Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Purple Brocade

Not my new or new-to-me clothes today or for the rest of this week! My closet turnover will be on Sunday, so I'm saving this last full week of March to wear a few last things that I'm debating over putting in the donate pile.
And yes, sadly, this dress is one of them.

  • Dress - handmade, thrifted; last worn here in December 2014 with more black
  • Shoes - Cydwoq; last seen here (2nd outfit) earlier this month with pink and weekend hair

It's not that I don't like the dress - I very much do! - but I've worn it twice and I don't have any other ways to wear it that aren't a further variation of...black. And I prefer items in my wardrobe that go with more than one colour.
However, if I miss it, I'll be able to look back at the pictures and say, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that dress."

The stuff:
Last wear of my Cydwoq shoes before I pack them away (they don't look right to me with a bare leg).

Round bling:
I like a theme with my accessories!

  • Cage cuff - local
  • Solid cuff - thrifted
  • Leather obi - consignment
  • Earrings - gift from Lise
  • Ring - Nine West

I am so jazzed to do the spring/summer change! I have a stash of awesome clothes that haven't been weather appropriate.


  1. Wish I could be there for the wardrobe change-over -- you will take pix, yeah? Farewell, pretty brocade dress (you do look fab).

  2. I can relate to getting rid of an item because of that same exact reason… I like the dress, but it actually looks like a coat - have you tried it as a coat ?

  3. Lorena, yes, I have tried to work it like a coat, but the cut of the skirt part isn't right (it comes in at the knees very severely, and no slit at the back).

    I'm actually giving it to one of my WW members as an incentive to work towards!

  4. Shame about the dress - I'd wear it with red, love that colour combination! xxx

  5. Strange to read you feel the dress is so impossible to pair, I wouldn't have guessed it. Curtise's suggestion of red hadn't occurred to me, and sounds wonderful, but I could also imagine that dress with dark green, dark blue, brown, other strong purples, metallics, or cream. Also, it looks so fantastic on you - if it were mine, I wouldn't find it hard to wear it the same way every time ;-)


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