Thursday, March 19, 2015

Unusually Neutral, with Locks and Keys

Today's my Friday - I am taking a long weekend! 
I need to chill, and these awesome pants were just the thing. But I know, this is an usually neutral combo for me, isn't it?

  • Jacket - Alison Wonderland, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in June 2014
  • Sweater - Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro; last worn here layered and barely visible in October 2014
  • Pants - Talbots, thrifted; purchased last weekend here for $6.00 
  • Shoes - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last seen here in December 2014 with olive and gold

I showed everyone these lovely trousers. I can't get over what amazing quality they are - they didn't get a single wrinkle in them, and they don't have any Lycra in them at all! I'm still boggled that they were six bucks!
Not too bad on the butt shot, hee hee.

The stuff:
I foolishly wore these barefoot today, and between racing around at work and trying to get everything done, and also doing a WW meeting tonight, I got a couple of nasty blisters. Ouch.

Pearl and shiny bling:
Grandma J's necklace is just costume, but it's pretty, isn't it?

  • Necklace - vintage 80s, Grandma J's
  • Death Star ring - Stone Roses
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop
  • Earrings - local

I had a lot of compliments on the whole outfit today; mostly of the "I would totally wear that" variety. Nice!

Some good karma came my way today. My coworker Sarah is going back to Ottawa - she's the one I gave my Vizzini-fied black Fluevogs to. Today, she gave me these sweet boots.
They are by Clarks and are suede. I love them - thank you, Sarah!

Have a good weekend, my friends! I will be back on Monday.


  1. While I'm looking forward to seeing those pants with bright colours, they look great in a neutral outfit! :)

    Such a shame about the shoes though - blisters are never fun!

  2. Wonderful in neutrals - and the floral trousers are just right, yeah? (great butt shot indeed!) Have a great weekend. xox

  3. Sheila -
    I just found you today and I LOVE your style and everything about your blog.
    Where on earth have I been?
    Cheers to you!

  4. The pants are great and I love the pearls! My kind of pairing....

  5. Lovely outfit! I really adore those pants, too.

  6. Without doubt, you find the coolest clothes. You must have a secret to ferreting them out. Don't tell us, though; that would make you less unique.

  7. I would have bought those killer pants too - I think that indeed this is an unusually neutral look but, that is one of the reasons I am always coming back to your blog: you never stop surprising me and you keep it fresh. Oh, and because I like you ;)

  8. Those trousers are a great fit on you - I think they deserve a vivid colour to go with them next time! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. xxx


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