Friday, March 27, 2015

Cognac, Merlot and a Bit of Coffee

Yes, this is the face of this week.
I'm so glad to have it over. Today was a better day, and tonight I'm headed out to an artsy event at the Art Gallery with Elaine, so it's all good. 

You might have noticed that I accidentally dyed my blonde streak pink...I also coloured over the grey. I felt like a change. I change my hair as much as I change my outfits - I've had every hair style under the sun, I think.
I had a lot of positive reactions about this outfit at work today. Most people want ask if leather is hot. For me, not at all - it's a natural material and it breathes. These pants are lined to the knee and they were great all day, until the end of the day when my cold medication wore off and I started sweating. 
  • Cardigan - Jacob, thrifted; last seen here in February with more w(h)ine
  • Blouse - Le Chateau, thrifted; last worn here in February for the Year of the Ram
  • Pants - The Gap, thrifted back on an anniversary trip to Vancouver in 2011 (here), last worn here in September 2013!
  • Booties - Kope Tiam Coffee, Fluevog; last seen here in January with mixed decades

I like the mix of the cognac brown of the pants with the merlot of the cardigan. I don't wear the pants that often - I'm often worried that they won't fit, even though they always do. Leather pants can be intimidating!
But they make your butt look goooood...

I forced myself to wear these pants to make sure they were still going to stay in my closet, but I had a back-up outfit ready just in case they didn't. I was relieved to find they still fit (yay!) and they will stay in my wardrobe. However, I do need to wear them more than just over once a year. I've got my eye on you, pants.

The stuff:
I usually keep these boots out all year round for the shoulder seasons (early spring, late summer).

Round bling:
I think my earrings are bigger than my bracelet!

  • Bracelet - "Gucci", vintage 80s, gift from Mom and Dad
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L
Off to bouff my hair up! Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh Sheila, hope you feel all-the-way better soon! Those are definitely all-the-way-awesome pants, and such a gorgeous colour and texture palette today. Love it!

  2. I love the colours in this outfit Sheila! They look good, and despite being unwell you are still putting together and wearing some wonderful outfits! Hope you feel better soon.

    This kind of outfit is what I should be wearing, colour-wise apparently, I had a personal stylist lady come around the other day and we did my colours and had a bit of a clear out session in my wardrobe. It made me wonder if you have had a colour analysis done? You always seem so skilled at wearing colours and so I wondered if you got some advice, or if you are just naturally skilled! :)

  3. Mica, your consultation sounds really fun! I had my "colours done" back in the 80s when it was a thing, but I've always played with colours and seeing what I liked together. I wear the colours I like and I'm not afraid to try something new!

  4. I hope you feel better, Sheila! I just love how rich in colors and textures your outfit is, and I'm with you on hair styles and colors - I too tried many different ones over the years. Thank you for such kind comments!

  5. This ensemble really sings--what a great play of color and texture!

    I know what you mean about leather pants. A coworker gifted me with a pair that she thrifted on-line--they didn't fit her but they do fit me, like a glove. I am not used to wearing things that fit like a glove like that, so I've only been brave enough to wear them once so far. I think, looking at how fabulous you look in those pants, that we should both be bold enough to wear them more often!

  6. Wow! I can imagine the comments and compliments you got. This outfit is amazing and you are are totally rocking it! xoxo

  7. The warm rich colours of that first photo are like a very alcoholic amber drink burning down my throat - which I love! Leather pants, I don't have any but these ones are gorgeous. I have barometer clothes that I try on to see if they still fit too. I force them to fit if they don't.

  8. Absolutely spectacular outfit !
    The colours and those kick ass leather trousers topped of with the Gucci bracelet: perfection She.


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