Monday, September 21, 2015

Floral and Magenta Fringe

This is it: my last week of summer clothes. I'm trying to get the last gasps out of things before I put them away for 6 months. 
Today, it's everything but the jacket.

  • Jacket - Danier Couture, consignment; last worn here in April
  • Top - Ina, consignment; first worn here for a "Literary Stylings" in June
  • Skirt - Cici; last seen here in July with orange
  • Shoes - Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevog; last worn here in June with a peplum

The top is very thin, so not good for cold weather.
The skirt is unlined, so works better with bare legs in spring/summer.

The stuff:
And the shoes work great with bare feet but snagged the heck out of nylons and tights - no thank you!

Minimal bling:
I've considered doing separate accessory "wardrobes" for each half of the year. I'd need another jewelry box for that!

  • Ring - consignment
  • Earrings - local

What will you miss once the chill sets in? I'll miss all the bright colours! I tend to wear more muted colours in the cold months.


  1. Oh this pretty and colourful skirt is going away for 6 months… that's a shame.
    BUT I have clothes envy on cold weather clothes. Even if I dont wear them, I like seeing you put them together.

  2. I have "clothes envy" for cool weather clothes too. I live vicariously through you and my other Canadian friends. This is is a cool look, love the fringe. xox

  3. I think this might become my "head-canon Sheila" outfit. The colors and fringe are fun and the whole top/jacket/skirt combo is perfect and (at least looks like) it fits you amazingly.

  4. I love this combo - too bad about the snagging. Your ring is gorgeous. I think that this year there's not much I will miss about summer style. This was a full-blast summer and I'm ready for layering up. But yes, I do miss seeing colour on the sidwalks especially.

  5. love the shape of that jacket on you Sheila!

  6. Loving the fringed top (it's like my green one!) I don't wear less colour in winter, but I notice that most people's colour palette seems to go darker. I wonder why that is? xxx

  7. Fabulous outfit!!! I'll miss being able to go barefoot on the sand or grass without the risk of frostbite. The lengthy hours of daylight that make taking photos such a breeze usually, feeling a warm breeze nuzzle my skin, and putting some of my uber summery pieces into hibernation again. Thankfully each season always returns and there is so much to enjoy about fall and its fashions that saying good bye to summer isn't too brutal (for me at least).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Ooooh, that fuschia fringed top is so cool! I will miss the longer hours of daylight and being able to sit on my porch and read on the weekends. My winter clothing tends to be more in the black and grey range so I will miss the colours too. It will be sad to see everyone in their black, down-filled coats again.


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