Thursday, March 5, 2015

Name Dropping in Cobalt and Lavender

I was very happy with today's outfit.
I loved how all the colours went together, it's that shape I like (long, lean, hourglass/sheath), and it has all the names.

  • Shirt - Dept., consignment; last seen here in January with matchy shoes and the same belt
  • Skirt - Andres Courreges, thrifted; last worn here in January with black and white leather
  • Booties - Feud; featured in Shoe Shine #7 (here) and last worn here - zoiks! - in November 2014
Hello to Sue, a lovely client who comes in to my work on a regular basis. She loves to see what I'm wearing (especially my shoes), so I finally gave her one of my blog cards.
I was name-dropping all my high-end pieces today, all casual-like.

"This is my Andres Courreges skirt, and my Sherman crystal set, and my fab Wendy Brandes rings."
"And my Lady Footlocker belt." Hee hee.

A big mix of high-low here, but only in cost. I'm mixing things that cost $1.00 (the belt) to $5.00 (the skirt), to $25.00 (the Sherman set) to $500.00 (each of the rings). Everything I'm wearing is very good quality. It's not about price - it's about quality!

The stuff:
These lavender booties elicited many gasps of wonder and amazement, and exclamations of their beauty. I don't wear them much because a) they are high and b) they are hard to get on and off. But I still love them. Keeper!

Blue and pink bling:
The uber-sparkly Sherman crystals are trying to distract you from the Lady Footlocker belt. Um, yes, that is an elastic on the belt! I had to punch another hole in the belt (with an exacto-knife) for it to fit at my waist, and then it went floppy (see the first picture), so I looped an elastic on it.

  • Belt - Lady Footlocker, thrifted
  • Sherman necklace and earrings - vintage 50s, vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli ring and Fulvia ring - Wendy Brandes

At least the elastic is blue! I'm classy that way, ha!

I have dinner out tomorrow night, and a party on Saturday night, so I'll be back with some fun outfits on Sunday! Have a rockin' weekend!


  1. Long and lean, I see what you mean. The heels with the skirt alone, looong. And oh what blue and oh what shoes! I do that elastic trick with belts too. I have a belt-hole punch thing. I know I would hurt myself with an exacto knife.

  2. I also love the colours in this outfit, it all looks wonderful together! :)

    Inspired by your most recent finds I went op-shopping (thrifting) today...I found a pair of designer jeans in my size just as baby T was starting to protest that he'd had enough shopping! So I paid the grand sum of $2.50 for them and took us home. To find out (once baby was napping) that they run small and don't fit at all, boo! I was so hoping it was going to be a success story like yours - $200 jeans for $2.50!

  3. Oh that Courreges skirt - long and lean and fabulous! Great look, xox

  4. The boots…. ayayyaya these are just fabulous Sheila, as is the Sherman crystal set.

  5. Love that shirt! I love mixing high and low pieces. Of course 90% of my closet is thrifted these days, I still try to shop for better brands and pieces when I can find them.

  6. Those boots are soooo petty but I wouldn't manage that heel all day! Love the colour and fit of the skirt. xx


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