Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shiny Green and Gold

Brrr, it was chilly today! I didn't wear a coat over this outfit, and it was a bit too cold in the morning. 
But I'm still gamely going bare-legged and bare-toed!

  • Jacket - Smoking Lily; last seen here (3rd outfit) over blush lace in May
  • Sweater (under) - Dana Buchman, thrifted; last worn here in August under green sequins
  • Skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; last worn here in July with peach
  • Shoes - Coach; last seen here in the same outfit in July

I thought I hadn't worn this jacket all spring/summer because the hanger was still backwards - I guess I didn't mentally count wearing it as outerwear! So this is really the first wear of it in over a year. I do really like it - I mean, what's not to like? It's shiny, stretchy, almost denim-weight cotton. The cuffs are adjustable, you can do fun things with the collar...it's a winner.

So, why don't I wear it more? I don't know - maybe I just have too many clothes and jackets in general. But I like it, and I'm keeping it, so there.
Same with the skirt - I love the shiny green of it. Keeper, but going away with the spring/summer stuff in a couple of weeks.

The stuff:
I think these shoes may be at the end of their lives with me. They are pretty darned high, even with a platform, and today the pink insoles bunched up under my heels. So annoying. They've been great for me over the past couple of years, so I'd be sad to see them go.

Green bling:
I'm considering doing a jewelry pack-up seasonally as well, for things that I don't wear much outside of specific seasons. I rarely wear my copper jewelry in summer, for example.

  • Necklace - $10 grab bag, consignment
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment

I need to clear out some of my jewelry too. This green necklace might be going.

I'm such a waffler today!


  1. Seriously gorgeous! My first thought about this outfit - and I say this as a majorly positive thing - is that it looks like what a mermaid might wear if she went to work in the corporate world.

    Love your green thermoset necklace. Square/rectangle jewelry is so chic!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I'll gladly take that green necklace off of your hands, hahaha! Gorgeous!

  3. Love this with your hair! It's a great looking jacket, glad you're keeping. xox

  4. Yes ! please DO keep this garment.
    This combo is perfect: its a classic skirt in an unexpected colour with a super modern jacket.
    You know sometimes I come to that conclusion too… I have too many stuff! I need another body to wear the clothes more.

  5. Gorgeous shininess! But don't get rid of that necklace, it's fab! xxx


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