the woman found me."
Marian was our Winesday host, so I made her a quick Zentangle tile as a thank you from me.
All drawn in and starting to add colour.

I used blue, green, aqua and turquoise, popped with pink and red hearts (and one balls).
Then I used watercolour pencils in light blue and dark blue.
Just a touch of light and dark green in the background too. I signed it and - done! She liked it.

Vizzini has been attacking the shadows - it's been windy, so the oaks around our place are dropping acorns like mad.
"I'm just keeping the house safe."
Enjoy the deck while you can, buddy! It's going to be closed off soon for the season.

Marian has a pool and a hot-tub, so a loose dress was the best option for changing in and out of my bathing suit.
We ate, drank wine, laughed and splashed around until 1:30am when the cab drove us all home.

  • Dress - H&M, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in June to the Ulty field
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn here in August with Spanish ladies

"I can pose too."
Such a comfy dress.
It's the perfect summer weekend dress.

The stuff:
Easy pieces.

Big bling:
And we've officially renamed this the Jell-O Shooter necklace.

  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Earrings -  local

I fully intended to get up early.
Earlier, anyway. Much coffee was needed.

  • Dress - Coldwater Creek, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit, after the Zentangle fan) in August for another stroll and shop
  • Shoes - Modern Vintage, thrifted; last worn here with my shiny Florence dress in August

"Na na na na - cat bomb!"
Vizzini got a round of "forced cuddling" for that.
"This is so undignified. Put me down, woman!"
Vizzini and I are linking up to Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style - they're back to weekly occurrences after a well-deserved summer off. Woo hoo! Be there or be double-plus un-cool.

I love the colours in this dress. So bright!
It was really windy today, so the skirt was billowing all over.

I feel very guilty - I bought myself two new items of clothing. Not second-hand. I couldn't help it - they were so beautiful!
First, these Lord and Taylor shoes practically threw themselves at me. They were an extra 50% off at the Bay, so ended up at $36.00. A steal!

Look how nice they look on.
"They could be edible, I suppose."
 It's not a very high heel, but they are fabulously comfy.

Okay, we need to talk about labels, tags and straps.
That round clear size tag? Peel it off!

That big square paper tag on the sole?
Get that off! It drives me nuts to see women walking around in lovely shoes, and then you see these stickers when they walk.

I had a serious case of instant lust about this topper.
"You bought me a toy! How thoughtful!"
This is Design Lab by Lord and Taylor, also from the Bay. It was $44.20. I put it on and it was magic, pure magic. The fringe! The tattoo roses!

I am going full Stevie Nicks in this.
See that big black ribbon loop? That's there for the store, so that the garment stays on the hanger. A little part of me dies when I see those loops hanging out when someone is wearing a dress or blouse. Cut them off! Use a hanger with foam ends or a flocked hanger (what this is hanging on now in my closet) if it won't stay on the hanger. You don't need those loops!

To assuage my guilt over new purchasing (not a habit, promise), I went to the Patch and found a couple of tops.
I'm sorry, I'm never ever going to stop loving leopard. It's a pattern that never fully goes out of style, just like plaid. It doesn't age or look dated, ever (well, unless it has giant shoulder pads!).

This wonderful fitted sweater is by Magaschoni and is 100% cashmere.
It was $14.95, which is about a tenth of what it would cost new. I saw cashmere sweaters at the Bay for $160.00.

I also found this Jacob cardigan - new, with tags still on it! I don't like my current black cardi, so trying another one.
This was only $9.95. Score!

See that ribbon stretching across the back of the neckline?
That is for the store, so that it stays on the hanger and looks nice while on display. You're supposed to remove those! Cut it off! Of course, you should never hang your knits, so there's no issue, right?

This public service for "Get Those Things Off" is brought to you by me. Feel free to disagree.


  1. The other thing that drives me crazy are people who leave the tailor's tacks in blazers, jackets and pleated skirts!

  2. Yes, scissors to the loops, scratching to the stickers! Although I have been guilty of leaving stickers. :(
    I love your logic: guilt from shopping retail so you go thrift shopping. But it paid off! Heh. Amaaazing finds. I especially love the animal print cashmere. And I adore all the dresses your are wearing in this post.
    Vizzini's captions are hilarious. Enforced cuddling? Hahaha.
    I love the Zentangle you made for Marian.

  3. Linda, YES! I actually had an argument once with a woman who was walking around in a raincoat with big red X stitches holding the box pleats in the skirt part shut. She insisted that it was a "design feature". Gah!!

  4. haha there have been a few times I've been so excited to wear something I've forgotten to cut the loops off....but they always annoy me so much by the end of the day I vow never to do it again....usually I'm pretty good with cutting those things off :)

    It's nice to see you making an effort to wear the last of your summer favourites before they are packed away - I tried to do that with my winter knits. Of course as I packed them all away I realised there were many I had outfit ideas for I never got around to wearing, but much too hot now. If only I had those ideas in the middle of winter when I was starting to get a bit 'over' winter dressing, haha!

  5. Thought it is only me who gets irked by those hanging ribbons on people's clothes. Preach Sheila. That's the first thing I do when I buy an outfit, chop, chop.

  6. Or ripping sewn tags off jeans and leaving the stitching there forever. Or not using pockets that are tacked shut for display. There is a pocket under there...use it!
    Great soap boxing! Also great scores. Cashmere! Jazzy Jack

  7. OMG all the pretty dresses and one magnificent cat! And the Design Lab dress - it's got all the things I love. Great shopping - I am on my way to your island (in my head) so we can thrift! xox

  8. I like all your dresses but that plaid one is by far my favourite.

    I couldn't agree more about the ribbons attached to clothes. I hate those things and cut them off right away. I'd like to say I also remove the stickers from the bottom of all my shoes, but sometimes I cannot peel those silly things off. They seem to be attached with crazy glue.

    I too have guilt from shopping retail.

    I cannot wait to see that fringed kimono on you.


  9. I love when I get a new email from you.Its great seeing the different clothes and accessories you put together.Such style and fun!
    Pamela-Marie,London ,UK.

  10. The cashmere sweater made my heart skip a beat ! same as the Lord and Taylor black sandals.
    You know this morning a neighbour's cat sat in the windowsill, it was black like Vizzini, he sat there on the windowsill of a 14th floor! I called the neighbour but they were gone to work. I hope the cat went back in...

  11. I'm not supposed to hang my knits?? I never knew!

    And in pet peeves, I wish every racerback tank top came with a tag with a PSA about racerback bras. Then if a gal wears regular bra straps I know it's a choice and not just lack of knowledge.

  12. One day I'm going to snap and just start walking around with a pair of scissors so I can snip open all the jackets vents I see still with the display stitching. Public service!

  13. Those loop things drive me crazy too! Sometimes I forget to remove them and I'll spy one hanging out of my armpit at some point in the day.

    The shoes are very sexy and the fringed over-jacket will be a great layering piece. Vizzini's expression in the photo of you holding him is priceless!


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