Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Floofiness, Shiny Sequins and What I REALLY Wear at Home

I have a nutty week ahead of me: many social engagements, outfits to plan, shopping to do, closet to swap over for the season. This weekend was all about being chill.

Starting with brunch on Saturday morning. 
No Ulty this week - not enough people. We are close to the end of the season, sadly.

  • Top - Hommage, consignment; first seen here in August in a cat-bait outfit
  • Skirt - Co & Eddy, thrifted; last worn here in April with more orange and cream
  • Boots - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last worn here earlier this month with sweatery things
  • Flocked coat (below) - Vintage Expo; last seen here in December 2014 with this same skirt!

I love dressing over the top for brunch. Hee!

This top is so fun to wear.
I had many oohs and ahhs over my boots at the diner as well.

It was a little gloomy and threatening of rain, so I wore my vintage flocked jacket. This is one of the haven't-worn-yet items from my spring/summer wardrobe. I'm glad I got a chance to wear it - it really is a sweet jacket.
I really do have hands - they're in the pockets!
I bought this at last year's Vintage Expo - and this year's is coming up this Friday! I am all over that, had it planned for months, of course! Will I be there? Does it rain in Victoria? Duh!
Whatever will I wear?? I need to find something I can work in all day, then go shopping (on my feet), then go for dinner. I need a 15-hour+ outfit. This is going to take some work.

The stuff:
So good to wear boots again! I'm excited to get all my boots out of storage!

Orange-y bling:
I forgot about these cool earrings!

  • Ring - Tammy's store
  • Earrings - vintage market

After brunch, I worked on Karen's fan for a few hours - it still has some hours' work left in it before I start adding colour. By the time I stopped, I realized I only had half an hour before Mom arrived! Time to get dressed!
The last not-yet-worn dress in my closet for spring/summer is this sequinned tank dress. This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Get there or be square!

  • Blouse - CABi, consignment; last seen here in July with pink and grey
  • Dress - Esprit; last seen way back here in December 2014 with another blouse under it
  • Shoes - Half Truth Veda, Fluevog; last worn here in August with Dries and black

Mom came over and we walked down to the Belfry Theatre to see David Mamet's "Speed the Plow". I'm not a fan of Mamet's most well-known play/movie, "Glengarry Glen Ross" but I really enjoyed the satiric look at Hollywood and making movies. I remember when this play debuted on Broadway, as it was famous for being Madonna's first acting gig (she wasn't very good).

This production was awesome (local paper's review here), and starred Brian Markinson (famous recently for being in "Mad Men")
After the play, Mom and I went to the pub for dinner. It was a really fun "date" - I'm glad I sprung for season tickets for us! We've been going to local theatre together for just over 30 years, since I was a teenager.

The stuff:
Comfy shoes for walking, and some subtle (and not-so-subtle) sparkliness.

Shiny bling:
All the unusual things.

  • Ear cuff - Claire's
  • Earrings - consignment
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop
  • Death Star ring - Soul Flower
  • Pin - thrifted

I wore the pin right at my neck - that was a very 1985 look, I recall.

As we did the matinee performance, I still had the evening to hang with L and Vizzini and play Arkham Horror. We feel asleep in front of the TV and crawled to bed at 3am.

However, I was up bright and early to go get my grocery shopping done so that I could chill out today and watch football. You ready for this? This is 99% what I really wear around the house on a daily basis.
This face says, "Gimme coffee!"
Since I don't wear the top or jeans any more on the blog, I'm not linking back to the last time I wore them, but long-time readers will probably recognize them.

  • Tee - Smoking Lily
  • Jeans - Ralph Lauren, consignment
  • Boots - Ash; last seen here (2nd outfit) for a Winesday evening 

One mug of coffee down, one to go
It poured like crazy on my walk to town, so I was mostly covered up in my Smoking Lily Octo-Coat.
The stuff:
Once I got home, all of these above items were off, and the top got untucked. And yeah, I have white sport socks on - klassy!

  • Belt - gift from Ruth
  • Earrings - 10th anniversary gift from L

And now, back to football, drawing and reading, as well as outfit-planning for the week ahead!


  1. Love that gimmee-coffee face. I have seen it in my mirror. Great outfits - esp the ivory textured sweater - I remember you barely squeezing into your backpack, Great find. xox

  2. hehe, your wear around the house wear is awfully similar to my wearing out and about clothes! I think you're permanently stylish :)

    I like that sequin dress too - glad you were able to give it a wear before you packed away your spring/summer things.

  3. White sport socks are my favourite! Cushiony softness. I pretend they are a style addition but secretly I just like them. That's mighty fine home wear there - and a great big coffee mug.
    Going to the theatre with your mum is a great thing to do together, plus you get to dress up - love the sequins.
    And I love your flocked coat. I was at Timeline today and was thinking specifically of the top you're wearing. Cue space music...

  4. Many oohs and aahs from this end, too, especially of that first top and that black squinned dress. Wowzers!

  5. I love that vintage coat, what a great piece. And the sequinned dress over the flouncy blouse looks amazing! xxx

  6. Its amazing what a great coat can do… you have this first great colour combo look in sherbet like tones and then you top it off with the coat, like the cherry on top. Its like another outfit !
    Once in NYC I went out for breakfast with a friend and remember that I was too lazy to get dressed, so I had pjs underneath and since I never took it off, I looked like I had bathed and DRESSED!

  7. That flocked coat is an absolute gem - what a cute shape! Your sequinned dress and blouse is lovely on you too. My at home clothing is similar to yours but I have the added requirement that it must all be "Rat-Friendly" meaning it can be chewed or peed on ;)

  8. Loving that downy-looking white sweater ... it cries out for hugs from other people! Beautiful pieces all. And an idea for a LBD layering for me this winter ... thank you for that, too.


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