Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's Easy Being Green, and Black and White

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
I'm practically tame compared to previous years. I don't actually have that much green in my fall/winter wardrobe. Thank goodness I bought this sweater on the weekend!

  • Cardigan - Molisa, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $4.00
  • Skirt - Bianca Nygard, consignment; last seen here in November 2014 with pleather
  • Shoes - Half-Truth Tanya, Fluevog; last worn here in January with fruital

"If I could only reach your shoes..."
I love this skirt - it's such a classic in houndstooth.
I enjoyed the sweater all day - not too hot, not scratchy, and a nice vivid green. I like a zip-front cardi - buttons always seem to pull.

The stuff:
I am still pining after the purple version of these shoes. Why didn't I get them! These just get softer with every wear.

Silver bling:
Ooh, shiny!

  • Bracelet - local
  • Earrings - belonged to Joyce, vintage 80s
  • Death Star ring - Stone Roses
  • Shield ring - Nine West

We had a bit of a Vizzini incident - he zipped past me when I went into the library late last night (behind our secret door), and I didn't see him. No Vizzini in bed (figured he was sulking as he is wont to do), no furry paw in my mouth at 5am...where could he be?
"I won't forget this. Now, open the deck door."
He was very happy to be let out in the morning. I hope he didn't keep the neighbour awake! He seemed to be none the worse for wear and has been open to conciliatory cuddles. Silly bub!


  1. Aww poor Vizzini! Glad he wasn't too upset by his night-long stay on the deck! Must have been a surprise finding him there in the morning! :)

    I like your green outfit! Was there a lot of green in your office for Saint Patrick's day? I wore a printed top that had a bit of green in it, as I don't have a lot of green anyway. I was surprised to see hardly anyone had worn green actually! Usually people put a little bit of effort in.

  2. There were a few dressed up - maybe a dozen. Our Social Committee had a contest for "Best Guy" and "Best Girl" with prizes, so it was good incentive.

  3. Our cat always used to stick his paw in my mouth in the morning - I miss that! Poor Vizzini.

    I love that vintage green sweater. Classic. I thought St. Patrick's Day was over, there have been celebrations all week long here. And then today again! Sheesh! But there was a convivial atmosphere boosted by great spring weather. Nothing wrong with that!

  4. You're looking VERY classy there dear Irish Lass!

  5. Aww, Vizzini! And no cell phone. He looks gorgeous as ever. Love your St PDay look, and those shoes are IT. xox

  6. Both the cardigan and skirt are a really great fit - love the bright zingy green! xxx

  7. You had me at houndstooth.
    The moment I saw it, I knew i'd like the outfit.
    That's a marvelous sweater She.


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