Monday, March 9, 2015

Blah and White Monday

Ugh, I loathe the time change. I feel all groggy.
I looked okay, though.

  • Coat - handmade, vintage 60s, vintage fair - last worn here in December 2014 with the same blouse
  • Blouse - Uno Due, thrifted; last seen here with these same shoes in January
  • Tux trousers - handmade, thrifted; last worn here with the blues in January
  • Shoes - Joy & Peace, thrifted; last seen here same time as the blouse in January

Just okay. This outfit didn't ring my bells much. I slacked last night in putting my outfit together. If I could do it again, I would do a black skirt, tuck the blouse in and wear tights with the shoes.
I love the coat and the pieces of this separately, but all together I felt very blah. I went through a very brief (thankfully) phase of wearing black pants all the time (you know how that sneaks up on you), and this reminded me of it, especially once the shoes came off around 3pm.

The stuff:
The shoes with bare feet hurt my ankle regions. Ow, cutty! But they looked so cute!

Copper bling:
And a C+ for effort on the accessories. I can do better than this! 
  • Rings - vintage fair
  • Earrings - grab bag at a consignment store
Well, we can only go uphill from here - but it's another Monday down. I'm starting to get that end-of-season-ennui about my winter wardrobe. I want bright colours and flowy skirts and open sandals!

But at least we have this to look forward to.

Yay, Shoe Shine! This Friday!


  1. Sorry to hear the shoes weren't comfy, as before reading that I wanted to say that they look great with bare feet - your pedicure brings out the blush of the coat lining. Maybe they could work with a pair of those toeless socks like Prada brought out a few years ago? I know what you mean about black pants, but as you so very rarely wear them the effect is absolutely intentional rather than default; the black and white tied together the fabulous coat and crazy shoes - which I venture to opine would not at first glance have seemed particularly to work together - into a really great outfit. I think you look better than you felt you did ;-)

  2. Aw, thank you, Radostin! That is really sweet of you.

  3. Have to agree with Radostin here, even if you don't feel great, you certainly looked great! :) That jacket is such a pretty piece too.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Is it bad of me to realise now that I have a dress that would have been the perfect length to layer that skirt over and give the 'extra length with another layer' trick a try? I donated it a while back! I'll have to have a think, see if I have anything else in my wardrobe that might be suitable. Thank you for the inspiration!

    You could provide styling services through your blog you know! You are so knowledgeable and have so many great ideas for pieces. It is very inspiring. I'm trying to pare down what I own, so I can think clearly about what I own, and start to try different combinations!

  4. I think that the relatively plain and neutral shirt and trousers allow the fabulous coat to be the star of the show. And the shoes look great, although I could never spend a day on my feet in heels so thin and so high! xxx

  5. It happens to us all… we end up wearing something we know we could have done better.
    I felt like this a few weeks ago, the bright side is as you mention… the rest of the week will be uphill.


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