Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wooden Sky Hipster and Leather & Plaid

Last night, L and I and a few of our friends went to a local club to see Wooden Sky, a Toronto band, at a local club.
It ended at 11:30pm - that's pretty late for me to be out on a school night! What a bunch of middle-aged rebels we are.

I wanted to be casual. The club was packed with hipsters. I've never seen so much plaid, beards and toques in one room.
Neither of these layered tees are blog-worthy clothing anymore, as they are both getting worn out, but they are good enough to sit in a dark club.
The skirt is a favourite denim mermaid cut, last seen way back here in March, worn over a fun weekend. My lovely floral Docs were featured in Shoe Shine #9 and were last seen here briefly in July.

T-shirts (old), skirt (InWear, consignment), shoes (Doc Martens, consignment).

I may have been slightly hungover this morning. Too many Strongbow Ciders...
Woo! I loved this outfit. I always love plaid, and I always love leather.

This is the first wearing of my Peter Nygard leather jacket (with built-in neck-strap). I bought it on consignment here earlier this month for $50.00.
I am so in love with it. I could eat it up.

The gorgeous red plaid is actually a dress, one I've had for about 4 1/2 years.
I last wore it here with these same boots in March.

And that is the last time that I wore these boots, as well.
They're one of my favourite pairs. Great height, good solid heel, soft and cushy inside and love the lace-up and zipper details (the zipper is on the outside of the leg!).

Silver bling:
One more day to October, my favourite month of the year (it's my birthday month), so out comes the spooky jewelry (spider and snake). 

Dress (Plum), jacket (Peter Nygard, consignment), boots (Marc), spider/snake rings (vintage 80s), spinner ring (local), earrings (vintage 80s, Joyce's).


  1. I love seeing your fabulous finds on - the leather! Yesterday's amazing printed coat! Amazing!!!!!

  2. Ah I love that casual evening outfit! I have a striped tee and a printed grey tee I could try recreate this look with as well, but it's much too hot here already. The year has just flown by! I'll have to remember this for next year's cold spell :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed your mid-week night out! Love the tartan and leather combo. xxx

  4. I did a "wow!" at your leather and plaid look - awesome. xox

  5. Doesn't plaid ALWAYS bring you back to your girlhood first day of school in September? Back in the 50's and 60's, when I was a school girl, we wore our wool plaid skirts on the first day even if the temperature WAS in the 80's. And I've ALWAYS loved black and leather....two things my mother REFUSED to let me wear until I FINALLY, SOMEHOW managed to get her to buy me my ankle high, black leather "hood boots" my sophomore year in high school. Oh, I felt SO tough! I LOVE this outfit on you and want it for myself. In fact, I wish I'd had it back in 1962! Keep up the stylin'; you are SUCH an inspiration to me even in my AARP age!

  6. Those docs really dress up an outfit! That leather jacket!! As long as no one attaches a lead to the collar and walks you home :-) Gorgeous tartan and them boots ain't 'arf bad either. But what else would you expect from the Shoe Shine girl :-) xo JJ

  7. Yeow! That plaid dress and jacket and boots are smoking on you! It's a hint of schoolgirl/punk/rebel hotness but original and classy. I love it. :D

  8. Plaid and black leather go so well together (and make a great rhyme too!). Those boots are just the right amount of "bad ass" to them.

  9. Two great looks that both really suit you! I love love love the lace up boots you have with the plaid dress. I would definitely wear those. I also love your hipster concert outfit. I wear a lot of things that I think are not really blog-worthy but then I question that. I buy many t hings second hand and although I look for good quality and good condition things can still look a bit broken in. And if I have a favourite tee shirt bought new I like it even more by the time I get it broken in myself. So I tell myself that broken in, a bit faded and worn is my look, and I have a blog, so why not feature my look on my blog? The best thing on a style blog (which mine is not but yours is) is to see the variety a person wears and to get inspiration for those more casual days. All of my days are casual but I don't want to live in sweatpants or jeans. If I had a rule that I couldn't post a more casual, worn in or slightly shabby outfit I would not post much at all. That's my long way of saying I enjoy seeing how you style a variety of things. You are always inspiring and I love seeing your weekend/off work outfits just as much.

    1. Aw, thanks, Shawna! I photograph nearly every outfit I wear (my sole exception being workout wear and my "around the house" clothes which don't go in public, ever. As some of my good quality things get more broken in, they become house clothes.

  10. Hot damn that leather jacket is delicious. That's some Rachel Morgan badassery

  11. You just reminded me of the last time I got drunk…
    and it was something I tried to forget!
    I like your plaid outfit - I have not worn anything truly plaid in a while.


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