Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Shoed, Lewd and Art-itude

Ah, what a fantastic weekend! I've had so much fun, I need an extra day just to soak it all in.

Back to Friday we go!
Yes, here is the outfit featuring in the current Shoe Shine (here). I chose to go matchy.

  • Dress - Max & Co., made in Italy; last seen here in November 2014
  • Shoes - Miista; purchased here

So, how to wear these menswear shoes - contrast them with something really girly, like a shiny, poufy-skirted dress!
I juked and jived all over the office in this outfit - I felt marvelous and full of shiny-shoed goodness! As you may have noticed from the original "fresh purchased" pictures, these softened up considerably over the day. I walked about 12 blocks total in these (to/from the bus stop, to/from our other office, to Noodle Box for dinner) and they just got better and better. I had some rubbing on the heels, but that also loosened up over the day.

I also loved wearing this glorious dress again - it was so fun!
"Stay home and cuddle with me..."
Vizzini and I always get some cuddle time in before I leave home in the mornings.

The stuff:
Gads, it's ridiculous how much I love these shoes. There is even a dark green stripe in the soles!

Big bling:
One of my favourite giant necklaces.

  • Belt - Plum
  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Necklace - Nygard, consignment
  • Amber ring - 90s junky shop
  • Dad's ring - Frances Jewelers, 1960s
  • Earrings - local
Friday night was Urbanite at the Art Gallery! The newest exhibit is on Marimekko prints, so I just had to wear my new-to-me patterned 60s maxi.

A few people at the event thought this was a full dress.

  • Top - Cleo, thrifted; last seen here in January with burgundy and granny shoes
  • Skirt - Alex Coleman of California, consignment; purchased here for $40.00
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here  last week in February with peach

L wore his plaid suit and socks with roosters on them (aka the cock socks), and I had my furry balls. Tee hee! I was "Belle of the Balls" and he was "Cock of the Walk."

This is a long scarf made of balls of black rabbit fur - I bought it at a vintage market last summer (here) for $10.00 and this is its first wear...because, how do you wear this kind of thing? It works poorly as an actual scarf (the balls are fairly rigid, hee hee).

The stuff:
I walked to the Art Gallery and home after in these shoes - they are getting more comfy every time I wear them. I love that about good quality leather shoes.

Copper bling:
Ooh, I see myself in the copper ball!

  • Leather obi - consignment
  • Ball cuff - vintage 70s, vintage fair
  • Moon cuff - vintage 60s, Matisse, vintage fair
  • Solid cuff - vintage 60s, Renoir, Grandma J's
  • Link cuff/earring - vintage 60s, Renoir, vintage fair
  • Swirly earring - vintage 60s, Renoir, vintage fair
I wore all the copper. 

They had a photobooth set up in the Gallery where you could take props and do pictures. L and I:

Doesn't L look awesome? Many of the attendees were checking him out.

Me and my Zentangle friend, K:

Everyone played with my balls, I quoted AC/DC extensively (the song "Big Balls"), and was generally lewd and somewhat drunk. Good times!

On Saturday morning, L and I went to Floyd' for breakfast, then did some shopping for Winesday and MANsday that night.
Bright and cheery! I love this colour!

  • Sweater - Spense, consignment; last seen here a year ago(!) in March 2014
  • Skirt - La Fleur de Mon Secret, consignment; last worn here in December 2013 (yikes!) with peach and green
  • Boots - Mini Babycakes, Fluevog; last seen here (2nd outfit) in my steampunk Victorian tea outfit

To be honest, I'm a little shocked that it's been so long since I wore both the sweater and the skirt! Although I love the colour of the sweater, that is just too long between wears. It's hereby on probation until the end of March, and then I'll be deciding if it stays in my wardrobe.
I wore a full vintage slip under this - you can see peep of the hem showing.
The skirt has always been troublesome for me. I love the style. I mean, really:
That's completely insane. But it's poorly made: not lined, not well-sewn and the teeny 3-inch zipper at the waist just doesn't give enough room to get the damned thing ON. Those have probably contributed to my love/hate relationship with this skirt. But I made my decision on it this weekend: gone.

The stuff:
Belt for interest, and repeat jewelry because it was still sitting out the next morning.

  • Belt - Talbot's, thrifted
  • Copper jewelry - as above

I spent a lovely leisurely Saturday afternoon reading, watching some PVRed shows and prepping my food for Winesday. I took a make-your-own nacho bar, complete with red/white chips, spiced ground turkey breast, and all the veggies and cheeses and dips. It was soooo good!

Vizzini disappeared for a while.
"You can't see me!"
He's been getting limited amounts of deck time if it's sunny, but mostly he likes laying in the sun.
"Really? You're going to poke at the monster?"
I can't resist rubbing his warm fur!
"I hear there's a big patch of sun on the bed."
The three of us had a nap before we headed out for our weekend fun times. It was Cat's birthday, so her friend was in town visiting - we had eleven women at Winesday!

This morning was nice and slow. Sleep in and have a couple of strong coffees.
Yes, I shop for groceries in lavender ultrasuede. Doesn't everyone?

  • Dress - Casuals Unlimited, vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here in November 2014 with caramel
  • Boots - Aldo, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in January with stripes

This dress is also on probation. It felt very stiff - unlike real suede, ultrasuede does not form to your body over time. I'll probably keep it out for my spring/summer wardrobe, just because of the colour, but still...dress, looking at you!
My happy walking boots for the trip to town and back.

Of course, since most people will only see my outerwear, who cares what that dress looks like?
This is nearly a bare face with no-product hair - lazy Sunday!
Bam! Coat in your face!

  • Coat - Desigual; last seen here (2nd outfit) in December 2014 for brunching

How nicely all the purples go!

I had a lovely little shop after groceries, and spent the rest of the money my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas (I used it to buy my last two expensive pairs of those as well).

At Leka, I fell in love with this cage cuff:
It's by Bauxo and was $55.00. The ring is tiny, also Bauxo, and was $35.00.

Another mid-finger ring - it's rare for me to find one for my pinky!
Seriously cool cuff.

I sometimes take the time to wander through Vanity Fair Antique Mall and look at all the vintage jewelry and antiques. They have a clothing section in back.
I KNOW. There was no way I was leaving the shop without it. And it was only $24.00!!

Not familiar with the name Prosper and Devine, although they've been around since 2008.
It's a small XL, but still a bit big on me. However, I love all that fringe! and pink! and fringe!

And get this:
Yes, machine wash, tumble dry.

My last present from my mother-in-law was some drawing gear:
A marker drawing pad, a book of Zentangle designs and loads of lovely markers! I'm excited to start drawing!

And how was your weekend? Were you up to any mischief, like me?


  1. What a blissful weekend. You and L are a stunning couple, love the photo booth shots. I can't wait to see the hot pink fringed jacket on you (soon, I bet) - and what a super deal.

    When one of our cats has lain in the sun for a while, I love to pet their "hot fur." Makes me happy and sleepy. Have a wonderful evening, xox.

  2. You and L complement each other perfectly in those photos - both so stylish! That fringed jacket is fab, and that fact that you can throw it in the washer sounds too good to be true. That color is berry beautiful!

  3. I loved every single one of these outfits! Especially your Friday one, so sparkly and fun! :)

    Shame that you are letting the skirt go, as it's very pretty, but it's good to admit the annoyances mean you should just let it go. I've been trying a lot harder to think 'what would Sheila say' with my wardrobe and let things go more often. I have to get all my work clothes out of the big 'doesn't fit a pregnant belly' storage box and there is no space in my wardrobe for I must be more ruthless!

    You are always letting things go and leaving space for new things, it is very inspiring to me :)

  4. You are ruthless with your clothes, ruthless! You, stay! You, go! But you've gotta be when you have a new wild pink fringed jacket staring you in the face for $24 demanding real estate in your closet.
    I have never been to a party with a photo booth. I feel like a loser. I'm going to have hot chocolate now. Yeah, and I don't even have a hot kitty to pet. Double chocolate!

  5. Wow! Beautiful outfits and you have so much fun, I always look forward to your Monday posts. That Maxi skirt is heavenly!

  6. Magenta suede jacket with FRINGE!!Seriously amazing and a steal at $24.00. What a great find.

  7. Those shoes are heavenly. Menswear oxfords are my favorite style. ALSO HOW COOL IS THAT JACKET?! I had a similar experience over a red lambskin leather jacket at goodwill $19.99. Obviously I brought it home.

    Lovely to see your kitty. I had to show Spike. We spend as much time as possible in sunbeams. The weather has been downright dismal this past weekend.

  8. Those candid shots from the gallery photo booth turned out great -
    and you look fabulous in that lavender dress covered by the Desigual coat. There's nothing like it!

  9. Could that lavender ultra suede work as a coat? It's such a lovely & unusual colour.

  10. I love that Friday outfit to pieces! It's so shiny!!! ahhhh

  11. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and you wore all the cool stuff while enjoying it! That maxi skirt is my fave, of course. xxx


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